Thursday, July 6

Lovesongs in Timescapes

The vanity of humans spread legendary stories across the millennia across space and time. Then it ended tragically with half the planet left devastated by war. From the ashes of death we rebuild a civilization. We imagined beautiful lovesongs to spread the message of peace to the known universe. Clad in virgin brain, we walked the deserts of alien planets teaching our unique ability of writing lovesongs. The songs of fate, and destiny was sung by millions of preachers who discarded their imaginary religions to ride the interstellar cruisers to the far edges of the galaxies.

Sirius was born in the cold plains of Siberia. She learned of life among the barren ice desserts where refugees sheltered after the nuclear war. She learned that humans has finally made peace with each other. In her tiny eyes, moments after she was born the star Sirius sparkled magically reflected from the cloudless sky. Her father, a 21st century star gazer named her Sirius. She grew up to be a prominent songstress. She traveled to all the know systems to meet new life and help rebuild trust among them. In the short years of our existence, we managed to reach out to the universe and claimed our rights as a higher intelligence. There were none other.

We traveled along the arcs of light that spreads across the systems like ripples in a pond. It warps space and creates a passage to the stars in seconds and minutes. Music embraces us with waves too, slowly drifting across space, it serves as the universal language. From the first contact until the first interstellar alliance, music was used to communicate among the beings. Then slowly evolved lovesongs. Lovesongs are notes that touches the inner heart and in minute moments transforms the physical workings of the brain. Lovesongs are hidden particles that come into existence only when the special songstress sings the notes. We became master manipulators of the sounds.

A prominent sound scientist once described these lovesongs. When the diva sings her notes, the first few notes will alter the space around her. Slowly it will create waves, akin to gravity waves that spread in circular orbits, invisible but carrying immense force. Then the chorus notes will embrace the listeners, capturing their soul and synapse. Their brain waves will be altered, their neurons morphed into the songs itself. The soul will float away, drifting to a place where the lover will be waiting. In their eyes, the majestic nebulas and stars will be visible, guiding their emotions to the waiting embrace of their loved ones. All along, the songstress will be in her own realm, having manipulated the intrinsic geometry of space and time, she weaves the songs, one after another fully transporting the listeners to other dimensions.

In her heart, Sirius yearns for someone. She wants her own love and embrace. The galactic musicians and singers loose out something more than anyone else. Their sacrifice their emotions, they let go of their natural senses to love. Their brains are altered by the scientists so that they don't feel attached to any one person. They are Goddesses in their own realm, not showing compassion. They are slaves of music itself, their lives are likes fires that never stops burning. Even when their eyes looks at the godly skies, their hearts are closed. Many of them try to cry, but they cant even show their emotions. Through this slaved existence, their chained hearts, they create masterpieces each and everytime. All their songs tell stories of great sacrifices, of great men and women whom lived to venture the universe and teach other civilizations of peace.

In the years and ages, many diva's escaped their painful destiny. They exiled to faraway moons and planets and lived their solitude lives trying to feel life. Many alliances with alien species brought enlightenment to their hearts. Sirius lives in the moons around the star Sirius. She returned to where she belonged. Here she can be with her father, his hologram which guides her to new realms. She learned more lovesongs and spread unheard messaged around the planets and space mesas of Sirius. Many secret recitations where held, many sages of evolving civilizations came to listen to her stories. Lovesongs carried them to their desires and taught them of the future. The prophecies of lovesongs were written in atoms and waves to be carried to the next generation. The powerful forces of these creations does not permit this messages to be written. Thus, like our own evolution, the deepest codes of our origin was never to be read or seen. It's just present around us.

Sirius became a legend in the systems at the edge of the galaxy. The interstellar alliance never reached to the 'dark ages'. The dark ages are systems of planets that exists without stars, suns to provide them energy. The edge planets because gathering place for wanderers who escaped from their own pain and fear. Everywhere Sirius went, she was regarded as a Goddess. Children revered her as their guardian angel. With her powerful expressions, her slowly melting soul, she managed to capture other souls. Breaking boundaries, she reached into others and became one with them. He imparted messages doesn't sway groups or generations, but single souls. She created legions of creative minds. Pioneers who flew away from the edge, to new galaxies. She lives on in the memories of the pioneers, who finally managed to construct images of her. She left special notes in her songs that reappeared as tiny pixels in their memories. After years of building new worlds, creating landscapes among the timescapes, the lovesongs of Sirius appeared in their minds. They saw her face. The build temples for her and placed her images in diamonds and crystals.

