Wednesday, June 14

World Cup My Foot (1)

And so continues Ghost Particle's hate everything in this overrated earth series, beware earthling, the end is near...muhahahahahah...I need a rest.

France drew with Switzerland, Australia had to wait for the last 10 minutes to score against Japan, Sweden firing blanks against Trinidad! Trinidad for Gods sake!, England winning by an own goal...and the rest as they say in coffee shop talks everywhere in this football world.

Let me give you an insider look at the World Cup. Trust no one.

The World Cup is managed by FIFA, who is the self elected, self self self everything of everything football (soccer for the ignorant Americans :p). FIFA is fuelled by Nike, Adidas, Coke, Bud, and the gang. The same gang sponsors much of football in Europe and South America. And incidentaly own all the players who play above average football, read: Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Henry, Gerrard...etc. The guys who play average and below average football get sponsored by the likes of Barbara Chocolate Shakes, Kumar Coffee, Nikke, Adibas...etc (all counterfeit stuffs from China, duh! people, read more news!!!).

FIFA itself is higher than any organized entity in the world, UN included because they manage by a stroke of soccer luck to organize a game watched by the whole world. But then try telling that to a guy who goes through the whole year watching 60 games of English Premier league, 30 games of the local league, 20 games of the Champions League, Maria Sharapova, 18 rounds of Formula 1, 30+ movies, one Commonwealth games and still had to freakin go through 64 games of the World Cup.

So basically we have a world where these big time sponsors go head hunting for players from countries where they play 'beautiful football' like Brazil, Argentina...and discriminate against continents where they play 'ugly football' like...uhmmm...Asia!.

And then, every four years, they gather 31 teams from 31 countries to stage a bloody expensive tourney where a maximum of 64 games will be played (should be more if you're intoxicated) againts Brazil. So now you know, the world cup is stage to find a team that will play against Brazil at the end of a month long matchup where apporximately a trillion dollars will be spent or wasted on tv rights, merchandise, tickets, 'anti-terrorism activites or like Bush says "to smoke em terrorist out of them holes".

In average a country with a fairly good TV industry will spend 100 million bucks for tv rights, ads, competitions, dirt stupid local comentators and crash course in English for their non-English speaking Ceo's and managers. The FIFA, the God of all men will extort a few billion bucks from the big guys in the industry to make the thing happen. And Germany spends a few more billion to get their stadiums up, and for security. And teams will spend an average of 10 million bucks each to get to Germany and stay there. And we will waste the good money of our employers by taking sick leaves, emergency leaves...etc which according to industry analysts (guys who studied with you in economics, business and now makes 10 times more than you'll ever make in your lifetime) will cost the world economy apporximately 10 billion in loss worldwide.

So the good thing out of all this is that, the women folk will have 1 month of peace and freedom to do anything they want. They should thank God for this month long vacation that comes every four years and just leave to some paradise island and chill out. Of course once they return, they will find a dump in their living rooms and a bloated husband, boyfriend, etc.

Hence, I end this critical analysis of the World Cup, Part 1, with a saying from my grandma. GO GET A JOB! Thats right folks, there are better things in life such as finding a job, doing it right, and taking care of your family, etc. And trust me, you dont miss anything by not waking up at 3 am and see Brazil fcuk everyone by playing their 'Beautiful game' and only managing to score 1 goal. I'd rather watch Korea play their ugly game and show the world we Asians can kick ass too. Joga My Foot!


Homo Escapeons said...

OUCH! Drilled one right in the cookies!
I did a post on how evil the IOC was but it was a lullaby compared to this baby.
You would know more than I because like most North Americans I only watch SOCCER every four years. Everything here does not shut down because more people are watching the HOCKEY playoffs (but that's only 7 games).
Here ex-pats and grandsons from the Old Country race around at 3 in the morning honking car horns if Italy or England wins a game.
Oh well I do love to watch Brazil..

AnnaBlack said...

Hey baby, I'm a girl and I love football! You have a point with the politics though... FIFA is taking the peece... they always have... COME ON ENGLAND!

All's fine my way... just been really busy with stuff... have been working like a mad frog... or was it a cat... can't remember... hope all well with you... xxx

Keshi said...

to be honest I hate football and Im sick of this WC craze. its bloody overrated!


Maran said...
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Maran said...

I'm on your side dude.

Don't waste 90min of your life people!

S.Karthikeyan said...

Why only Brazil, add England and France to the list.

Ghost Particle said...

[H-E]oh the riot of the fans...hahah...the only thing i like bout soccer is the culture, but I think more should be done about the history, bout the poor countries, about the lvie telecast themselves.For now we are the losers, but we must be winners soon.

[Anna] Im a scouse first, Asia second and England 3rd. hahaha...nice to know ure swell and all...hugs girl!

[Keshi] So true...there are much more to life and in life.

[Maran] Thanx man. We have to change things around here. Fast! Do something important in life.

[KArthi] Yes, i missed them, but wil come out in my future reports. Thanx buddy.


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