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...when there is the power of reasoning, then the people will understand the needs of such things as culture. When the power of reasoning transcends into a higher level, then the needs of the yesterday, should not be used to build a tomorrow anymore,because obviously tomorrow is build with the reasons of today. That is to say that what we discover today is sufficient to build a platform to excel, tomorrow. And in essence, if you want to see what we manufactured yesterday through our sheer creativity to last to the future, then the reason for it to last must be higher than the will to be alive. Any of its contemporaries will just fade away in the winds. Thus the sands of time, are moving forward or in whichever direction that brings development to the character or will of the person to enable the person live in future times. Any nostalgic views will melt away just like the temporary conical hills that the sands of time forms every second of its descend. The frames of time, which is to say clearly, every seconds that passes us just ushers in new expectations because the universe itself are expanding, and evolving.
The very idea of evolution means that the past will be altered to accommodate the future, the present is merely a testing platform. Hence, when we live in the present each second of the day, the experiment just gets better, or in raw terms moves forward one step at a time, changing its variables carefully as to influence change in a system as big as the universe.

By merely saying that everything is illusion, and reality is what we perceive or manufacture, we are clearly discrediting the role of the time, the universe and evolution itself. Evolution preceded culture, there is no culture of evolution, there is the evolution of culture.

Today, if you want to safeguard the culture, then let it evolve, let it fill every niche it flows into, and build its platform of existence. The changes will be subtle, once every second or it might take centuries, but let it evolve to usher us into the future. Because when we created the culture, we created our images in the caricatures of the culture and we ceased to exist after that. We manufacture an imaginary world with us in it and we forgot how we were before. This is a false belief. Culture itself is just the elements of universal evolution. The greater challenge is surviving.

[-] Another philosophical rage, what I term as future evolution. Welcome to the Synaptic Wastelands.


Grey Vampire said...

Am back dude.... do check out!

Don Iannone said...

GP...Thanks for the jolt! Interesting series of points. Have you ever read Arthur Young's book, The Reflexive Universe? It's about the evolution of consciousness. Young says consciousness (mind or spirit) is primary to matter. He turns Darwin on his head and says matter evolved out of mind or spirit and not the other way around. Young says consciousness is causal, which the evolutionists deny.

Your point about everything being seen as illusion is interesting. I have another take: consciousness is the lense through which we see and experience everything in life, including matter. The question that has begged debate for eons is whether an objective reality beyond experience or perception exists. It is the materialists that tend to argue that such a reality exists. Their definition of illusion is to take your mind too seriously. The idealists on the other hand argue that to believe in a separate objective reality made of matter is illusory. And the debate goes on.

Thanks for promoting the dialogue.

Ghost Particle said...

[don] Well thank you for the comment! It could be said that the debate is between reality and belief. For this matter, when we say the subconcious mind is responsible for reality, then there is no way to test this possibility. And again, how could every minds reality be the same.

On the possibilites of a separate reality, it all bottles down to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which says something like ' we can never know the separate reality or verify it because once we have seen it then we have already interfering with it". So again we are stuck in the same debacle. Why go to serious lengths to say that the mind perceives a reality, when we can agree that the universe is real and we are living in it. in its own reality. Thanx don, that was a refreser!

Known Stranger said...

i would say - yesterday was to be built with the reasons of day after tommorrow. does it make sense to you

Homo Escapeons said...

Deep thoughts GP.
I believe that humans are painfully unaware of how much our actions affect the future. We are trapped in the moment and ridiculously self centred.
We as a species should be far ahead of our present state of affairs. Given all of the empirical evidence and historical data regarding this persistent territorial aggression and short term thinking it is disgusting how retarded we are. Turn on the news and what do you see.
I wouldn't call it progress.

V N said...

And I thought Carpe Diem pretty much summed it up all!


Jeevan said...

Yesterday's culture was experience by us; today's couture will be experienced by tomorrow, by the coming generation. But the next generation will try above us, like what we are doing today. Let grow a good culture.

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY (Aug 6th) dear friend, nice to having u with me:)

White Forest said...

Profound post!

Ghost Particle said...

[stranger] //i would say - yesterday was to be built with the reasons of day after tommorrow. does it make sense to you// ...well I think u r saying that everything is an illusion?! That also means that we have missed the future guidance and hope because we failed to build a better world yesterday.

[H-E] aggreed! We have the visions of destruction not building. But I beleive in face of immense problem and natural disaster we will come togetehr for a better world. Lets be strong my friend.

[velu] and the mind is deeper that anything.

[jeevan] u said it well my friend. The culture of tommorow needs to be groomed today for better or for worst we must stay together and work together.

[whiteforest] thanx so much!

Keshi said...

all I can say is culture keeps's not something that we can retain with new generations.


Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] and my point is, let it change in itself, let evolution take pace on its own...


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