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Merdeka / Blog Day 2006 / KOP 100

Selamat Hari Merdeka! Kembalikan Tanah Air Ku!
Happy Malaysian Independence Day! Give Back My Country!

Malaysia celebrates it's 49th independence day tomorrow. So here's my bit to my beloved one and only country. I want to celebrate this 49th independence day with the message " Give Back My Country'. This message is specially dedicated to all the 'bangsat' or 'bastards' in this country who consistently steal the pride of our existence, the dream and love for this country using the dreadful weapons of race politics, religious extremism and fear. These bastards or new age nazi's are politicians, ultra-facists religious dogs, criminals, rapists, drug cartel leaders, greedy local councilors, etc.

Next year, the country will celebrate 50 years of independence. That is a very big number by any standards, even India celebrating its 60th independence next year would serve as benchmarks for developing countries. Malaysia has a very strong presence in the world…

Romancing Pluto; Part 1

Astronomer: hey dude, Pluto is not a planet anymore...
Me: Pluto the dog was a planet?
Astronomer: Ha Ha, nice joke Gp, Pluto is reclasified into a Dwarf Planet
Me: So whats a Planet now?
Astronomer: Oh the usual suspects, the big guys, mercury, venus...etc
Me: Hemm...does it matter?
Astronomer: Why do you say so?
Me: There are probably a billion more things we dont know about the universe...
Astronomer: But there are a lot that we already know and..
Me: And never do anything about, so you go around messing things up?
Astronomer: We reclasified the rock, not blow it up
Me: Again, does it matter what you do? Its more of a cultural significance, people wont forget and forgive.
Astronomer: ahh...there are billions of more things out there to investigate and know, so does this matter....
Me: WTF!

The Barber Shop Chronicles: The Curse of the Black Hair

Got a hair cut last Saturday. Had to force myself to move my ass to the barbershop. Somehow nowadays I'm getting lazier to get a hair cut, maybe because of my ultimate dream of having a long hair and tie it into a cool pony it sounds like a gay dream. So here goes the chronicles of the barber shops.

Barber or barba in Latin means beard. Hence, through some fluke translation like with many other names, the word barber means a person who cuts hair (and beard). Hindus in particular has this grand old tradition of hair 'sacrifice' of new born babies. Its a tribute to the Gods. I cant remember much of my first hair cut, probably happened when I was a few months old during one cold Thaipusam morning 27 years ago that I don't have the faintest recollection, off. (my self conscious self began when I was 3 or 4 years old...).

When I was a kid, and dead scared of sharp painful objects, my grandpa used to get the traveling barber' for hair cut sessions a…

No Apologies!

[updated] ok...u kno wat...I should not have apologized...damn! I retract my apologies! Thanx Keshi. Actually I had nothing to post today, left me brain at home, so this is a filler post. And I still havent watched Kamal's movie! I feel so outdated...ill get a bloody pirated DVD soon if I dont get tickets by Friday! Oh yeh, to utilize a cheap tactic to increase my ratings...I let you enjoy the marvels of evolution;

[ Vanessa Minnillo at the Emmies!]
[More Babes!]
[Original Post] [Okay, the post below was overcooked, overdid, and over everything. It was too much for the weekend, and I should not have wrote it that way. I am very sorry for this, for imposing something harsh unto my loyal readers and friends. Have a nice day.]

[And for all the fans of Maksim Mrvica who ended up here searching for the Flight of the Bumblebee...I can only could you be a fan of a num nut like him who doesnt make original music.]

The Flight of the Bumblebee

[ Mother-load amount of profanity! So if you dont like bad words, or hate people who hate other people, please go get some tea and come back and read this anyway]
- The post is not spellchecked to maintain its originality, so sorry guys!

Guess what? Its Friday! So we start todays post and everything we do today saying Thank Fudge Its Friday (...or Thank God Its Friday, for all those religious ppl...yeh...George W Fucking Bush).

