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Hour 11: 2050 A Journey

August 12 is the first anniversary of the 2050 Blog. This blog is intended to stay alive until the year 2050 and beyond. Thats the only goal of this blog. Blogging from a range of topics, we have more than 50 members fulfilling this goal. Why 2050? The year 2050 represents a pivotal point in human history. When the era of 2050 dawns, most of the changes, challenges and problems faced today will be answered. We will be at the crossroads of the modern day evolution in terms of politics, economy and humanity. The population of ~9 billion projected for the year 2050 will be able to demonstrate the type of world that will exist then. In the 2050, humanity must be able to fully sustain the output of food crops and also face huge energy needs that would also be addressed. In the years it takes for humanity to reach 2050, many political influences will die off, many ideologies will sway people in directions unknown, but 2050 will all present a far greater challenge in ecological terms. The myriad of weather patterns and earths ecological changes will either peak or begin around this time. By the year 2050, the mass changes in earths system will render any single government obsolete as we will all be in the same boat, expecting help and salvation. That's the worst case scenario, but way before that changes will happen that will change civilization and spearhead towards a truly borderless world. A grand ideology, but it will happen. And we will make it happen for the sake of humanity and earth! BTW; join 2050, leave a comment if you want an invite!
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COngrats on this anniversary... :)
tulipspeaks said…
hey! thats a good one.. how come i missed this thingy!

Jeevan said…
Very nice to see that 2050 finishes a year, I am happy to be a part of this blog:) Hope this blog should continue till 2050, and I also have to post many information’s to this world, let see will I able to do this, till 2050:)

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