Friday, August 11

Hour 2: Synaptic Wastelands

I forgot to give explanations on my post of Synaptic Wastelands. All five choices might happen in the near future. The signs are already present for each of it. You should be experiencing to some degree its precursors such as localized warfare, natural disasters which are already escalating, economic inflation and goods dumping, increased cost of living, terror plots, etc. The idea is to find an event that could give a chance for us to rebuild. So it's pretty much clear that Nuclear holocaust will destroy civilization for good, natural disasters will give us a fighting chance of rebuilding unless ofcourse its a Supervolcano which means we will still be dead as a duck, great depression will eventually cause rioting and destruction as well but can be averted if we managed to kill all politicians and economists, civil wars and modern wars are already happening and could have been averted if Israel never existed, and the last but not least are mass extinction. Mass extinction is very much probable because it has happened so many times before, and might just happen very soon in the form of asteroids hitting earth, supervolcano's, solar storms, supernova, etc. So plan your survival strategies from now, and remember this can happen anytime!
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tulipspeaks said...

deep thinking i must say..

i feel its gonna be either natural disaster or mass extinction but don't ask me why i feel so.



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