Monday, July 10

World Cup My Foot, The End

Thank God! The world cup is over. Now I can get back to my breakfast of cookies and coke without someone crying, shouting, laughing in front of me because of soccer.

With all due respect, and fair sportsmanship, I congratulate Italy for winning the world cup version 2.0 , 2006. (they made a new cup this time around because Brazil gets to keep the one it won in 2002 for winning if 5 times...). Hey, by the way, did you know the cup is made of 5.5 kg of Gold! And Italy is one of the countries in the WW2 Axis of evil who helped Hitler exterminate 10+ million people but the world forgave them and let them win the world cup after the world forgave Germany and let them host the world cup which they could not win because they let Italy beat them in the semi's because those buggers were complacent in the dying minutes. And penalties are not the way to settle a game! Lets have a free for all. Whoever has the highest number of players remaining, wins it!

And by some freak turbulence in the cosmos, I actually managed to get up to watch the cup...thanx to that nightmare I had last night. So this would be my 5th world cup final ever, and I hate the world cup. I probably have more caps than Zidane! Talking of Zidane, what in the ghosts name got into him. Probably, the Italian guy called him baldy or chicken or something for him to be peeved enough to head bud that guy. So no golden ball for him, no legendary hero retirement party for foot!!! Im going to stick with club football after this.

Recapping a forgettable World Cup 2006, probably the only thing that's good was those extremely good looking girls in extremely skimpy outfits and sexy sexy body paintings in the stadium and elsewhere. Btw, if anyone has emails or websites with them pictures, please don't hesitate to buzz me. Stupid of me for supporting England, coz those buggers deserves not to be in a world cup anymore! While the overpaid primadonas ( the another word? coz I've been using this alot) play the sexy game, their 'wives' a.k.a girl friends booze up in the pubs. And Rooney the pig screwed up their last chance of making it big, big time. And those penalties...urgh dont get me started.

Brazil, the self professed sambar kings, fudged up big time, while in the process making so many bookies rich and so many more useless low life dumb buggers who are willing to put their hard earned money into gambling...loose their money and soul. Brazil, the enigma, the nightmare, the special ones, the lame ducks. Nike actually spent a bomb trying to create an add campaign centered on them, and guess what happens. Did you know, they actually reduced or completely stopped the Joga Bonita campaign after Brazil's exit. And the wild one, the best player in the world, Ronaldinho turned into a limp turkey. So we hear again talks of conspiracy and match fixing...after what happened in 1998...and Zidane going out before the penalty shoot out yesterday is a coincidence isnt it...hemmm...something to think about.

In a world where everything is money, how could we not stop and say that this world cup is rigged like its predecessors. How could France reach this far with their boring game? Why did Brazil keep Ronaldinho cemented in the midfield position when he should have been let to roam free, why England let defenders take penalties when there are many other choices, why did the England FA left out so many good players to experiment with young, untested players, why France has a chicken as its mascot...

I wanted Spain to loose out early because of their racist coach. At the same time, Spain proofed to be the unluckiest team ever, with the quality they had but never to win the cup. Italy, which has the same ultra-racist fans who sport Nazi and fascists signs during league games should never be let to play because of their match fixing scandal in trial. The biggest sports tournament in the world in the most controversial and yet we all watch it.

Africa had a fair outing this time around, but I wish to see them win the cup the next time or someday. They have so much talent and quality, if only we had a fair FIFA who are not determined to see the biggest team to win the tourney because of money. If only, Asia and Africa is given its fair share of the footballing world. If only.

So, again, we part from this circus, a trillian dollar circus where we are the definite loosers with our cell phone bills, cable bills and electricity bills. Sick leaves, unpaid leaves and emergency leaves forever leaving their marks in our work records. Broken dreams, broken friendships, broken chairs and tables. And yet, in four years time, in South Africa, we will gather again to witness the greatest show on earth because we love football, but the game itself is nothing to love, and certainly not the players who play them.

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland.

Au revoir Zizou.


Hiren said...

Zidane was a big disappointement all right. God knows when India shall participate.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I too consider Kamalhasan one of the most intelligent guys and one of our finest actors. Everything in art worthy of appreciation should be appreciated be it Hindi or Tamil.

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Jeevan said...

Ho! World Cup is finished:( we can't see the sexy girls hear after in the newspapers. i was bet with my uncle, that France will win, but they out, anyway i am happy that Italy has win, because they given us a nice politician Soniya Gandhi.

starry nights said...

Thank god the world cup is over, I spent a lot of time in front of the tv also, got a little disenterested after Argentina and Brazil left, enjoyed watching the finals. sad that Zidane had to leave like that, poor sportsmanship.He should have just walked away, because the other guy only said something, wish I knew what. but did not hurt him.The world will always remember this incident, the good u do is never spoken about only the bad.

Cinderella said...

World cup...aaargh...!!!
Not again,I'm so glad the brouhaha is over.And I'm so glad Dad hasnt given me a TV,lest I woulda been taped to it too.
You know we gad our toughest paper today and the 'guys' were talking about yesterday's match and not the goddammn paper,I mean how lame can you get for a game !!
How could they even stay up till 2 to see a game and that screwed up a game at that !!
Zidane was the talk of the town today,some screwed up nerd,really.

But this article was lovely,loved every single line.Even that plea for them 'photos'...know what I mean??
Anyway on a more serious note,even I wanna see the Africans win someday.Even I hope Asians and Africans are given their fair share someday.We will be,wont we??

You take care ok??
Love ya.

V N said...

have never been a soccer fan, so luckily didnt get to watch much of it, except the finals yday night. and that too, coz a friend whos a football fanatic was up all the time, and insisted that i watch it along with him, lest I miss the most important event in my life since the discovery of Maggi noodles.

Italy won. Gud.

Darius said...

I don't really follow soccer, but what was with that French guy? Sounds like he was well-respected but just lost it and sealed the French team's fate...

C'est fromage, ca...


Smart write up...Woo...The cup looks great n I was thining of the numeroos bacteria there as a resultant of so many kisses, smooches ot whtever....

Matches being tired of hearing it and guess should now accept tht this is the way sports is played and rigging is a rule of the game.

Keshi said...

Sports sometimes is abt internal politics too...gotta acceot that n move on - thats why I always take the Winners' side :):)


Keshi said...


Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] hahahah...take the winning side and forget bout the rest. :p but sometimes when the politics is too glaring...sigh...

[scribz] thanx! the cup itself is amazing, the most beautiful i reckon, but hate the politics!! must do something bout it.

[darius] the french guy, zizou was framed. pity him. read my current post.

[velu] yeh house mate forced me too...and also I couldnt sleep thinking of the other 2 billion ppl watching. :P...MaGGI! there too! hahahahah!


Ghost Particle said...

[cinderella] actually pity zizou, he was forced too, pity him really. Now I hate the italians. Wish you all the best for the exams. guys talk bout footie, girls and sex. dats all and oh yes beer. :p have a nice day love.

[starry-nights] true, pity him. hes the best player around now, and its last international game summore. I hate the italian so much. I never fancied Brazil with the way they played, but Argentina would have won it if they did not loose to germany.

[jeevan]Itali! full of racist ppl. Yes, I agree with you, Sonia is a superb politician.

[hiren] actually I do watch some really good hindi movies like Dil Cha ta hai and Black...but I hate the way these artists live their lives :p. Visited ur other blog! thanx!


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