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Of Humans...

"I never thought much of the courage of a lion-tamer. Inside the cage he is at least safe from people." - George Bernard Shaw


This is excellent! Very true, we have more to fear from humans itself than from an animal that can be trained! Very nice statement for the weekend! :)
Homo Escapeons said…
Shaw is awesome.
Have you ever seen the movie Ghosts in The Darkness? It's about two lions who went on a rampge killing railroad workers in Tsavo.

I have always thought that lion TAMING was cruel and not particularily brave. Such macho bullshit. I think that it is banned here now?
ashok said…
very very true !
Marutham said…
Very true!! Very true!! He is atleast lucky..... And read about the Office politics. Sorry 4 u!!Things wud get better....
Had been busy with exams. Now on hols, even updated my blog...will visit soon
Ghost Particle said…
[Scribz] Yes...imagine, such simple statement holding such big meanings. have a nice weekend!

[h-e] i think lion taming is still alive in many countries. Its human nature in the name of entertainment to abuse animals. The movie is excellent, supposed to be true story. I love the potrayal and fear.

[Ashok] THanx nanba. Hows u?

[Marutham] WB!...hows xzam all? Hope you can relax now...will viist ur blog soon. Yeh...the office thing sucks more.
Jeevan said…
Note only lion, all animals will be safe, if we stop destroy the forest.
AnnaBlack said…
Lion film... check! :)x
Ghost Particle said…
[Jeevan] I aggree! we must change alot!

[anna] ....hahaha...hope you stay out of the cage :p
Nabeel said…
haha .. loved the quote .. i never thought of it thay way .. the quote brought a smile :)

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