Friday, June 30

A Superhero Returns

Even tough you've been raised as an human being, you are not one of them
They can be great people, Kal-El,
they wish to be
They only lack the light to show the way

For this reason above all

their capacity for growth

I send them you

my only son...


Who is your superhero? The person who lifts you up and shows you the world. Your world.

[+] This text (in red) is from the teaser trailer of Superman Returns that came out early in the year. It's the voice of Marlon Brando, who is Superman's (Kal-El) father, Jor-El in the previous Superman movies and the current one. It's an interesting process where Bryan Singer, the director of the Superman Returns movies scavenged many voice clippings of Marlon (who passed away last year) to enable him star in this movie. Simply amazing.



I havent seen the earlier Superman...But I am very much going ot see this one...1) I liked the scenes, the effects were amazing 2) The guy is one handsome dude in a very unconventional way....I dont have any superheros....dont think i will ever have any! Something weirs about me right??

Jeevan said...

Who is your superhero? Spiderman.
Superman returns have released in chennai today, should watch it soon. Happy Weekend bro:)

starry nights said...

I think we all need some superhero in our lives. mine was superman. I think no one can take his place.

Homo Escapeons said...

Singer should have used Brando's dialogue from the Godfather like...
I'll make him an offer that he can't refuse...You'll act like a man!....Michael, Whoever comes to you with an offer is a traitor...or how about from Apocalypse Now..Are you an assassin Willard?..Marlon Brando will never die, he was one of the greatest actors of all time.

Ghost Particle said...

[scribz] nah..ure normal...maybe ur the superhero, so u dont need anyone else...!

[jeevan] Mine will forever be Superman...and Hulk...and...and...hahahaha!

[Starry nights] true...hes the king!

[H-e] I hear ya bro...just imagine if the soft words turns into powerful lines like from apocalypse...!


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