Friday, August 25

The Flight of the Bumblebee

[ Mother-load amount of profanity! So if you dont like bad words, or hate people who hate other people, please go get some tea and come back and read this anyway]
- The post is not spellchecked to maintain its originality, so sorry guys!

Guess what? Its Friday! So we start todays post and everything we do today saying Thank Fudge Its Friday (...or Thank God Its Friday, for all those religious ppl...yeh...George W Fucking Bush).

Hence, starts another boring post on a boring day. This could be one of those freaky fridays where I actually hate the weekend. The only anticipation I have for tomorrow would be to watch Kamal's Vettaiyadu Vilayaadu which incidently is not in the booking pages yet, which brings another conclusion that it might not come after all! Funny funny world, all those crapy stupid hindi movies can be released but not a decent Tamil movie. I hate you guys whoever you are! Oh fuck, guess what, I just got newss that it wont be realeased tomorrow after all! Oh damn you Kamal. We are your fans!

Okay, maybe I need a hair cut, so I'll get a hair cut tomorow. And yes, my Hepatitis B shots. I think the doctor's trying to make a quick buck out of me, my Hep-B antibody is zero and I work with foreigners, so I need to get a shot. Right? I dont know! I feel freakin fine! Albeit sometimes I suffer from blinding headaches, and I'm overweight and have twice the amount of permisable bad cholestrol in me body. And the fucking medicine prices are up, like fuck I spend a good 100 USD to buy pills last month and to test me blood! What the heck man, the pharma's are big enough to give out free medicine and theyre fucking increasing the prices. Now I know why those doctors drive beemers and lexus, not coz theyre good, coz theyre fucking leeches!

And sometimes I feel like everyone else is wrong and I'm correct, which of course is correct. The world is full of yuppies. Yes, the same problem they had a few years after MTV was created or anything becomes mainstream. Take for example the fine music of the alternative generation. These fucking lots dont know anything, but hey its music and these stupid radio stations play them a gazilion times a day. But they dont make sense you see, coz like, they suck! Its either the nig's singing something like " i wanna fuck you and rape you and that makes me cool' or the sissies singing ' your beautiful, your fucking beautiful, I wish I had you when I had the chance'. Its that fucking bad man. ANd then we have mad geniuses who resorted to raping children. Sick bastards. And we see all these kids, youths, the future of the goddam world going nuts over them. Fuck them, and your fucking stupid if you listen to them too coz they dont make sense. They dont know anything else in life, theyre stupid so they cant find work but theyre good looking. Hence they write some stupid lyrics and songs and make us listen to it. Its the acoustic drugs I tell ya. Fuck them.

I hate this particular one blogger who I think is misusing 'its' position to self-rant and do many things 'syok-sendiri' (malay for liking yourself too much). Then I look back at me posts, and what can you say, I write the same self glorifying articles some of the time. So now you see, I'm preety stuck, I dont know what to do or what to write since everything is either old, used, fucked, or too new for people to care or is just not important to write of a freakin gold-fish you had in 6th grade that went belly up in a week. And how you burried it and cried coz it was special to you and you had no friends. Well, go fuck the gold fish you 'it'ch! You see, this blog thing is a conundrum. We write coz we want people to comment. And sometimes we write crap, and people comment, and we dont like it!? And then we go on this ranting trip to fuck the readers saying its 'my blog, and I can write anything I want and you just dont matter to me'. Well, fucking shove the blog up your arse coz you fucking stupid numnut cant survive if people dont talk to you. The day the trafic to your little bloggies go down a percent, you start jumping mad and kill the cat. Oh stupid bloggers, (I am right, you are wrong), if you write a freakin word or like just put 'Bitch I hate you' as a post, people are going to read it and feel something and leave a comment. So fucking either write it or fucking dont. End of story, dont give us hey its my blog crap anymore. hey wait, did I say I hate one blogger, damn, sorry, I hate many bloggers. And especialy those hiding under the 'desi-blogger' wall. Fuck you all. And fuck me for being stupid enough to think I can be a part of that fraternity of fuckers coz there aint life there.

So I bought this domain name from Yahoo! the other month. Yeh, it was cheap, I was dumb, the BBD warned me. So now those fucking people at Yahoo wont let me transfer the domain to my hosting site. And fuck I can even get decent support from them. Those little email-fuck asses at Yahoo! is not answering my question, or either that theyre from CHina and are fucking supporting me from their concentration camp offices. Fuck you Yahoo! Learn something, I am a customer, and if I fucking want it I will fuck spread the word and fucking sue you for this. Bloody Nazi bastards, pray that you get this problem solved or I'm going to really wack the fuck out of you guys. (can i?) These IT companies, fuck! they rule our lives, and they make sure they suck every last drop of blood from us. Its like microsoft, they actually let these pirate's distribute their software for 10-20 years and now they want to fuck us. Stupid buggers, last time they thought these chinks and blacks and asians and watever they refer to us can't afford the softie so they let us have it for free, well now they think we're rich enough to buy them, but fuck NO!. We fuck cant spend 500 bucks to get ur windows coz everything is fucking expensive here. Stupid egg-heads. Fuck you all.

And the politics in this country is getting unbearable. So and not wanting to give these fanatic, ultra nazi's over here more credit, I just pray to God, you guys die, get shot or anything. Fuck you all!

