Tuesday, July 25

Tea with GP

Okay, ideas, ideas! Stuck in the office still, not getting paid overtime or anything, so this thing came up...thanx to Scribzs comment of my previous post. Now my dear fans, bow down to your...okay sorry....excited....My dear friends, this will be the premier of the much awaited

[[ Tea with Gp ]]

(for reasons obvious, I cant do Coffee with Gp...and I'm known to force people to go out for tea an hour before work finishes). In this 'fastest growing quiz sensation on the blog world' to quote Dave Letterman, my fans, yes U! will drop a single word or a sentence or whatever in the comments section (but NOT a question). I will take that word or sentence or whatever and write down something that relates to my life and my endeavors in the cyber world or just whatever comes to mind. That's as original as I can come up with, do tell me if anyone have done this before. So what are you waiting for, probe this ghost particle further!



Hey, so just a word or anything tht is not a question! Mi I have to think - "attitude"

Cinderella said...

K mine..

"Wake me up inside..bid my blood to run.."

V N said...
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V N said...

Heres my bit..

White Forest said...


zingtrial said...

Hi, first time here,Liked it Thank you for sharing .Wish you well

Keshi said...

great idea :)

here's mine:



Shravanthika said...

Nice idea :-)




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