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Mountain Road

on the winding roads,
down mount liberty,
fogs and pines making love,
pearls of shadowy blue eyes,
of mysterious animals hiding,
puddles of water placid,
along the path infinite,
valleys drop for eternity,
reaching countries far away
along the mountain road,
ferns slumber on cold mornings,
dews share the creations bed,
lights on short towers flicker,
along the terraces of tea gardens,
where ladies pluck impatient leaves,
some dreams of the firefly,
sharp breeze freezing the land,
on the trail down mount liberty,
gods and demons dance,
men and women their masters



White Forest said…
"dews share the creations bed"

this is just so beautiful to see :)
This is so nice...First it is so simple....I had dremt of half these scenarios, first half as I was growing up n nice to see a poem out of the same...This entire thing cascades well GP...Nice stuff!
Tht was awesome! Well written. Was busy with exams and cudnt view ur page :) Will keep in track frm now... :)
Great imagery there. Kind of unfolds...
Jeevan said…
Mountain Road my favorite road, just experianced weeks back. Nice poem Friend:)
Aradhita said…
lovely verse...and souple of really intriguing posts down below...good to read you...
ashok said…
good stuff!

Ghost Particle said…
[white forest] Thanx! certain lines in poems are more powerful, they portray life.

[Scribz] Thanx! yes, sometimes when i get the thing right it is liked by everyone. This one is personal.

[ponnarasi] Wher did you go! thanx for the compliments!!!! i Hope to c ur blog.

[gauthami] thanx i get input from a profesional..:p I like the flow also.

[jeevan] it relates isnt it...mountains roads are great!

[aradhita] welcome here! thannx!

[ashok] thanx sarr!

[S-C] Thanx! Welcome here!
Fred Lessing said…
sheeet! this is beautiful!!!!!!!

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