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And A Star Is Born

A racing stream,
At the edge of earth,
Almost mercury in colour,
As it flows over jagged rocks,
Reminiscent of our memories,
That never ceases, actually

Cream breezes brushing past,
Under the yellow light,
Sitting near a corner pillar,
Dressed in maroon silk,
Wowen with gold threads,
My sister warm and beautiful

Passages of time in memory,
Over legendary edges of rivers,
Bones and skin petrified,
ideas in revenge of ages,
As we looked at the setting sun,
Slowing down for love

Scents of jasmine,
Frozen still around us,
When in time you asked,
Many questions that I answered,
And when you fell asleep,
The setting sun already a star


[-] Forever in wanting, for not having a sister. Forever will I be in waiting, even when I know she wont come. Many of my present memories dominate a timescape where I have a sister, something I feel deeply lost about, something empty inside me because I never had a sister. I think having a sister completes our lives.
[-] I did not actually go away did could I, this is the only place I can tell the world what I see and live. Still haven't managed to get rid of the migraine.
[+] For your midweek listening pleasure, the ever magnificent Rob Costlow; listen in lo-fi if you have trouble streaming. Music from the second composition; Woods of Chaos, [Woods of Chaos and Not Alone], are extremely mesmerizing, you can go on listening forever.


Shravanthika said…
Hi Ghost,

I know..Having a sister is the best thing to happen on this earth. But you know what.. its not a biiiiiiiig loss either. I do agree this poem is quite a good piece. Its amazing!

Keshi said…
**Many of my present memories dominate a timescape where I have a sister, something I feel deeply lost about, something empty inside me because I never had a sister.

Im ur sis Ghosty, am I not?

And dun always think that having a sis is the best thing ever...cos some ppl have wicked sisters :).

And I always longed for a brother..hehehe.

Ghost Particle said…
[EM] its not a big lost...but surely would have made a big difference. Thanx! and welcome here!.

[Keshi] U are mah big big big sister....yeh those evil sisters...but surely she would have like atleast pitied for having a big big dummy brother like me. :P

You have a bro now, now dont cry yet! :)
Keshi said…
awwww :) so sweet! and u didnt even havta temme..u have always been mah bro HUGGGGGZ!

Jeevan said…
I have craved many times for a sweet sister, if some one tells me about playing and fighting with their sister. It’s one of the best poem form you, esp. the last Para.
V N said…
i do agree with u, and can very well understand ur craving for a sister, gp. the person i am closest to in the entire world, is my sis, who has been there, all thru, putting up with every unbelievable eccentricity of mine. :) but i guess, i am never content with what i have. i remember ranting non-stop abt not having a younger brother, whom i cud have (possibly) bullied around.

hey. its great to see that u r still around and hvnt succumbed to the migraine.

do be here! :)
Within Without said…
Hey Ghost...

I'm lucky enough to have three sisters and while they can sometimes be a pain, at least growing up with them, they're things of beauty and great teachers about women.

I also have two brothers, so there was always this neat equality and balance goin' on...
Ghost Particle said…
[Keshi] u r welcome dear sister!

[jeevan] thanx nanba, not a day goes past w/out me thinking of a sister

[velu] thanx pa...yeh...its the nicest feeling, the u realize u get bored...but deep inside u love them!

[w/WOUT] hey! thanx for comin bro! yeh...theyre our spiritual answer to our male ego!
Cinderella said…
That was totally mesmerising !

I do have a li'l bro but dunno how deeply he feels about me.
This made me wanna know that...genuinely.

By the way,have I told you lately I love you for your posts ?

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