And when I enter office, I see dead people all around, fucking dead people that is. I spend 3 hours everyday commuting to work, a fucking 15 hours of work, when i should be out of office by 6pm!. Oh my god, its a freakin ugly world, not even dog eat dog world, its the freakin 'arts graduates' fucking the 'science graduates' all the way to Morria's cave. Its that fucking bad, especially when you find out these art's graduates make more money than science graduates. Hey we studied more than you, you num nuts, and we make the stuff you use. Yeh! So like today, me company had this 'motivation fuck camp' thing. They had everyone singing and shouting out slogans and stuff. SHort of the freakin company mascot being here, the fucking day was miserable. And I was not invited, yes, well that is a good thing. Who on earth would want to be stuck half a day listening to some fuck face CEO ranting about why his bonus is 5 % less that last year. Hey fucking bosses and managers and all, listen here. If you want to be fucking Bill Gates, you fucking make your employess HAPPY! There are 3 rules on how to shape a good company; (1) Happy, Smilling employees, (2) Employees who are Happy and (3) Happy Employees. Yes, nothing else. Oh go fly kite will ya all. I just hope all these bosses get on a big jumbo plane or something and go crash into the Bermuda Triangle.

Finally, after 4 years staying in that aparment of mine, that cozy little place, I might have to move out! To my fucking horror. Wher the fuck am I going to go? I had the best tenant ever, I missed my rents, I trashed the house (a bit) and still they stuck with me, but now everything is gone....soon... I really hate my housemate, he featured in many of my posts, but now I feel pity for him. I dont kow where he wants to move, if I decided to finally hate this fucking Kuala Lumpur and move back to me hometown. Life is like a fucking box of chocolates, you wish all the time you get that liquor chocolate, but you end up with some crap. So hence, I dont know, I'm preety much fucked up I guess.

I had a few friends (this is the last paragraph). I liked them, theyre cool, they fun, and theyre fucked-up assholes too. Take Bob, the old bob, he's a fucking liar. Well Bob, I have a new Bob, he's cool. So fuck, friends, if you wanna lie, fuck dont come to me, coz hell Im gonna wack you to kingdom come. And if you have girfiends, sluts, fuck-friends, wives from hell, bitches and so on, please clean up the mess on your own. Fuck you Bob, fuck you all.

LAst but not least, (this is the real last para), you see, there are a few ways to go forward. But the idea itself is FORWARD> There is only ONE Forward! One future, so why the fuck do we want to rape ourselves, fuck ourselves? We must be together, be ONE, not trash each other, and certainly not allow us to be fucked by others. Learning is a painful process, but people take for granted stuff that makes us humans. Like everything else we build, this life can crumble down in seconds. I have to find solutions for many things, hope you too find solutions for things. Just make sure, everyone is HAPPY!

Enough of hating people for this week, have a nice weekend you all, and dont worry I dont hate you, I'm just hungry, and sleepy and I dont know what to eat. Love you all. Bye bye.


dumbdodi said...

You wake up in the dawn,
find its walking towards a disastrous noon.

When you feel nothing’s going right and that
everything is moving out of your sight.

When you feel every act of yours mars on your aspirations,
When you find yourself in a heap of separations.

When you feel every sincere effort of yours crashes to the ground,
When you everything is moving round and round.

When you feel you are developing isolation towards the world,
When nothing seems to attract you not even gold.

If all these things are happening to you my dear friend,
I present to you an answer to your queries, in the form of a hopeful ray
Just have a cup of coffee/glass of beer and go to sleep the rest of the day

Nahuatl said...

We love ya too buddy!

Fuck that all! Have a great weekend! Enjoy! :)

starry nights said...

Sorry you feel this way, but who am I to say.Anyway take care and have a good day.You are my friend and you can say anything you want on my blog and I wont get mad and say its my space.

White Forest said...

"There is only ONE Forward! One future"

so true!...some people are so messed up withselves ...they constantly try to mess others lives as well!

such ppl shud be removed like weeds to keep the garden clean!

Jejedj said...

Fark Fark Fark... chinga chinga chinga.
Now thats the base for my new Supa Dupa Platinum Enhanced Material Album...out this Winter!!
Guaranteed to warm up those frozen bits and pieces!!

Contact me

Kuan Gung said...

Hee feels good to let it out...

Don Iannone said...

What a hoot. I hope you eat something soon. You're not a cannibal are you? Blessings and may you be filled with weekend peace.

V N said...

GP... Thats one outburst!!

Homo Escapeons said...

Hey you need a time out ..
go have some fun.
Tomorrow will sort itself out.
btw..You are absolutely right about all of the work stuff.
Blogger only lets me comment for about 6 seconds today????what the???


Nachi said...

fuck man!! :D

hope you enjoyed da weekend!!!

tulipspeaks said...

alrite.. i read half-way and gave up :(


Amrita said...

hmm..u do seem in a mood for profanity...

Kavi said...

Hey pal ! Hope the road over the weekend took a nice turn and you are back in great spirits!

Keshi said...

LOL Ghosty I know u got it out of the system now :) Great.


Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] hahaha...thanx keshi...yes i feel better now.

[kavi] well...the weekend was okay...had some sleep! thanx kavi!

[amrita] yeh...hemmm...u sound angry... :P

[ammu] ....hahahha....okay...ill write something readable next time...

[nachi] yeh bro! ride on!

[H-E] hemm...blogger seems sluggish nowadays...yeh tings will be better soon, i hope.

[velu] :D....yes it is...coz i hate this damn world.

[don] okay...canibbal! hahahahahha! im jusr a carnivor, and dont eat humans :p

[jejedj] thanx! well...hahahah...hi! welcome here.

[kuan] thanx! yes true....have to let the steam out.

[whiteforest] other way...only one way! Thanx!

[starrynight] not implying on my friends dear...dont worry...i wont hurt anyone, just a few bloggers who tink theyre immortal.

[nayan] hahahah...thanx bro...hug....yeh weekend was good...slept all the way...

[dumbdodi] now thats a fine poem! thanx for the words! really appreciate it.

Jeevan said...

Closed my ears with hand, and read this post:)) hope u had a fine weekend bro.

Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan] sorry pa...:p


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