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Angin Malam

bulan, bintang
dan awan malam
suatu dataran padi meluas
bagai tiada penghujung
tiada batasan

suatu perjuangan
tiada penghujung jua
di hari malam
di tepi suatu sungai
kita bertemu bicara
akan masa hadapan

angin malam
dari banjaran bumi
bagai muzik lama
irama melangkah zaman
fikiran melayang
suatu kisah cinta indah

[-] Always wanted to write a poem in Malay, my other language after Tamil and English. Here it is losely translated into English, just doesnt have the feel to it you feel?
[* Night Wind

the moon and stars
and the night clouds
and a paddy field
without and end
without barriers

a struggle
with no end either
in the night
beside a river
we met sharing
a future

the night wind
from mountain ranges
like old music
age long melodies
the thought flies
a beautiful love story ]


HEy..Dont know Malay but the title itself was capturing...The Eng version gave me a feel..I like it...It made me remember Kannatil Muttamital (tamil movie)..Good one GP
Darius said…
It does give a "barrier-less" feeling I've had before too out in the open at night, even in the English -
Passion Flower said…
heya. i'm ok, just drowning with assignments :) nice poem!
Deepa said…
Its always fun knowing more than one language, I am sure. The title kind of threw me off. well, now I know whats wind in Malay.:-)
S.Karthikeyan said…
I want tamil translation.
dumbdodi said…
hey GP, good one. So you have a romantic in you...;-). I think you are getting closer to finding yourself a wonderful girl.
Neers said…
quite an imagery... and it does happen that we get "lost in translations" :)
Shiv said…
onnume puriala..
Jeevan said…
GOod poem friend, the last one was beautiful:)
Kavi said…
It’s a simple and lovely poem. I hope we didn’t miss much in translation. The dynamics of mother tongue will always stay on. Enjoyed it !
Keshi said…
SO VERY BEAUTIFUL Ghosty! I think this is my fav poem from u so far...

**the night wind
from mountain ranges
like old music

LOVELY lyrics!

tulipspeaks said…
sajak yang bermakna. tiba-tiba berbahasa Melayu ini kenapa? sempena bulan kemerdekaan?

V N said…

I was dumbstruck for a while. B4 I got to see what its all about. he English version is lovely. i guess the Malay vesrion, as u suggested is even better!!
Ghost Particle said…
[velu] sarr...hahaha never knew a malay poem could bring this rush of feelings. Thank you sir.

[ammu] well not actually, i was reading A samad saids anthology when I got the inspiration. thanx ammu.

[keshi] thanx dear...if you like it then I like it too. Hahahha...expressions.

[kavi] well it doesnt change much, except maybe the expression of the original language would render it more powerful. Thanx kavi...

[jeevan] thanx bro. yes, some parts are much more deeper.

[shiv] hahahah, read the english one then...

[neers] nothing is lost, well except the feelings like i said...hahaha/...thanx

[dumbdodi] thanx! girl! I hope and wish...hahahha//./

[karthi] and you shall get it, but not very soon...i want to translate all my poems into tamil very soon.

[deepa] thanx! yes, learning new languages, and especially the romatic mesmerizing words in it.

[passion]hey! thanx ya. hope u dont get stressed out.

[darius] yes, like letting the soul float away...hahaha

[scribz] thanx a alot! well...yes...i can see how it relates,m everyone has their own representations...and KM was a superb movie.
Keshi said…
awwww :)


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