Monday, July 3

Some Superman...Some Kryptonite...Some History

(I'm not very good at movie reviews, but here goes. Went for the movie last Saturday, in the great island of Penang. Wish we had a decent cinema at my hometown.)

I would say, my verdict is that the movie is a comic book perfect story. The visualization, the introduction of Superman after his 5 years space jaunt, Lex Luthor with his witty lines... There is nothing new as I have expected, probably whoever went there to watch something extraordinary unfold would be disappointed. Judging by the Hollywood trend nowadays, this is a mere introduction for the sequels. Hopefully Singer does the rest of the franchise some justice by not being swayed into anything else. His decision to accept the project probably saved the movie from going to another 'summer bloated-box-office-forgotten-flick' dump to a cult return of the Superhero we all learned to love over the decades. And thank god Tim Burton did not get this, not another 'dark comic hero', remember Batman... Superman doesn't need a dark world, all he needs is a blue sky to fly.

Superman comes back after his soul searching finding a world lost without his guidance. But, after years of helping humanity, isn't it time for humans to discover that they have to fend for themselves, not waiting for 'a' Superman? There are many serious questions that he needed to answer to the world, to Lois Lane and the fans. He does that and more in this brilliant direction by Singer. The photography was great, the score, the effects, you really cant find much flaw in the production. The story is new, not written before in the Superman universe. Superman Returns presented a matured world where Superman is a norm and everyone learned to live with him. On why Clark Kent can still hide his identity behind a pair of glasses, well you have learn comics to understand this. Just as we accepted fantasy flicks, this is comic book world concept that doesn't need much explanation.

In my opinion, Superman portrayed God. The God that we learned to live with, the comic creators morphed into a living, talking legend who saved everyone; from the person in the street to defending the world from aliens. Almost his absence, earth changed much which can be seen from the brief portrayal of current events in the early part of the movie. And the scenes where Superman hovers above earth and listens to the suffering voices of the earth sums up the movie. In a nutshell, its about needing a guide, and as religion does it with much bloodspill, Superman lead with examples, and authority over evil. I would not go further to spoil the anticipation, but there is much more to see and love about Superman, so do watch it at a cinema near you! (And dont miss Richard Branson in the Shuttle scene...the dude is really commited to bring us into space!)
It will be unfair to compare it to the classic first Superman movie with this new age remake. It's a different world now as commercialism and global appeal has taken over movie making. Directors like Singer walks the occasional tight rope to bring productions close to our heart, but still appealing to the studio heads and mass marketing. The production itself was perfect, with the fine details given to the world of Metropolis and somewhat in synch with the rustic example of Gotham and other worlds in the DC Universe. Much have debated on the uninspiring motivation of DC in bringing its superheroes into the big screen. Having a league of legends, bigger than any mutant and much original than those of the Marvel's, DC only thusfar managed to push Superman and Batman into the grand stage. Dont have to compare that to the contemporary heroes of Marvel, all box office hits and swaying legions of young fans. DC in the other hand holds its heroes close to their universe to preserve their legend. This one aspect lacks in the principles of Marvel. One small example would be killing of Prof Xavier in X3. An unecassary marketing move, to boast the story of a less than memorable flick like X3, and others like Dare Devil and Hulk. But DC together with Marvel brought the much needed spirit or renaissance into present day cinema by releasing their heroes to a bigger stage.

Comics like Superman attained legendary status during the golden age of American Comics. Its a popular culture created to define an experimental civilization facing challenge while upholding liberty not existing in any other nation. A grand experiments like this gave birth to entertainment which encompasses movies, music and print arts like comics. Masters such as Stan Lee (Spiderman, Hulk) created legends that was portrayed by average people, appealing to the growing society because of their humble lives (comparatively, Superman was an alien and Batman was a billionaire). Superman (created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel) was born in deep mythology, coming from an alien planet send by his father to earth. Almost all early day comics like Superman evolved in the golden age of creativity, science fiction dominance and ultimately summarizing the American dream. Its an exciting world to explore, and the cult following of comics in countries like America, Canada and Japan ensured that this 'small' media doesnt die of.
Summarizing a life, Superman will forever remain as the King of superheroes because of his inimitable powers and aspirations. Superman Returns shows in quantum moments his true human-like emotions and rest assured that greater movies are coming in the lines of this new age adaptation. Comic books that gave birth to superheroes are cultural references that should be read by everyone, so like all good things, share this magic and lets go beyond the movies to another world where legends are born in paper from the mind of the masters to inspire us of a world that could be.

[+] Nice to be back after a short but tiring trip, the whole life is a trip, so why not follow me on this short trip now, music defines life [Touching Grace]. Listen to each and every composition, they're monumental and original.


V N said...

I am off.. see u after the show!

Great writeup, btw!

Arti Honrao said...

Am waitin for someone to take to me to watch this film ... :)

Thanks for droppin @ my blog :)


I just saw the movie yesterday...The movie hall was in all applause for the movie!.... sure I would love someone to take me flying with him!!!

ant said...

I saw the movie yesterday and loved it. Lex Luther was done perfectly by Spacey.

I can't wait until they do Superman vs. Batman. That should be a great movie!

Jeevan said...

i watch some sceans in TV, landing the plane in the bassball ground is excelent. really if we get a superman, we can save many planes form accidents. I should watch it soon.

Cinderella said...

Havent watched the movie yet,neck deep into shit with exams from which i aint gonna get any kinda break till the end of this month.

Want to though.

Loved that metaphor of God and Superman.So very like the innovative Gp I know.

Have been irregular with the posts and will continue to be,will come and peep by off and on.

Pardon my behest,wouldja??
I'll be back in action soon.

And hey hey hey wish me luck okay,I need pots of it.

Keep smiling.

Cinderella said...

And oh btw have I told you lately I love you for your posts ??

Take care.

Passion Flower said...

i can't wait to see the show :)

ryc: thanks for the quote. loved it :)

Keshi said...

didnt see it yet but I always liked Christopher Reeves (not the new ones)...what a tragic story for someone who acted as Superman!


Ghost Particle said...

[velu] hey sure ull like it. Thx for coming!

[arti] hope that someone comes fast coz this is a great movie. Thanx for coming!

[scribz] Nice to know you liked it. Its a whole new experience seing him after 20 yers isnt it.

[antoine] yes, I heard sups vs bat is in the line, hope to see a great matchup!

[jeevan] so true brother, our world deserves more.

[cinderella] now where have u gone missing! Wish u all the best, hope u come back often. yes, he is god in many ways u kno. Hugs. Only my posts?

[PassionFlo] U will love it. Np, I wish u all the best.

[Keshi] Hem...the might old reeves, he did so much for the real world in stem cell research. The irony.

Nahuatl said...

Up up and awayyyyyyyy..........! :)

Keshi said...

hehe true :)



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