Friday, August 11

Hour 10: Nambelam Tamila?

I am Tamil. I don't know how long will this unique identity last. I am a Malaysian, but I prefer to put my cultural identity first. Is a person's character defined by his or her cultural upbringing or the influences they pick up along the way? I would die for my language, but the sad thing is I can't sustain a debate in this case because I never went to a Tamil school or learned formal Tamil. But Tamil is more than a language, Tamil is the spirit that defines me. I feel dignified being called a Tamilan rather than by any nationality. But why cant I make other's understand this? Where is this culture heading? In the near future we will have headless children with not cultural standpoint because they, in the pretext of learning the world at large, forgot the basics, the core cultural value and are swayed by popular culture. Popular culture should not even be a reference point, popular culture must only be something we can value with money. It's all very confusing, something that's hard to predict, but please don't let our false heading be responsible for the collapse of a world culture, the single most beautiful culture that defines us; Tamil
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Erythrocyte said...

My dad is at present learning Tamil. And Latin (he collects languages). This is the first non Indo European language he's learned. It certainly expands one's ideas of what language is and what it can do. The rules are all so different, the whole thing is put together so differently. We sit at the dinner table and learn phrases.

Jeevan said...

I am also very proud to be an Tamilan. i like the Tamil which are talked in Sri Lanka, i think its the pure Tamil.

Hi Tamila:)


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