Hence, starts another boring post on a boring day. This could be one of those freaky fridays where I actually hate the weekend. The only anticipation I have for tomorrow would be to watch Kamal's Vettaiyadu Vilayaadu which incidently is not in the booking pages yet, which brings another conclusion that it might not come after all! Funny funny world, all those crapy stupid hindi movies can be released but not a decent Tamil movie. I hate you guys whoever you are! Oh fuck, guess what, I just got newss that it wont be realeased tomorrow after all! Oh damn you Kam…

Centuries of Mystery Particles, 300th post

The History

The old town came back to life. Streetlights flickered one by one, switched on by some stranger in a wooden building in the outskirts of the town. Then he sat down and continued listening to his transistor box churning our melodies of the fifties and sixties. Some say that was the real golden age of music, where the soul emanate with expression and truth. Music built lives and spirits. Staggering ages and amazing people where born yesterday. In another part of the town, children were playing hide and seek among the Japanese pill boxes. These concrete installation looked like doomsday relics. Overlooking the great plains, reminiscent of the golden Serengeti, but no wilderbeast were running rampages here. Above in the distant skies rain clouds; a girl traced her fingers, slowly grasping and molding the melting clouds. Her red dress swayed with the wind, near her on the bench her mother slowly pouring some milk into a plastic cup. New age wonders, plastic cups and future dr…

Angin Malam

bulan, bintang
dan awan malam
suatu dataran padi meluas
bagai tiada penghujung
tiada batasan

suatu perjuangan
tiada penghujung jua
di hari malam
di tepi suatu sungai
kita bertemu bicara
akan masa hadapan

angin malam
dari banjaran bumi
bagai muzik lama
irama melangkah zaman
fikiran melayang
suatu kisah cinta indah

-gP2006-210806-[-] Always wanted to write a poem in Malay, my other language after Tamil and English. Here it is losely translated into English, just doesnt have the feel to it you feel?
[* Night Wind

the moon and stars
and the night clouds
and a paddy field
without and end
without barriers

a struggle
with no end either
in the night
beside a river
we met sharing
a future

the night wind
from mountain ranges
like old music
age long melodies
the thought flies
a beautiful love story ]

Child Soldiers (2)

I wonder, what the world feels, in the eyes of the Child Soldier?
Will it be the same with the feelings of a blind timetraveler?
Or A newborn baby capturing her first light rays?
Or the flickering images on a dead man's petrified eyes?
I feel.

[-] Many appreciation for the excellent comments in the previous post. This never ending issue, will be a never ending story in never ending post topics...

New Age Nazis and Child Soldiers (1)

The 21st Century, and the New Age Nazi's

The Sri Lanka government said that the lives of children are dispensable during war. The Sri Lankan army jets bombed a school in Vallipunam, in the Mulaitheevu district killing 61 school girls and seriously injuring more than 150. The Sri Lankan army knows the exact coordinates of the school, and know that it is used for peaceful purposes. The bombing was done specifically and 'accurately' on the school. The Sri Lankan army are claiming the dead school girls are LTTE child soldiers.

Just days ago, the Zionis government were bombing Lebanon to ashes. And the Islamic terrorist organization, Hezbollah was doing the same thing to Israel. Another war with no ending in sight. But the powers that be, the US government stood supporting Israel and even supplied fuel and munition for the Zionis army. The result; the Hezbollah is still there, and 1000+ Lebanese civilians and children died. The rest of the world could just watch and bark from afa…



Me: Dude, would you take a month long leave and come backpacking with me to India?
Dude 1: Are you nuts?
Me: No dude, I'm serious!
Dude 1: Go get some sleep. Bye.

Me: Hey bro, wazzup!
Dude 2: Hey...
Me: Hey, wanna follow me backpacking in India? bout 3 weeks to a month...
Dude 2: ...who are you? (hangs up)

Me: Dude, hi...
Dude 3: Hey man! Long time no c...
Me: Yeh, yeh...hey, I got this thing going on...hemm...wanna follow me backpacking in India?
Dude 3: Hey man, my mom you back...chow...


Me: Dude, is it remotely possible 4u 2get a month long sabbatical frm work n follow me bakpaking in India?
BBD: Haha. I wish I could. if da hosting manage 2 gather sum 15k can la. u sure of going?
Me: Bout 90% now. called vlan also, he asked me 2 put budget. if you take wife also wont need dat much la.
BBD: Need dat much 2 comfortably leave job 4 one whole month la. ha ha.


