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'79 and home forever...

Ray...what keeps you here, even time ceased to exist.

The winding track took us to the centre of the city. It was Sunday; the commuters filled every available seat in the coach, almost twenty hundred from all walks of life, ready to scavenge the big city. It was almost noon when we reached the Grand Central. Stepping outside, Ray looked at the distant horizon, at the edge of Earth where the galaxy seems to be flowing like a river suspended in space and in the middle, the North Star shining, sparkling like a twin of our own Sol, so far away. So immense is this world, even shared a million times, it will still be big and mysterious. The misty edges of the city almost shroud the great ocean, Eternity. This world we discovered long ago, a few hundred years back, is many times bigger than our real home, our real earth. On this new Earth, we don't have nearby stars to sustain us, we are just one of the hundred planets in complex orbit of this system a few hundred light years from earth. …

Gardens Of Midnight Rain

I miss the old times.
I really do miss the old times, from the bottom of my heart, from my every cell, my very existence, I long for those days.
Deep inside the soul, from the ends of earth, to the gardens of midnight rain, there were those days, we played and napped, on the terraces of hills green, and in night, silver waves flowing through the heart with such energy, that conveys through my mind such feelings, that we were in heaven.
Do you remember those days?
Close your eyes, blind your senses, shut out the winds of evil, flowing violently around us, and imagine those days, where hills and mountains flowing lush with green jungles, with rainbow birds and imaginary heroes on horses and bright angels whose eyes sparkle a fantasy who stood in front of us and told us fairy tales of earth.
There were times, when the river ran cold sensations, to even the blind men who stopped seeking a path into the caves where truth and sanity existed for the ones who managed to live not in sin but of a fr…

Tea with Gp (1)

(updated) The first ever episode of Tea with Gp is airing right now!
(Maybe I should spend some time talking to the all those talk shows, make some around naked or something...)

Hey hey guys and gals! Welcome to Tea with Gp! The fastest growing quiz sensation on the blog world!. We have a beautiful audience today, look at them...Amazing creatures from every corner of earth. Lets go straight to the questions shall we....and yes do have some tea!

[ Scribz ] Hey, so just a word or anything tht is not a question! Mi I have to think - "attitude"

[ Gp ] Hi Scribz...Welcome to the show! You look nice in dat dress! Scribz gave me the idea for this series of course! Hemmm this one is abit personal, my mom used to say I have this attitude problem last time you see. There was once we were on a bus and an old man sat beside me. When he handed some coins to the conductor, some of the coins fell down and I did not help him...I just sat there starring at him. Gu…

Tea with GP

Okay, ideas, ideas! Stuck in the office still, not getting paid overtime or anything, so this thing came up...thanx to Scribzs comment of my previous post. Now my dear fans, bow down to your...okay sorry....excited....My dear friends, this will be the premier of the much awaited

[[ Tea with Gp ]]

(for reasons obvious, I cant do Coffee with Gp...and I'm known to force people to go out for tea an hour before work finishes). In this 'fastest growing quiz sensation on the blog world' to quote Dave Letterman, my fans, yes U! will drop a single word or a sentence or whatever in the comments section (but NOT a question). I will take that word or sentence or whatever and write down something that relates to my life and my endeavors in the cyber world or just whatever comes to mind. That's as original as I can come up with, do tell me if anyone have done this before. So what are you waiting for, probe this ghost particle further!


It's 8.30 pm, I'm still at work, its Monday, and Lucas send me a 64 Questions email tag. Screw the world. (and the post title doesnt mean a sheet!)
( A better post is at the bottom of this post)

Here's how I answered...

1. What time did you get up this morning?
7.30 am, I go to work late (everyday)

2. Diamonds or pearls?
Diamonds coz pearl reminds me of food.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Superman Returns with Malay and Chinese subtitles

4. What's your favourite TV show?
Raagamaligai (tamil music show on Jaya TV)

5. What did you have for breakfast?
Milo + Some wholemeal bread

6. What is your middle name?

7. What is your favourite cuisine?
Rice + Vegetable Curry + Fried dried fish

8. What foods do you dislike?
Snakes and the whole gang of wild animals.

9. Your favourite potato chip?

10. What is your favourite CD at the moment?
James Blunt (yeh yeh commercialism...)

12. Favourite sandwich?
Tuna sandwich dat i make me self.

13. What characteristics do you despise?

A Particle Nevertheless

(Velu tagged me...and I hate doing tags, but I love my buddies, so here goes.)

