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World Cup My Foot (2)

Entering the second week of the 2006 World Cup, we can clearly observe the true colors of certain hyped up teams. I forgot to mention France and England in my past WCMF post. But now France is certainly facing another first round exit and England, just barely made it. The strikers are firing everywhere except the goal and it took Stevie G to score the second goal of the match and he's a midfielder. Owen is facing a lengthy stint as a bench warmer while the clown called Crouch must buck up if England is too see off either Germany or Ecuador in the second round. And Ukraine, is a fcuking disappointment.

France, well, are screwed. The all great King Henry cant win on his won, the all great God Zidane is too old, and the rest of the primadona's of France is well...busy being themselves. That doesn't leave much room for any improvements and I see an early departure for them. We have a good saying in this part of the world for the likes of Henry. We call them 'Jaguh Kampung' translated as 'Village Hero's". They stay at that forever.

Now lets go back to some hardcore hate post. Throughout some unwritten cosmic rule, Europe must have the highest representation in the World Cup. But when we see the ladies from France, Italy, Chezh, England, etc fcuk themselves, we wonder why shouldn't Africa or Asia have more teams in the games. Recent history have proven how resilient the teams from African and Asia are. The likes of Korea, Japan, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria etc are role models for all third world teams. When the lions of Cameroon hunted down the giant teams, the old hag, Sepp Blatter even had the guts to say that Africa will have a champions in a few years, but then nothing is done to increase the representation. Even when various parties call for an increase in teams, FIFA remained rooted with the current format. The reasons? Well, with European teams, TV rights starts at a minimum of 1 million or so per game, but the same couldn't be applied to an African, Asian or the North America's team. They might be able to sell coke, but damn hell they cant sell a Nike, an Adidas or cars. But if they refuse these teams, then there wont be a WC in the first place. Its a weird circle, but I bet the only reason Asian or African teams are playing in the WC is to fill the quota. But when these teams proves to be way better then their opponents from the bigger club nations, then FIFA is left in another quandary. A sad one, because they don't care of anyone else.

There was a weird moment in WC history when Brazil was barely hanging there, counting their lucky stars to qualify for the 2002 WC. They were that close to get screwed, but then, some lucky fairy must have been on their side for they beat Venezuela in the very last game and qualified. Of course, FIFA could have avoided embarrassment because there is automatic qualification for previous winners, but when we look back at 1998, the winners were France. Oh, and don't get me started on how France won it, a certain conspiracy do exsist that France bribed the Brazilian government to secure this all important new age cultural reference called the World Cup, and I can say it could be true. While Ronaldo lives in a 20 million dollar castle, there are 50 million poor Brazilians rotting without food. So money can buy football, and it did in 1998. Now Brazil considers itself to have the spiritual rights to be the winners of the WC. I don't deny that Pele was a great footballer, but certainly not the greatest. I detest the primadonas and drama queens who dedicate their undying love to Brazil but then dont even know basic facts like the score of their games. Dumb donkeys. Brazil is overrated, and they set a bad example. So when Brazil gets knocked out in the second round of this years WC, we will see many punters and pundits killing themselves for all apparent reasons.

Now, my bet is that Korea will win this years WC. Not because I love Korean soaps, but because they are really good fighters. They don't give up. I would say Ghana to have the same chances.

[+] There are many scandals in FIFA. One of the more famous ones can be found in this book;[HowTheyStoleTheGame] by David Yallop

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Keshi said...

Ghosty I hate the WC and to be honest Im sick of the WC craze here in's claustrophobic!

Hope u had a good wknd :)


Jeevan said...

GP, I think you are in WC fever:) Brazil Vs Aus match was very nice know 2-0.


Wont know much but the number of goals by the substitues are so many this time around...

Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] tell me bout it keshi, it sucks! I wanna burn all the wc stuff my housemate is stacking...

[jeevan] hahahaha...i like football in the sense of it, just I hate the WC for being so plastic.

[scribz] true...the real players suck, and the newcomers are good.

Keshi said...

yeah I wanna kill the next person who talks abt the WC lol!



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