Me: Cha, want to follow me to India? One month.
Macha: Hemm...working bro.
Me: I know, I just need ad…

First Blood: Charity Shield

Indeed the best team won and it's Liverpool!
A thunderbolt or as we Scouse's say, an Anfield Express from Riise and a header from Crouch is enough to beat the Chelsea drama queens to win the 2006/ 07 Charity Shield. May this be the start of a beautiful season for all LFC fans!
I really pity the Chelski fans, don't you guys feel like a dump, spending 400 million pounds in 3 years and still cant be 'perfect' like your self appointed special one always says? Don't you feel like sluts, spending money on everything that moves and still cant justify it? Teams are build on years of history and hardwork, not money alone. Be ashamed, very, because this season will spell doom on you Chelski disgrace(s).

Tea & Cake

Come, join in. Now the only thing I need is a house verandah overlooking a grass field with mountains at the horizon and blue sky all over...

Hour 12: Rain Main

It rained today. I always loved rain. Rain brings out the inner feelings, the true emotions. More than anything, rain inspires art. I write the best poems during rain, and sometimes the imagination roams to many a fantasy during rain. There several times of the day when rain brings different characteristics out of us. Rain in the evenings inspires love, rain in the morning inspires the day ahead and rain at night are the best. The atmosphere of the midnight air, coupled with the cold weather will stir the soul to the deepest of the senses and open up worlds never known. Outside the office there is a garden where we can relax and heal the strains of the day. Today the place looked extra mesmerizing, with the tiny droplets painting the grass greener. It was a nice feeling, hard to express, something words can picture. The sky was a hue of grey and blue and the cool breeze was almost poetic. It's a nice day today. Ghost Tags:

Hour 11: 2050 A Journey

August 12 is the first anniversary of the 2050 Blog. This blog is intended to stay alive until the year 2050 and beyond. Thats the only goal of this blog. Blogging from a range of topics, we have more than 50 members fulfilling this goal. Why 2050? The year 2050 represents a pivotal point in human history. When the era of 2050 dawns, most of the changes, challenges and problems faced today will be answered. We will be at the crossroads of the modern day evolution in terms of politics, economy and humanity. The population of ~9 billion projected for the year 2050 will be able to demonstrate the type of world that will exist then. In the 2050, humanity must be able to fully sustain the output of food crops and also face huge energy needs that would also be addressed. In the years it takes for humanity to reach 2050, many political influences will die off, many ideologies will sway people in directions unknown, but 2050 will all present a far greater challenge in ecological terms. The my…

Hour 10: Nambelam Tamila?

I am Tamil. I don't know how long will this unique identity last. I am a Malaysian, but I prefer to put my cultural identity first. Is a person's character defined by his or her cultural upbringing or the influences they pick up along the way? I would die for my language, but the sad thing is I can't sustain a debate in this case because I never went to a Tamil school or learned formal Tamil. But Tamil is more than a language, Tamil is the spirit that defines me. I feel dignified being called a Tamilan rather than by any nationality. But why cant I make other's understand this? Where is this culture heading? In the near future we will have headless children with not cultural standpoint because they, in the pretext of learning the world at large, forgot the basics, the core cultural value and are swayed by popular culture. Popular culture should not even be a reference point, popular culture must only be something we can value with money. It's all very confusing, s…

Hour 9: Tsar Bomba

While surfing the other day I found this amazing story of the largest Atomic weapon ever build. It was named the Tsar Bomba, referring to the gigantic sized 'things' that Russians loved to build. Projected as a cold war scare propaganda, the Tsar Bomba was bigger by a few magnitudes of anything the American's ever build and had a production capacity of 100 megatons. If ever they dropped the monster will full capacity, the nuclear fallout would have been so huge that it would have counted for more than 25% of all fission residue until then. Even at 50 megatons, the mushroom cloud was 60 kilometers high. Watch the actual explosion videos here;[TsarBomba-1],[TsarBomba-2]. It's a good thing the cold war is over, the is no 'race' to build large nuke's that we know of, but the threat of a nuclear war is present in the sense that the enemies are terrorists now who could 'purchase' mini-nukes in the weapons market. It's a sick world we live in. Ghost Ta…