Many millions of years since she left earth, she was made a real Goddess. Her religion of lovesongs was carried by distant preachers. They are discovering new life everywhere they went. Even in remote galaxies they detected faint waves of the Lovesongs of earth. Magical elements and fairies exist in systems where known physics ceases to exists. This fairies in the form of giant atoms, dances and vibrates to the notes of the Lovesongs. Sirius is still alive, living in the forests of creation in a starless galaxy. She left her legacy to vibrate with the souls of the human preachers. Nearly every alien civilization found in the millions of years to come have marks of Sirius among them. Sirius was alive wherever they went.

In the nights where emerald fog surrounds the forest of creation, Sirius will walk to the trees and streams. She will touch and breathe the pure world she created the day before. Her body is long gone, what exists now is her soul, each atoms and strings of her body vibrates in millions of quantum seconds to give her an appearance. She lives as a God, truly from the imaginary descriptions of ancient earth religion. She would never die.

~ Music as the codes of existence is not a new idea. Scientists have long postulated that in the core of sub-atomic particles are strings that vibrate. These strings are made of pure energy that dances to the tunes of some invisible diva. The big bang itself marked the start of the earliest songs. Soon, slowly in the first Planck seconds, the earliest notes vibrated the strings to expand faster than any know element. The moments after the big band seeded the lives of today. In a nutshell, in the core of this idea lies the concept that life itself are inevitable, we are just gathering and using existing elements to 'manufacture' future lives. Our actions, our role as the observer will determine the outcome of this age and also the evolution of future ages.

[+] Another 2-second idea that actually turned out to be good. I'm impressed myself. (the last para is a mixture of speculative ideas and real physics theories)


Jeevan said...

I think i should also learn music, to communicate with others when i reach Universe:) What a nice soul is Sirius, Good post dear.

Cinderella said...

Music has such a powerful aura of its own isnt it? Captivating and hyptonic in all its respects.

Sirius....a captivated,hypnotised soul...captivated and hypnotised the world.

And the Gp who told her story...another Sirius on earth.


Keshi said...

Without music there can be no soul.


S.Karthikeyan said...

Gp. Strings are used a metaphor but you have the artistic license to use it in the way you want.

Recently read comment:
If you want to see the stagnation in physics, look no further than string theory. (It might have hit the road block!)


We sure are master manipulators!
The love or songs connect a few cords which are in shambles. Good one

starry nights said...

Music is food for the soul.without it I think we would die.

Raghav said...

music - i eat, breathe, live, swear by it. Well written

Galaxy said...

You definitely have something there Gp. As a musician I feel the very connection you have vividly put into words...I mean, They are times I would write these pieces where the music transcends me to another level of exixtence it's almost like touching the face of can definitely be one of the universe with just the simplest arrangement of notes..They were pieces that left me crying in joy for it was not me but it was where the music took me someplace in the untouch part of the univerese that inspired me to mirror it somehow in the finished piece..I know, it's really hard for me to describe without sounding like a nutcase..but the power of music is soo deep and powerful and when shared outreachingly powerful, that theres nothing like sharing it with people and touching each and everyone of them by your work- but at this point your music isn't yours anymore I mean at this point it has transended itself into something universal! Deeply beautiful and very powerful ...How you mirror that so well and so acurately, beautifully, in Sirius my friend.
Music, is one of our greatest attributes we can give and when you add to that our greatest attribute...Love....Then, then...Well, let's just let Sirius take it from there.
Well done bro....again, another outstanding piece and definitely one of Faves : )


Hiren said...

Very informative. I don't know about the history but one thing is for sure- music is something that can actually be deemed universal language which can unite mankind. Scriptures may talk of latent oneness of human beings but in reality, that rarely happens

Ghost Particle said...

[Jeevan] Thanx! Music as a communication tool is really a great idea, because it lets us explore our senses.

[Cinderella] Thanx! True, people who live music will have a defined soul...Hugs!

[Keshi] Very true, the ultimate energy in the universe, music.

[Keethi] Yes, the string theory is and a roadblock...but music was before this, before the creation itself.

[Scribz] thanx! u understood the meaning well...connected lines losst in time.

[Starrynights] life. true, very true. Thanx!

[Raghav] Dont we all, even the ones who doesnt confess...thanx for coming!

[galaxy] heyya bro! Thanx very much for the comment. Really appreaciate it. Yes, music does takes us to another dimension of existence. Wish we could stay there forever.

[hiren] thanx! yes, scriptures are our creative work, but music is the gathering and manipulation of nature itself. so much powerful. Thanx for coming.


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