Monday, June 12

Rat's Ass

And I thought I'm running out of ideas for my posts. Last Saturday, on the Jay Leno show, on the "ASTRO" satellite TV channel 91 (CNBC), the dumb f*cks at the censors muted the audio's for orgasm, masturbation, pig, t*rd, etc. Oh come on, you stupid donkeys, don't you know that people don't give a rats ass on what f*cking language anyone uses anymore. There a worst troubles in the world. This are kids stuff compared to what Bad Boys II had, a fcuk work in every single bloody line.

So by conveniently muting orgasm, sex, mastubation, breast, penis, vagina, clitoris, nipples, etc the censors are aiming to create a model society where sexed up mofo's don't go rape every school girl out there who turns them on, stop good for nothing baskets who rape every lady who 'accidentally' wears above knee dress because they want to, and stop students from watching porn. You dumb fcuks, there is something called education and the lack of it.

So the next time lets say we censor the words gun, drug, cigarette, gay, lesbian, robbery, thief, fat, diabetes, AIDS, traffic jam, bird flu, exams, work, lies, I cant get a girlfriend, war, terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, Tom Cruise, Manchester United, Chelsea, road bullies, cats from our TV's, these pest equivalent problems will disappear?!

Are this stupid censors whoever they are, from wherever they are promoting abstaining from sexual practice by magic. So now everyone wants to be Bush?! Focus people, focus! The real fcking cause of rape, moral decline, etc is because the society is ill educated. Jay Leno doesn't promote free sex. Your fcking hormones does. Because of why? Because your fcking schools are gender biased enough to not have sex education, not teaching males to respect females, not promoting moral values from day 1, having teacher terrorists who fcking flirt in the class, who fcking fcuk students who are vulnerable in the pretence of giving emotional support. Go there are try to stop that.

No fcking idiot gives a rats ass of what Leno says on TV because that's an entertainment show which incidentally carries a TV-pg rating in the US. That's all. Your fcking wrestling channel shows more breasts, shows what fcking steroids can do, shows women beating women and shows more middle fingers than an average summer movie from 'Holy'wood. Try typing sex in Google and you can how and why bloody TV is not solely responsible for sex up baskets (Exhibit a to d ;see attachment below).

Oh dumb prophets of television, if you show a porn movie without audio, people will still fcuk if they feel like it. I still remember when the authorities banned the ground breaking 'Vagina Monologues' play in this God-given, heaven send, country where rape cases are on the rise every day. Come to think of it, there is no fcking sex education here until today even when we've been shouting for it for years. What we do have is kids who don't know sh*t of anything about sex but turned on for seeing women in tight clothing who goes on to have sex by the time they hit 14. And eventually turn into rapist. Dare you to deny me this statistics. Its true.

This is not a damn never ending story, this story could have been ended long before if you stupid prophets listened to concerned social scientists, listen to parents who lost their children to rape, listened to the freakin damn world on what we are trying to tell. There is much s*it out there to be cleaned up and all you can fcking do is censor audio! I curse you all to rats ass hell. You want solution, listen to us, the real people, the everyday people who knows what emotion and everything are. Stop making decisions by yourselves. Damn you know what, I ran out of bad words for the rest of the week! What the heck will I do when I get stuck in traffic tomorrow! Oh sheeet!!! Ah...I don't give a rats ass.

Now there you go people, I spent a good one hour of my precious office time where I am doing something revolutionary that would change the education system for half a million students to blog about some stupid bugger who's excited with his/ her censor job because he got orders from some big guy who so wants to kiss some ministers ass who got statistics from his research assistant who got his data when he saw a someone over a weekend at the mall listening to the word orgasm and sex and immediately go fcuk the next person who appeared in front of him. God bless him, we are all dumb people, but thank God there are varying degrees of dumbness...

[+] Exhibit a to d;
For everyone's reference;
When you Google Sex; (look at the amount of entry!)

When you Google for Orgasm

When you Google for Masturbate

But alas we do have some hope;
When you Google for Love

[+] Last but not least, bet you havent seen this site before;[AnimalsOntheTube] its really supercool!

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Strictly for my friends said...

You sounded really mad back there! I don't know which country you were talking about, but I went to a areading of Vagina Monologues and really enjoyed it. Startling to say the least!

Technicolour Nightmare said...

You do sound mad, but I couldn't help but notice that you too censored yourself. Why is that?

(Girlfriends a problem? I always thought that it was the boyfriends).

Ghost Particle said...

[Strictly] Yeh...these people over here can accept their fate, cant face their history...thats y im angry

[Samantha-techni] hey hey! how are you?
Yeh I had to censor the words...coz I might attract young readers...damn I jst contradicted mahself...

Cinderella said...

I completely side with you.Genuinely who these people think they are??I mean what is that kinda censoring gonna do??And as if nobody knows what they mean or as if like you said,
"....when he saw a someone over a weekend at the mall listening to the word orgasm and sex and immediately go fcuk the next person who appeared in front of him."
What gonna become of this race ??

Cinderella said...

T'was truly an evoking post.Nice job ya.


well pointed. the more there is no education, there is more mystery and hoopla n creates more problems...But an average family, parent sin age of 40 or 50 are not comfortable to see their children watch or hear such things..Mainly because they r embarassed I guess or whtever the reason...But these kids r going to find out n learn anyway...N the method in which they find out n carve their sexual life is more non negative when you tell them as it is....Education is very powerful....Censors, I dont know if they do any good...I dont think so! Maybe I am rong! Maybe the so called media or Gvmt does not want people to know about their sexual desires thru them they dont want to be the ones who tell them...And today sex is feared, esp by girls as they dont know who can rape them, when , who they can trust and where! Good post man

Keshi said...

lol censored urself aww its ok Ghosty...I can sense u r really angry...hope u have calmed down..hehehe...

Sex education is a must...and the censoring needs to be meaningful. I mean I wouldnt want a kid to watch a movie that basically tells a story using the F word from the beginning to the end. But ofcourse that doesnt mean censoring everything. Cos then that will be depriving education.

It is also the same thing when a govt decides to ban movies like DVC, Water etc etc. That's also deprivation of education and decision making...running away from challenges.


Homo Escapeons said...

Excellent, point well taken.
Whenever tall foreheads get together and censor anything (although we need to keep little ears safe for a few years) I think of the Prohibition Years in North America.

The second that they outlawed booze they created millionaire rum runners and gangsters. Demand increased and crime escalated to new unimaginable heights.
The mistakes of the past keep being repeated.
We are sssslllooowww learners.

Dew Drops said...

isn't there a censor board for blogs??? c what this fellow is blabbering about!!!!!!!!!! LOL. well written post ;)

Ghost Particle said...

[Cinderella] We are sinking into the medieaval age that is where we are heading for sure...Thanx!

[Scribz] Trully we need guidance, everyone women or male.

[Keshi] Yeh...hahaha i had too...if not it will b 2 vulgar! I hope we realize something soon, if not the dark ages will dawn again i guess.

[H-E] We learn and forget would b better, its a wonder whether we learn anything at all...

[dew] Thanx!!! hahaha...i should ban myself...:p

Jeevan said...

Sex education is very importent eps for teens, Nice post GP


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