Hour 8: Tomorrow

I have wrote about the future times, the survival of the human race and the general evolution of the world in the times to come. Sometimes we choose to ignore tomorrow, maybe because some of us refuse to worry of things that's not here yet, or maybe because we don't have the solution for the problems yet to come. But the reality is, the problems have already begun, the countdown is well away, for some problems, the end is near. The earth itself is undergoing immense change, the climate is evolving, and we don't have the clearest hint on how to predict its changes. We can observe, but try finding a pattern, and we're lost. What is in store for us tomorrow? We will be seeing much more big scaled natural disasters to the likes that we have never seen before, and there will be huge casualities. Even if we manage to predict the general timeline, there is still the problem of convincing the people of the severity of the problem. Like I said before, we choose to ignore it be…

Hour 7: Dial 'M' for Muthu

Does your office have someone who is a Superman and yet no one appreaciates him. (Apart from you...). My company relies heavily on Indian software experts to operate. There would not be a company today if it were not for this 'soldiers' from Tamil Nadu who work day and night on the products. Its sad that most of the 'seat warmer' slugs over here doesnt know the significance of these guys and take them for granted. The most important dude from Chennai would be Muthu, the leader of the team. And Muthu fainted yesterday, out of fatigue. Lucky for him he managed to come out of unconciousness and lucky still we were still in office to do something. They work and evarage of 15 to 18 hours a day and more during deadline 'months'. Muthu is a physics major and I relate to him easily because of that, felt like having a comrade after so long. To show how freakin good this guys are; they can create a whole courseware lesson in less than a day, something that would take the…

Hour 6: Lunch!

Lunch is supposed to be the best time of the day. Well, almost if you discount the time you go home. Contrary to KL being the city of every kind of food, my office is located in a food desert. There is zero choice of varieties, and every single day I dread thinking of lunch. The only affordable restaurant around here are the Mamak Restaurants, the current Malaysian National Icons. The food tastes so bad that people love the place. Yes, you have to be here to believe it. Almost everyone hates the place but they still throng there like there's no tomorrow because it's the craziest thing since bread and Keira Knightley, and its cheap. Hence starts the dilemma, because the operators know the weakness of the local people i.e. we love to eat, but we cant afford expensive food, they don't give a rat's ass about quality. The food tastes almost the same, yes, mutton, chicken, fish, biryani, everything is loaded with curry powder and chilies, msg and salt and the secret ingredie…

Hour 5: Getting to Work

I hate work, so getting to work should not be any better. Actually I don't know which came first, but both definitely sucks. Getting to work is dangerous, the traffic jam, the crazy drivers and also the occasional fate crossing way with you and accident happens. I always had this fear of failing brakes when going mildly fast on the freeway. It just flashes across my face sometimes when I overtake a lorry or something. Just in the event of such things happening, and I don't want it to happen, most probably no one will stop to help me, evident from a recent incident. And I am just so much scared to die and go to heaven, unless of course heaven is filled with maidens cloned from Adriana Lima. Another thing about getting to work is the whether. Be it driving or riding or commuting on trains, etc, the climate will ultimately determine how late you get to work. The worst days would be when it rains, and you turn up wet in office. That sucks. Rain will cause accidents too, and much w…

Hour 4: Conspiracy Theories

Everyone likes a good conspiracy theory, but what if everything is made of conspiracies? Undeniably we cant escape from conspiracy and I'm not talking about the day your friend dated that hot girl on some mountain resort (you wont believe my teenage days...). So lets look at some conspiracy theory post and pre 9-11. During the cold war, and all the other wars that happened around that era, both USA and the Soviet Union via their super spy agencies CIA and KGB actively trained terrorist (pre modern day terrorist, they're the real deal). The likes of Carlos the Jackal and friends were the produce of KGB training camps with the sole aim to disrupt the world and bring chaos and death to mankind. And ofcourse, apart from the Illuminati, these secret training camps were also equipped with modern day legendary weapons such as the AK-47 and family from the vast weapon factories of Soviet. US itself were stupid enough to equip much of the world not liased with Soviet with weapons of …

Hour 3: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Well not exactly at Tiffany's but breakfast happens at around 10 am every working day. When I first joined the company I don't even go for lunch, then the reality sinks in that people will try to run away from the office as much as possible, and I joined them. It's an art in itself to slip away from the office when you're not supposed to do so, and you need someone to do the surveillance and all. And make sure it doesn't happen on a meeting day, then you're in deep trouble. Breakfast being always not what you like to eat will almost always sucks. I prefer thosai or idli but then the freakin place has no Indian restaurants and all we get are oily bland tasting Malaysian super breakfast fix's such as Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai (baroda in India), fried vermicelli (as in the pic), etc. The worst you can do is eating so much for bfast and falling asleep for the rest of the day, but in most cases the workload waiting will scare the soul out of you anyway. By the way,…