Somehow, everyone will have a definition of mothers, amma, the greatest beings, the gentle soul who was born solely to protect us and understand us. A particle journeys from the center of the universe, from the progenial palace where all life emerges, from where God exists in mercurial times, floating in a miasma of naked truths and innocent lies that build this staggering universe to exist as a showpiece, an observation piece for creatures hiding in every corner. What is this concept of amma, or mother or any caregiver that actually builds us to what we are today? They are the creators, but they are also burdened. The never ending cycle of dissapointments, never being able to understand this cruel life, where money matters more than love, and love itself lost during the childhood. Didn't they all crave that the children be a child forever, in a typical season of love and joy that when the wake up tomorr…

My Enlarging Butt, Job Zombie and The World

( depending on your imagination, state of mind and social consciousness- please treat this post as just another post among the millions made every day)

Ever since I started working, there was this 'fear of appearance' that kept me awake at nights. Initially it was the fear of meeting people, then the fear of attending meetings, and then the fear of not wearing a tie (because I don't know to tie one), the fear of going for lunch with colleagues...for the obvious reasons of spilling the food. So it all comes down to the fear of appearance, or the fear of mingling...or whatever name we give it. But apart from all that, something worst struck me.

There is this office related evolutionary cycle that is commonly know as enlarging butt. First detected when chair was invented a few thousand years ago, the enlarging butt is a common syndrome of desk attached employees. They are literally screwed to the desk from 8 to 5 probably trying to save a dying company. Hence, a few months aft…

Sands Of Time

~Sands of Time~

what map shall I draw ,
what rivers and valleys shall I carve,
out of these sands in lustre,
or do I collect the metals and,
I shall devise a mechanical,
beast that will build monuments,
where we will walk like zombies,
in return of blessings never to come,
out of our collected vices and voices,
the land shall prosper deep into,
future times where we will struggle,
to curb our own freedom,
for justice and sanity among us,
have long gone in petrified moments,
we documented as history,

braving cold winds,
during starless nights,
we gathered in will,
and build monuments to,
the gods of day and night,
starving our people,
and raping the land we lived,
long before we called,
the scriptures to give us,
names of prophets to guide us,
long are those times,
where we lost our morality,
blind to the prevailing sense,
or the natural world,

majestic monuments,
build with sand and metal,
rose around us in time split,
moments suddenly overwhelming,
our senses that when we opened,
our eyes we saw shades of,
grey and bla…

And A Star Is Born

A racing stream,
At the edge of earth,
Almost mercury in colour,
As it flows over jagged rocks,
Reminiscent of our memories,
That never ceases, actually

Cream breezes brushing past,
Under the yellow light,
Sitting near a corner pillar,
Dressed in maroon silk,
Wowen with gold threads,
My sister warm and beautiful

Passages of time in memory,
Over legendary edges of rivers,
Bones and skin petrified,
ideas in revenge of ages,
As we looked at the setting sun,
Slowing down for love

Scents of jasmine,
Frozen still around us,
When in time you asked,
Many questions that I answered,
And when you fell asleep,
The setting sun already a star


[-] Forever in wanting, for not having a sister. Forever will I be in waiting, even when I know she wont come. Many of my present memories dominate a timescape where I have a sister, something I feel deeply lost about, something empty inside me because I never had a sister. I think having a sister completes our lives.
[-] I did not actually go away did could I, …

Ghosts In the Mist

Hey guys...hope everyone is well and happy. There are many things happening around the world and around me. Though I dont have a solution of the things happening around the world, I can only say that among the very few things that keeps us humans is our sheer presence. Our Number. The rest doesn't matter. If there wasn't this many of us, then we would have disappeared into the mist a long time ago. Hence, with increasing number, some of us humans yearn for more dirt and power. Both of which are abundant, but can never satisfy man. So we see the political world slowly eating away into our soul and we continually feel spaced out. Don't try to get to the root of the problem, because if you ask me, the root points to Israel. First and last. Everything political that happens here in this world are centered around Israel. We can't offend them, we can't talk about them, we have to babysit them and then we let them kill innocent child and woman. The hell with them fightin…

Requiem For Vanity

in the fringes of society,
from old ages to modern days,
we discovered silent mutiny,
that we followed as ways

rather in discontinuity,
we found broken religion,
in men’s naked disunity,
we found days of tradition

(dissection of the truth)
throughout this jungles of metal,
and glass and wood in books,
we found writings of a testimonial,
of devils, demigods and crook

some ray of light,
came shining through clouds
from a distant night,
like bloods on shrouds

(end days)
searching the ways of right,
or wrong in the castle of night,
soon came in flight,
with wings such angles insight

I saw mighty God,
in agony and tears,
and I saw me,
I am the God

(end times)
do you think for all elements,
I would stop and smell their nature,
you made me think of the elements,
as nature was made of it infinite

all elements,
in their earliest moments,
in their darkest hours, are born,
with their vanity, unbound

[-] Wrote this to describe the state of the world today.

[+] Monday Music! Listen to Asteria's mesmerizing voice as part o…

Romancing The Road

I remembered when I was about 9 years old. I was walking down this road that seemed to go on forever into the woods. I stopped at every tree along the way and looked up to the sky. Sometimes the trees were very close together that the sky was totally covered and this rays of light came in columns to the forest floor covered with blankets of brown leaves. I wish I knew then it was light or something natural. Those rays actually scared me, everytime I looked up into the sky or deep into the woods I see this curtains and rods of glass glowing like some tall ghosts standing still to capture its helpless victim.

