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World Cup My Foot; Okay...It aint over yet!

The restroom is up in smokes (i hope they all get cancer and die!!!), I'm having a bad hangover over Satay and Beer yesterday and the bugger whose supposed to handle my thesis is not picking up the phone. So, we come back to the football story.

Hence, and for all it's worth, the World Cup is a friendship game. Just like the Olympics, where we get to see both Korea's walk together under one flag, and Malaysian TV blank out Israel's march past, any international game is a show piece of international peace and friendship. But under the skin, everyone are just flinging the same sh*t around. So Zizou, the greatest footballer of the new age, head butted the Italian racist ass and got the marching order. Yes, after years and days of me blabbering of racism in sports, yesterday the media reported that Italian defender Materazzi called Zidane a 'dirty terrorist'. If I was there I would have done more than a head but. Zidane is one of the most calm players around, rarely to get a caution, and yet we see him red carded because some Italian ass fired racial slurs against him. I hope FIFA would do something to ratify this, or hell I'm not going to stop my anti-racism campaign against Italy!

Lets stand against racism for once and for all! (and hate those Italians...!) I say, lets ban Pizza and spaghetti! Come on...Whose with me?!

[+] Soccernet Dirty Terrorist news
[+] Reuters
[+] The NY Observer (Humor me!)


Nirek said…
ohh... i never it was becos of racist spew! bad then ban pizza
Jeevan said…
:) i dont have any idea about this issue, i think hittin the players in the ground is wrong.
Ghost Particle said…
[Jeevan] No pa, actually the Italian player abused Zidane. That is wrong.

[Satu] Yeh...stay away from soccer! Lets not eat Pizza.
Cinderella said…
'dirty terrorist'...??!!!

Holy mother of God!!
Where's this world headed to??
If that was it then the guy surely deserved more than a head butt.

Ban the pizza??
Sure,never liked it much.
Cheerio !!

And by the way didu get the 'Jaadu ki jhappi' I sent you?
Keshi said…
There's speculation that Materazzi actually called Zidane 'a son of a terrorist wh#ore'...

How 'sporty' is that? Italians may have won the WC but they certainly dun deserve that with one racist pig in the team!

Karthikeyan said…
Kudos to media for speculating what guy from Pizza land told to Zidane.

The science of lip synch has gone for a toss as there are n different version floating around and these guys humiliate zidane more than matarazzi :^(
ant said…
From what I'm hearing now in the news, the guy said something about Zidane's mother.

I like the Italian guys response though to the questions behind what he said.

"I don't even know what the word terrorist means"

How could you not know what a terrorist means?

I dunno. I'd like to see how things unfold in the next couple of days.

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