Hour 2: Synaptic Wastelands

I forgot to give explanations on my post of Synaptic Wastelands. All five choices might happen in the near future. The signs are already present for each of it. You should be experiencing to some degree its precursors such as localized warfare, natural disasters which are already escalating, economic inflation and goods dumping, increased cost of living, terror plots, etc. The idea is to find an event that could give a chance for us to rebuild. So it's pretty much clear that Nuclear holocaust will destroy civilization for good, natural disasters will give us a fighting chance of rebuilding unless ofcourse its a Supervolcano which means we will still be dead as a duck, great depression will eventually cause rioting and destruction as well but can be averted if we managed to kill all politicians and economists, civil wars and modern wars are already happening and could have been averted if Israel never existed, and the last but not least are mass extinction. Mass extinction is very …

Hour 1: TFIF

Hello all! Thank F**K Its Friday! Yes, the last day of the working week for some fortunate souls, two more days till Monday for some unfortunate souls and another long work day for some lost Ghost. So to make the experience all too memorable, I'm going to have one post per hour until I get back home today! Hence, have fun reading what I think of myself, the world and everything else (I can hear you say; 'The usual?"...). And again all together now, come on, stand up and shout Thank F**K Its Friday! By the way, TFIF is owned by Lucas from Luton who claims he created it inbetween a binge drinking session with some shaggable chick in the clubs of Luton. We in this part of the world just don't believe a feck of what he says, but since he's a friend and friends being listed on the endangered list, we choose to believe you Lucas!
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A Particle, Sometimes

...and I said maybe I need a break.
And to which they asked why do I need a break,
to which I replied because I have a migraine,
and they replied, 'particles don't get migraines'...

- trust, responsibility, suspicion or slavery? -

The Spirit Of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

let not the spirit fade
in the face of death and destruction
the spirit rises
for my brothers and sisters
the spirit survives
(source: The Spirit of Hiroshima The time of 8:15 a.m., August 6th, 1945 is an eternally memorable moment for the world as well as for Hiroshima.)

What men may come

What day may dawn
what sun may rise
what life may come
what face may shine
what life may find
what love may bond
what child may born
what dream may come

what year may come
what life may want
what soul may find
what people may sin
what bomb may drop
what life may die
what men may come
what men may kill

-Gp 2005-

[*] This is a repost from the previous year.
[-] This is my tribute poem for the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.
[+] Read a Wiki entry on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Atomic Bombing of the cities.
[+] Some Google News of the anniversary events around the world;[Hiroshima],[Nagaksaki] [+]The Spirit of Hiroshima webpage.

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to that someone
...when there is the power of reasoning, then the people will understand the needs of such things as culture. When the power of reasoning transcends into a higher level, then the needs of the yesterday, should not be used to build a tomorrow anymore,because obviously tomorrow is build with the reasons of today. That is to say that what we discover today is sufficient to build a platform to excel, tomorrow. And in essence, if you want to see what we manufactured yesterday through our sheer creativity to last to the future, then the reason for it to last must be higher than the will to be alive. Any of its contemporaries will just fade away in the winds. Thus the sands of time, are moving forward or in whichever direction that brings development to the character or will of the person to enable the person live in future times. Any nostalgic views will melt away just like the temporary conical hills that the sands of time forms every second of its descend. The frames of tim…

Universe. Human.

At the end of the day, its just me, the world and the universe.
I cant see further than that, nor can I see 'deeper' than that. There is you, and there are friends and there are day and night. Then there is the world with all its forests, jungles, seas and oceans, mountains and polar caps. And then further still there is the moon, the blue moon. And the planets, from mercury to far away pluto, and in the middle the sun. And near me still, there are parents, brothers, cousins, blood-brothers (friends), colleagues, and enemies. And around us there is love, hate, tears and separation. And in my mind is the great arts and culture of humanity. In me is science. So is there a place for religion? Is there a place for anything else?
In the end, under the night sky, with far away lights flickering, far away in the sky nameless stars drifting, what else can we conjure, is there anything else? Could we possibly be together and still be alone, could we imagine something else that can surp…