This road took me deep into the mysterious hills and mountains over the ages. The road was pebbled and some parts of it was still its its original laterite red. There were some ponds and a small stream crossing the road. I could see short sticks or metal rods stuck into the river and a small rope, probably a nylon rope tied around it. Once, tired I stopped and got into the rived and…

World Cup My Foot; Okay...It aint over yet!

The restroom is up in smokes (i hope they all get cancer and die!!!), I'm having a bad hangover over Satay and Beer yesterday and the bugger whose supposed to handle my thesis is not picking up the phone. So, we come back to the football story.

Hence, and for all it's worth, the World Cup is a friendship game. Just like the Olympics, where we get to see both Korea's walk together under one flag, and Malaysian TV blank out Israel's march past, any international game is a show piece of international peace and friendship. But under the skin, everyone are just flinging the same sh*t around. So Zizou, the greatest footballer of the new age, head butted the Italian racist ass and got the marching order. Yes, after years and days of me blabbering of racism in sports, yesterday the media reported that Italian defender Materazzi called Zidane a 'dirty terrorist'. If I was there I would have done more than a head but. Zidane is one of the most calm players around, rarely…

World Cup My Foot, The End

Thank God! The world cup is over. Now I can get back to my breakfast of cookies and coke without someone crying, shouting, laughing in front of me because of soccer.

With all due respect, and fair sportsmanship, I congratulate Italy for winning the world cup version 2.0 , 2006. (they made a new cup this time around because Brazil gets to keep the one it won in 2002 for winning if 5 times...). Hey, by the way, did you know the cup is made of 5.5 kg of Gold! And Italy is one of the countries in the WW2 Axis of evil who helped Hitler exterminate 10+ million people but the world forgave them and let them win the world cup after the world forgave Germany and let them host the world cup which they could not win because they let Italy beat them in the semi's because those buggers were complacent in the dying minutes. And penalties are not the way to settle a game! Lets have a free for all. Whoever has the highest number of players remaining, wins it!

And by some freak turbulence in the cos…

Lovesongs in Timescapes

The vanity of humans spread legendary stories across the millennia across space and time. Then it ended tragically with half the planet left devastated by war. From the ashes of death we rebuild a civilization. We imagined beautiful lovesongs to spread the message of peace to the known universe. Clad in virgin brain, we walked the deserts of alien planets teaching our unique ability of writing lovesongs. The songs of fate, and destiny was sung by millions of preachers who discarded their imaginary religions to ride the interstellar cruisers to the far edges of the galaxies.

Sirius was born in the cold plains of Siberia. She learned of life among the barren ice desserts where refugees sheltered after the nuclear war. She learned that humans has finally made peace with each other. In her tiny eyes, moments after she was born the star Sirius sparkled magically reflected from the cloudless sky. Her father, a 21st century star gazer named her Sirius. She grew up to be a prominent songstres…

Rest in Peace, Sylvia

Like a million daggers, piercing each and every cell, the visions of a million stars burning bright, collapsing atoms and dreams. I imagined starving children in the desserts of Sudan while digging into my gourmet meals, imagined blown up pseudo martyrs in the streets of uncultured lands and rotting corpses while enjoying my evening drink. In quantum seconds, vivid imagery of stories danced merrily in the columns of sun on the forest floors, trampling on memories of yesterdays. I woke up today, dressed up and walked out of the apartment. I stood under the sun, praying in silence to the sun God, so that everyone will have a good day. I turned back, and in the minutes to come the sadistic part of my brains and memories wished something else. I cursed to the driver who drove close to me, I wished the idiots who throw rubbish out of the window that they die. My memories are rigged with diabolic sadomasochistic inventions on how to torture the souls of devils. The living devils of this wor…

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road
Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow-brick road
Follow the yellow-brick, follow the yellow-brick
Follow the yellow-brick road

You're off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz
You'll find he is a Whiz of a Wiz if ever a Wiz there was
If ever, oh ever, a Wiz there was the Wizard of Oz is one because
Because, because, because, because, because
Because of the wonderful things he does
You're off the see the wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz

(lyrics by EH Harburg and music by Harold Arlen)
[+] Thanx to ANIMZ for reminding this last week. Dedicating this timeless song from the Wizard of Oz, to the entire project team who are underpaid, overworked, harassed and trashed for no apparent reason. We are all concubines I say, concubines of misery!

Some Superman...Some Kryptonite...Some History

(I'm not very good at movie reviews, but here goes. Went for the movie last Saturday, in the great island of Penang. Wish we had a decent cinema at my hometown.)

I would say, my verdict is that the movie is a comic book perfect story. The visualization, the introduction of Superman after his 5 years space jaunt, Lex Luthor with his witty lines... There is nothing new as I have expected, probably whoever went there to watch something extraordinary unfold would be disappointed. Judging by the Hollywood trend nowadays, this is a mere introduction for the sequels. Hopefully Singer does the rest of the franchise some justice by not being swayed into anything else. His decision to accept the project probably saved the movie from going to another 'summer bloated-box-office-forgotten-flick' dump to a cult return of the Superhero we all learned to love over the decades. And thank god Tim Burton did not get this, not another 'dark comic hero', remember Batman... Superman d…