Friday, August 11

Hour 12: Rain Main

It rained today. I always loved rain. Rain brings out the inner feelings, the true emotions. More than anything, rain inspires art. I write the best poems during rain, and sometimes the imagination roams to many a fantasy during rain. There several times of the day when rain brings different characteristics out of us. Rain in the evenings inspires love, rain in the morning inspires the day ahead and rain at night are the best. The atmosphere of the midnight air, coupled with the cold weather will stir the soul to the deepest of the senses and open up worlds never known. Outside the office there is a garden where we can relax and heal the strains of the day. Today the place looked extra mesmerizing, with the tiny droplets painting the grass greener. It was a nice feeling, hard to express, something words can picture. The sky was a hue of grey and blue and the cool breeze was almost poetic. It's a nice day today.
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Don Iannone said...

GP...I agree with your observations about rain. Nicely said.

starry nights said...

Its always nice to see blue skies and drops of water on the grass after the rain.

Jeevan said...

Rain makes our mind happy. i too write poems when it rain. Here for the last 5 days its raining in the evening, i like rain in evening.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny