Friday, August 11

Hour 1: TFIF

Hello all! Thank F**K Its Friday! Yes, the last day of the working week for some fortunate souls, two more days till Monday for some unfortunate souls and another long work day for some lost Ghost. So to make the experience all too memorable, I'm going to have one post per hour until I get back home today! Hence, have fun reading what I think of myself, the world and everything else (I can hear you say; 'The usual?"...). And again all together now, come on, stand up and shout Thank F**K Its Friday! By the way, TFIF is owned by Lucas from Luton who claims he created it inbetween a binge drinking session with some shaggable chick in the clubs of Luton. We in this part of the world just don't believe a feck of what he says, but since he's a friend and friends being listed on the endangered list, we choose to believe you Lucas!
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