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Child Soldiers (2)

I wonder, what the world feels, in the eyes of the Child Soldier?
Will it be the same with the feelings of a blind timetraveler?
Or A newborn baby capturing her first light rays?
Or the flickering images on a dead man's petrified eyes?
I feel.

[-] Many appreciation for the excellent comments in the previous post. This never ending issue, will be a never ending story in never ending post topics...


Known Stranger said…
you are an excellent narrator of a subject with a web of words that could spell the reader into dwelling of a subject he would have never felt so eloquent till you spoke in the style of yours
starry nights said…
Few lines that hold a vast meaning.people are blind to a child soldier.
dumbdodi said…
Dead..i think the child in them will die
Keshi said…
I agree with Dumbdodi..the child in em is dead.

V N said…
One of my friends whos doing her PhD in Human Rights came up with a few appalling stories that just blew everything right out of me. Great to see that u have come up with such a thought provoking post. And apologies for being late to comment!
Homo Escapeons said…
That was amazing.
The child is dead, the dream is over. There is nothing more depressing or terrifying than seeing a kid full of hate with a loaded weapon.

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