Friday, August 11

Hour 6: Lunch!

Lunch is supposed to be the best time of the day. Well, almost if you discount the time you go home. Contrary to KL being the city of every kind of food, my office is located in a food desert. There is zero choice of varieties, and every single day I dread thinking of lunch. The only affordable restaurant around here are the Mamak Restaurants, the current Malaysian National Icons. The food tastes so bad that people love the place. Yes, you have to be here to believe it. Almost everyone hates the place but they still throng there like there's no tomorrow because it's the craziest thing since bread and Keira Knightley, and its cheap. Hence starts the dilemma, because the operators know the weakness of the local people i.e. we love to eat, but we cant afford expensive food, they don't give a rat's ass about quality. The food tastes almost the same, yes, mutton, chicken, fish, biryani, everything is loaded with curry powder and chilies, msg and salt and the secret ingredient; popy seed paste to make the food addictive and numb your senses. So the very few times we have reviews at some hotels and of course the weekends are cherished by getting some good decent food at Indian restaurants. Some of the better ones in the Briekfields area are Visalatchi's and Vidya's. Well, time for lunch then, will be back in an hour!
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