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First Blood: Charity Shield

Indeed the best team won and it's Liverpool!
A thunderbolt or as we Scouse's say, an Anfield Express from Riise and a header from Crouch is enough to beat the Chelsea drama queens to win the 2006/ 07 Charity Shield. May this be the start of a beautiful season for all LFC fans!
I really pity the Chelski fans, don't you guys feel like a dump, spending 400 million pounds in 3 years and still cant be 'perfect' like your self appointed special one always says? Don't you feel like sluts, spending money on everything that moves and still cant justify it? Teams are build on years of history and hardwork, not money alone. Be ashamed, very, because this season will spell doom on you Chelski disgrace(s).


V N said…
I dont have a clue abt this thing, but just came by to say Howdy??!

Keshi said…
I dunno wut ur saying here Ghosty lol call me blondy! ??

Darius said…
Must be about soccer? Someday Americans will understand this...
I dont know peanuts about this but the picture sure looks glorious!
Ghost Particle said…
Guys guys! Its football! (Soccer for amerikans!). Ok, you can never understand...its like cricket in India...:p

[Scribz] Sure is, thats the first silverware for the start of the season. Thanx scribz!

[Darius] They will...soon..hopefully.

[Keshi] Its about Liverpool beating Chelsea...hahaha...and Chelsea was supposed to be the most expensive team in the world right now...and ur not a dum dum blondy..u r just i dunno 'crikety'...hhahaha

[velu] fine! n u!? its bout soccer sar!
dumbdodi said…
Hey GP, so you liverpool fan. I wasn't into football but being in Manchester during the world cup kinda rubbed it on me. I like man untd, well silly as it may be thats 'coz I can see their bldg from my office everyday. Near is dear. YOu can call me blondy now....

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