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King Henry , World Cup My Foot (3)

It couldn't get better.
The underperforming clowns (S) packed home early.
Hail Henry, the mighty King.


anup.777 said…
I didn't follow this match ... I was busy rooting for Portugal! ... and went to sleep happy to see them victorious

... and today I read in da papers that Brazil is out ... Really interesting turn of events, eh? :)
Homo Escapeons said…
It was a thing of beauty. Brazil came to life much too late in the match. Zidane was magnificent.
Jeevan said…
Brazil Out, when my dad said, i told, you are wrong, its England out, he told i know, but now Brazil also Out:(
Hm...Busy? One line or very short posts these days???
ant said…
I was so happy to see Brazil kicked out considering I'm a huge France fan. You're absolutely right when you said they (Brazil) are underperforming.

I honestly think France gave them their first real challenge in the tourney.

Thank you also for the kind comments in my blog, too!
Marutham said…
Cool new template!! Was a little busy with Placmnt...Now am back :)
Updated my blog too
Keshi said…
Hey Ghosty thanks a ton for the lovely bday wishes in my blog HUGGGGGGGGZ!

Hows u apart from WC craze? :)

Ghost Particle said…
[Anup-777] I tell ya dude, Im bloody happy England is out. Ill stick to club football from now on, damn disapppointing those guys. Glad the Brazilian clowns got kicked out, and glad that France managed to reddem themselves. Thanx for coming buddy.

[H-e] Hear you bro! Zidane was magnificent.

[jeevan] its a game, you win some you...but then Brazil really sucked! England too!

[ponnarasi] yeh!...hahaha no inspiration!

[antoine] My pleasure, Henry and Zidane all the way!!!

[marutham] yeh, homage to superman!!!

[keshi] wb love! Man, how was ur holiday!!?? Ok ill head to ur bloggie to read it.
Keshi said…
hehe break was great. well alot of parties and one magical cruise...yes, again :)


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