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Tea with Gp (1)

(updated) The first ever episode of Tea with Gp is airing right now!
(Maybe I should spend some time talking to the all those talk shows, make some around naked or something...)

Hey hey guys and gals! Welcome to Tea with Gp! The fastest growing quiz sensation on the blog world!. We have a beautiful audience today, look at them...Amazing creatures from every corner of earth. Lets go straight to the questions shall we....and yes do have some tea!

[ Scribz ] Hey, so just a word or anything tht is not a question! Mi I have to think - "attitude"

[ Gp ] Hi Scribz...Welcome to the show! You look nice in dat dress! Scribz gave me the idea for this series of course! Hemmm this one is abit personal, my mom used to say I have this attitude problem last time you see. There was once we were on a bus and an old man sat beside me. When he handed some coins to the conductor, some of the coins fell down and I did not help him...I just sat there starring at him. Guess I was dumb back then...but it did change my view of life after a nice scolding that is...I still get sad sometimes thinking back of all the times I had this attitude inside me of not helping people when they need it.

[ Cinderella ] K mine..."Wake me up my blood to run.."

[ Gp ] Hey! Wazzup wazzup we have the Cinderella of the blog world...who is actually an architect. Question! Heyyy! No tough ones....okay lemme give this a try (pardon my ignorance). There was this time when I decided to go cycling at night. I know of this hill that overlooks a lake near my place. So I just cycled there in the dead of the night and found a nice spot to hang out myself, the stars were twinkling and the moon was reflecting on the lake...all was nice and calm when...Suddenly...something happened that "woke me up inside...and I bid my blood to run" (...okay that sounds dead funny now...). There was this few guys who came up to me on bikes and started accusing me of stealing the bike...I actually got up took the bike and ran away...cycled away that is and they gave chase on motorbikes until the end of the road when I managed to slip on to the main road and made it safe back home! Got shocked silly for a month and actually fell sick.

[ Velu ] Heres my bit...DREAD ;)

[ Gp ] Velu, me buddy, the kaleidescope of movie stars come to mind! nice tux! Dread...Judge the first time I watched Stallone in a science fiction movie and he was great. Noh...actually, the thing I Dread the most in life are people who make that 'Go f*ck yourself, I have an attitude problem and don't give a damn bout you' noise or sound. You know the remarks they make when you were saying something serious and they say 'aaahhh' or 'bahhhhhh' or something like that. That freaking annoyes me to the point that my defense mechanisms actually will make me hate them everytime I see them or remember them...

[ WhiteForest ] said...Ghosts!

[ Gp ] Okay that was easy...hey you look good by the way...have some tea! Okay, there was a time in my life that I don't know what a ghost was, people keep telling me 'pei' which means Ghost in Tamil. But I was oblivious to that and all being a kid and they don't let me go of alone anywhere... So one day, while on a trip to the relatives somewhere far away, we passed this area beside the road and there was this house in the middle of the filed. There surrounding of the house were blocked with walls and stuff. My uncle told us that the house is haunted by Snake ghosts and they cant do anything to it. People were trying to demolish the house and all, but the ghost will haunt them, disable machinery and stuff. And the rest was Gp history...I slept with the lights on for the next 10 years till I was in upper secondary. I have more ghost stories actually...but we will wait for the coming shows...

[ Keshi ] said... great idea : here's mine: Daffodils.

[ Gp ] Do you know most of the people out there pronounce this flower as Daffo-doils almost all the time. The interesting thing about this, there was a time for more than a few years I never knew what a daffodil was after reading about it. During me baby self...when I was small I loved to read all this Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew stories. I encounter many weird names, and Daffodils was one of them. I was under the impression Daffodils were one of the character in the stories, and kept on telling my friends about it whenever we talked about it (the very little of them who read Hardy Boys). Of course no one told me what a Daffodil was until one day one my uncle was telling us during our evening gardening expeditions (another day another story bout this) that Daffodils would look beautiful in the garden. I blurted out asking him if he likes reading Hardy Boys too! Much to my embarrassment and many legendary repeats of the day I famously stumped myself followed the rest of the younger years. Oh those again, I think I need to plant some daffdoils soon...

