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Trouble In Paradise

( you you damn care of anything)

A week went past, some ugly memories, some time ago, I lost my sense of humor.

Give me Liberty or Give me Death.


V N said…
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V N said…
Perhaps the biggest curse is to have to live with neither of those wishes granted ~ live to have more memories; even uglier ones. :(
Jeevan said…
It’s a protesting issue, like bombing & Israelis attack on Lebanon. Israeli’s attack on the places of people living is cruel; lets see what the leader of G8 tells in Petersburg about these issues. Happy Sunday dear:)
ant said…
I hope all is well with you, friend. Just keep in mind that everything is temporary.
Nirek said…
Mumbai blasts brought people together in fight against terrorism! so not a big trouble at all... passing clouds
Jason said…
mumbai bombing really hit hard the south asian community here in canada as well.
you don't live anywhere around mumbai, do you?

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