Monday, July 17

Requiem For Vanity

in the fringes of society,
from old ages to modern days,
we discovered silent mutiny,
that we followed as ways

rather in discontinuity,
we found broken religion,
in men’s naked disunity,
we found days of tradition

(dissection of the truth)
throughout this jungles of metal,
and glass and wood in books,
we found writings of a testimonial,
of devils, demigods and crook

some ray of light,
came shining through clouds
from a distant night,
like bloods on shrouds

(end days)
searching the ways of right,
or wrong in the castle of night,
soon came in flight,
with wings such angles insight

I saw mighty God,
in agony and tears,
and I saw me,
I am the God

(end times)
do you think for all elements,
I would stop and smell their nature,
you made me think of the elements,
as nature was made of it infinite

all elements,
in their earliest moments,
in their darkest hours, are born,
with their vanity, unbound

[-] Wrote this to describe the state of the world today.

[+] Monday Music! Listen to Asteria's mesmerizing voice as part of the medieval vocal ensemble.

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Jeevan said...

Very Nice.

Keshi said...

**I saw mighty God,
in agony and tears,
and I saw me,
I am the God

Isnt that what everyone thinks?

Nice work.

Ghosty dun worry abt not getting tickets to POTC...there's a next time na? :)


Homo Escapeons said...

I would stop and smell their nature is a fabulous line.

I felt your disconcerting anguish about our ridiculous state of the world. I am hoping to see that ray of light sometime soon and not just on blogs like yours mate.

We are all little miracles that are made out of stars that have collided with the Earth long ago...

We are the hope from within that we cannot live without.

Fauzan said...

Hey GP :) Long time no see. I'm well and how about urself?
PS: Is it just my browser or your blog's font and design is a bit garbled?

Princess said...

The present state of the world is truly miserable and confusing. Good work, great expressions.

White Forest said...

"I saw mighty God,
in agony and tears,
and I saw me,
I am the God"

just superb!

Marutham said...

Aha....Brilliant work!! Awesome!!! And.....regarding ur comment in my page :P TUBE LIGHT!! Did u not get it.... It is my voice and i have posted my first audio post. And joking it will scare u...i related it to Halloween :) Its me who sang that :P Sweet MAKKU!!
Have a great week!!

Don Iannone said...

Very powerful GP. Liked it a lot, especially this...

saw mighty God,
in agony and tears,
and I saw me,
I am the God

Nice one.

Cinderella said...

Completely agree with Keshi,White forest and Don iannone...luved those lines too !!

Powerful and evocative !

Just like you.


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