[ Nachi ] said...awesome show!! here's my quib: "Caught redhanded"

[ Gp ] Heyya Nachi, wazzup buddy! (we go back a long way...on a beach with salma hayek and some vodka...) Ok, this is fast going into the no return alley of embarasment...hemmm Caught redhanded...lemme have a sip of tea first...! Ok, there was once we had a party at my uncles house, its kind of a get-together for the family. And someone made me really angry and I sulked and did'nt want to talk to anyone and told them I wont touch the food. After the usual rounds of talking and all, when everyone started to make their way to the eating room, there I was, stuffing my face with the 'fried prawns!'. Yeh, that was like a thousand people watching A circus lion eating lolipops instead of meat kinda feeling...I felt so small and shrinking fast...They did forgive me, I was a kid, but still sometimes when there is prawn on the menu during gatherings, I will be the last to eat! .... If you excuse me for a while now, I need to regather my ego...we go for a commercial! hahahah...

[ Nayan ] said...My turn: Overweight :PPP

[ Gp ] Heyya Nayan! Oh man, ladies and gentleman...we have the salsa king here! The salsa king from Cyprus! :P What! Overweight...dunno anything bout it!!!...okay...Overweight...I once weighed about 60 kg, then something freaky happened and I started eating alot when I was in secondary school and bloated to about 80 kg...and another freaky thing happened when I accidentaly fell in love with a girl that I've never talked to, and lost amazingly 20 kg in 6 months. And everyone at home thought I was studying hard for exams (the big one) and was so worried that I lost weight. But then I busted up for the exams, and still managed to end in university doing Physics which made me eat so much and now after 7 years I weigh a whopping 85+ kg. And the doctor told me last week I'm overweight and my cholestrol level is twice what it should be. dang...Nayan! U made me hungry!

[ Empty-Mind ] said...Nice idea :-) "Emotions"

[ Gp ] Heyya emptymind girl! nice saree you're wearing. Emotions...emotions brings alot of emotions to me...hemmm...I think I'm a very emotional sometimes that pushes me to the brink of tears...and I do cry. (yes yes ladies...Im a softie...urghhh). There was this time when I was a kid, I dreamed that someone I love was the single most sad, hurting moment in my life. Everytime I think of it, it still brings tears to me. I think I just cant face death or loosing something or someone. This one extreme of emotions always paralyzes me.

~ Thank you so much for participating in this first episode of Tea with Gp. I had ernomous fun, remembering my past...amazingly rich past that is...I always thought I had a boring life but I think it just needs a little remembering. Have fun everyone, thanx for coming and have a nice day and week ahead! Love you all, and remember....
'All work and no tea make your life miserable!'

[-] Thanx for the great response guys. Feel free to steal the Tea with Gp tag from the top of the post for you blogs, or better still! why dont you create your own tea series, its a great way to get to know your friends!.
[+] This is the first episode. Do wait for the next episode soon and keep those words coming!!! Any word or sentence...please do read the first post here for the details!


Nachi said…
awesome show!! here's my quib: "Caught redhanded"
Nahuatl said…
heehehehe... nice idea GP.

My turn: Overweight :PPP
Shravanthika said…
Impressive :-) I really enjoyed reading every bit of this..!! amazing.

Probably am planning to steal some ideas from your views and writting blogs on that :-)
Nahuatl said…
The salsa king from Cyprus!
You made me look like a king of some tribe on a lonesome, forgotten island! And talk about tribal dance!! :D
This was an interesting thing ot do...Swear it its so much fun compared to the tags etc etc...Got to know a lot about this TEA BAG of a Ghost....:)
Darius said…
There should be a lot more blog discussion of the Hardy boys - Frank and... I'm forgetting the other kid. Must have read half a dozen of them...
Keshi said…
This is sooo interesting Ghosty! Loved the 'Daffdoils' bit of ur life ;-)

I was a Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys fan lol! Secret Seven, Famous Five n wuts not...

Raghav said…
well done buddy !
u tackled thm well !!
here are my two pennies... "slugs are worms that live in shells"
Jeevan said…
Ho! i have missed the Tea with GP, ok will try next time. your ghosts story was nice.
V N said…
GP, this truly ROCKS!!!

starry nights said…
Interestin to read all these stories.
Cinderella said…
Well well you've been trying your hand at jockeying...huh??

And quite a good job at that !
Shiv said…
enna pa...ennenamo panra...anyways mine is TRUST!!
Ghost Particle said…
Hi guys! Thank you for all the messages and comments. Had fun doing this. All the new entries will feature in the second episode sometime next week.

(Raghav, jeevan and shiv...plz wait till the next episod for ur updates!).

Thanx guys.

* Feel free to pick up this as a tag for yourself and play the game.

[Darisu, Keshi] and there will certainly be something on hardy boys and nancy drew very soon!!!
Keshi said…
haha cool!


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