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Hour 5: Getting to Work

I hate work, so getting to work should not be any better. Actually I don't know which came first, but both definitely sucks. Getting to work is dangerous, the traffic jam, the crazy drivers and also the occasional fate crossing way with you and accident happens. I always had this fear of failing brakes when going mildly fast on the freeway. It just flashes across my face sometimes when I overtake a lorry or something. Just in the event of such things happening, and I don't want it to happen, most probably no one will stop to help me, evident from a recent incident. And I am just so much scared to die and go to heaven, unless of course heaven is filled with maidens cloned from Adriana Lima. Another thing about getting to work is the whether. Be it driving or riding or commuting on trains, etc, the climate will ultimately determine how late you get to work. The worst days would be when it rains, and you turn up wet in office. That sucks. Rain will cause accidents too, and much worst traffic jams. I tried using the metro a few times, and it is worst than anything. Lucas from Luton (LFL) once told me that The Tube will be packed like sardine cans during rush hour. Well it actually smells like sardines here if you manage to get on a train in the first place. I always wonder how commuters in New York, Tokyo and London feel everyday, how they encourage themselves to get up in the morning and face the day...I think the getting to work part actually discourages the spirit inside me to work properly. The rest are just reasons. And now, back to work. C u all in an hour and btw, did you know the London Underground, The Tube that is was opened in 1863 and check this out; The Animals on the Underground! You Must Be Impressed!
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tulipspeaks said…
being unemployed at the moment is a blessing in disguise! enjoying couple of traffic-free weeks.. ;)


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