Tuesday, July 18

Ghosts In the Mist

Hey guys...hope everyone is well and happy. There are many things happening around the world and around me. Though I dont have a solution of the things happening around the world, I can only say that among the very few things that keeps us humans is our sheer presence. Our Number. The rest doesn't matter. If there wasn't this many of us, then we would have disappeared into the mist a long time ago. Hence, with increasing number, some of us humans yearn for more dirt and power. Both of which are abundant, but can never satisfy man. So we see the political world slowly eating away into our soul and we continually feel spaced out. Don't try to get to the root of the problem, because if you ask me, the root points to Israel. First and last. Everything political that happens here in this world are centered around Israel. We can't offend them, we can't talk about them, we have to babysit them and then we let them kill innocent child and woman. The hell with them fighting extremist and terrorists, why must they bomb innocent people. With all their might and intelligence and superweapons, they still have to level half of the population to kill that one terrorist. Because once they bring out their weapons, the terrorists will strike terror in other countries, and the cycle continues.

Everyone is well aware of what happened in the WW2, all those innocent lives killed just to satisfy the blood thirst of a tyrant, but then the world signed a life long agreement to suck up to Israel. Learn history if you want to know the mistakes that we made, we are not to be trashed around just because Israel needs to be groomed. And to think that the one country that supposed to be a model of democracy actually condoning the zionis tyrants who are progressively doing ethnic cleansing. All I want to say is that you can continue to kill whatever evil that might exist out there, but stop killing the children whose innocence betrays the state of the world today. Stop killing the man on the street, stop killing the pregnant woman, stop killing everyone. No race or religion promises a heaven that we can see or feel. All lies will lead to the truth, and the truth is we all will die one day, just don't make it happen because of one country's right to exists or one religions scriptures or one economy's struggle to own everything.

~ I have not been well for the past week. I think I need to take some time off, to reflect and figure out what went missing in my life. My migraine is eating into my brain and my spirit, there are days that I just want to give up. Life is so unfair somedays. I cant even start to explain the pain, surely other fellow sufferers would agree with me, that it feels like the end of the world. So be nice and be happy. There might be hell facing the world right now, but the human spirit is wise enough to prevail. We are all survivors. Bye for now, will be back in the future.


Jeevan said...

Take care of u dear. for catching one, killing many innocents:( i cant even imagine how it will be if some one put bomb in my house.

V N said...

gp, just want u to know that u r one fantoo spirit, whom we we wud truly miss. i was getting used to readin ur posts most nights. :)

as for the migraine, believe me, i know. hv been thru all that with pillows heaped one over the other over my head. :) i hope u find some relief soon.

and be back. all rejuvenated. we r waiting.
c ya around, pal.

ant said...

I hope all is well with you brother. I also hope this blog doesn't stop. I quite honestly enjoy reading your posts.


Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan] you are right, many innocents being killed, i wonder how we will reflect if we get hit. Thanx bro.

[velu] hey bro, nah, not leaving, I thought of, but my bloody life revolves around computers....grrr...I cant just watch everyone else writing and me not doing the same. Migraine is still bugging me. Thanx bro.

[antoine] nah...bro...this blog wont stop, i have to fight the future! hahahha...thanx bro.

gp...I wonder why no one comments when I put Israel...maybe everyone is scared to face the truth?

Keshi said...

**My migraine is eating into my brain and my spirit, there are days that I just want to give up.

heyyy TC Ghosty...aww dun ever feel that way...I know it must be so hard to deal with it, but someone like u will never give up. HUGGGGGGGZ TC okk!


Keshi said...

sending u some angel blessings from here...


Cinderella said...

To hell with Israel...lets go dancing in the rain !!

I know I've been late but still couldnt stop myself from saying this...you are one piece of a sweet little heart that beats in many.
You're so far but every little word you say (via whatever) means a lot.

Know this and keep those spirits up.
Good times dont last forever but thankfully neither do the bad ones.

Love ya lots.

Nirek said...

get well soon bro! migraine....
btw howz work?


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