Tuesday, June 20

Mr Ghost goes to Work; Wet and Wild

Rain : Good

Rain on a weekday morning: Bad

Car : 40000 bucks, but don't own one.

Stuck in jam during rain on the way to work: Bad

Rain coat: 20 bucks

Lazy ass who don't want to buy one: Ghost Particle

Getting wet in rain riding a bike, nearly drown in a flooded bike tunnel, shouting 'I am stupid' next to a car with an open window driven by a beautiful girl (yeh it happens...) , getting to work 2 hours late, stuck in an air conditioned office for 10 hours with wet underpants: Priceless

[+] Priceless is one of the most successful ad campaigns in history.


Carly said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun trip to work. What exactly is your job? Congrats on finally getting one!

Ghost Particle said...

[carsh] Thanx carly, hemmm...im an editor...its ok...abit of fun, but bored hell coz i have no friends here. hahaha...whenever it rains in the morning, its hell.

senthil natarajan said...

hey...be careful man! take public transport when it rains

Anonymous said...

Yucks.. smelly underpants! Your gonna go all moldy and lose your manhood!

Ghost Particle said...

[senthil] yeh bro, its part n parcel of life....shucks. next time i want to take half day if it rains.

[anon] damn you...its not like that...urghh

alerta said...

Ghost friend, It has already happen me too many times...I like rainny days... but when I'm at home...
I suppose you also like this blog with my flowers - I'm (isabel=joan) from joaninha. Thank for your attention to my writing texts and poems.You are always very kind in your comments. Regards

Jeevan said...

shouting 'I am stupid' next to a car with an open window driven by a beautiful girl

i think that girl should have been thought, u have come form any mental hospital:)) very funny rain.

Ghost Particle said...

[alerta] HIII! you write such beautiful poems. Thanx for coming

[jeevan] yeh it was dumb and funny...hahaha!

Homo Escapeons said...

Priceless is the best AD campaign ever.

GOT raincoat.
(I don't know if you have the Got Milk ads there?)

Keshi said...

get a car get a car dude :)


Ghost Particle said...

[H-E] I downloaded the Got milk ads, we dont have it over here. But the priceless ads were more meaningful. Its very constructive.

[Keshi] I must I think, but then the traffic jam will be bad.


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