Friday, August 11

Hour 4: Conspiracy Theories

Everyone likes a good conspiracy theory, but what if everything is made of conspiracies? Undeniably we cant escape from conspiracy and I'm not talking about the day your friend dated that hot girl on some mountain resort (you wont believe my teenage days...). So lets look at some conspiracy theory post and pre 9-11. During the cold war, and all the other wars that happened around that era, both USA and the Soviet Union via their super spy agencies CIA and KGB actively trained terrorist (pre modern day terrorist, they're the real deal). The likes of Carlos the Jackal and friends were the produce of KGB training camps with the sole aim to disrupt the world and bring chaos and death to mankind. And ofcourse, apart from the Illuminati, these secret training camps were also equipped with modern day legendary weapons such as the AK-47 and family from the vast weapon factories of Soviet. US itself were stupid enough to equip much of the world not liased with Soviet with weapons of its own and also nuclear bombs. So they broke the golden rule and the allies are now enemies and we have buggers like Hizbollah and Al-qaeda screwing the world because of the stupidity of US. And remember the Vietnam War where US lost, well the war itself was waged by weapons dealers, manufactures etc. And the CIA killed JFK because he wanted to end the war. The war could no be ended because f***king helicopter manufactures was minting gold out of weapons deal to supply arms to the armies fighting the commies in nam. And the 9-11 and everything else are gimmicks by the US to entice the rest of the world to hate its enemies and bring democracy to the democracy deprived countries where people don't eat big macks. So you see, nothing in this world is at it is, everything is controlled by evil arms dealers and economists and according to hard core conspiracy theorist, the Jews. Well, the other part of the world who doesn't give a feck of all this dont watch TV, are probably on a research trip somewhere in the Amazon looking for exotic frogs. And you just wasted a few minutes of your precious time by reading this crazy posts. No offence to anyone. Till the next hour...have fun with the links!

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tulipspeaks said...

i have just found out one truth about u, my newly-found blogmate..

u r somehow addicted to wikipedia!



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