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Mirrors of Fire (4); 20062006

Strange days. One day I woke up in the middle of the night. Looked out of the window, earth colored by mesmerizing landscapes, fogged hills illuminated by solitary street lamps. I was alone. On the desk, the laptop led shone eternity, inviting me to complete the story. But I haven't moved a word from the title since yesterday. I wanted to be a fulltime writer, but of course life is much more that showers of flowers and kisses from roses. Plural means many. I dreamed of many girls, many went by leaving me uninvited. This strange reality mixed with dreams weaves a very two dimensional tapestry, making me feel like a flatlander unable to touch anything. Or is it, that I was not meant to touch anyone, left by the sidewalk like a painting by a lost street artist. So why is that this guys life must always be about girls. Maybe because loneliness itself has only one solution.

Still days before and after, I threaded this creation alone. From my room, in the apartment on the hills of the Andes. This is the new Andes, terraformed hundreds of years ago. Its much more beautiful that the paintings. Thats what Fred always says. Much more beautiful than any reality that humans ever imagined, because this time we let nature do it. No imagination, no concepts, we just seeded the mountains and it grew this beautiful image of a reality. I am a time traveler. It was not easy coming to this decisions, but I needed the money. Jobs were scarce, they needed a part time blogger in the future. What would have sounded like a joke in the 21st century is a to die for job now. Welcome to the 24th century.

Time travel is no more a dream, no more a physicists wet dream. Time travel is the answer to our transcendence; the post human, homo-futurists. We did not mature in life, but we matured technologically. Life is a mere blink of light, in the billions of swarming souls around the universe. Somehow, somewhere, in a secluded lab in the ancient rainforests of Borneo, they discovered the secret to the future. It was my theory anyway that managed to get a billion blog hit that Tuesday evening, 20-06-2006. Stuck in a huge mess called work and an equally big dump pile called studies, this wandering mind thought of something. What if aliens lived among us. Its not new, that Striber guy made a gazillion bucks writing about this. But think of the possibility. Is life evolving by the second? Every birth contains strains of homo-futurist genes. Day after day, birth after birth, and we have the far future. Amazing, but how much can we learn with this tiny brain of ours. So I posted an imaginary story, in between hate and anger towards the many people that screwed my life, I posted a post from my heart. Will all the geek power I had, I posted a science fiction story of a time traveling, part time blogger in search of love in the far distant future.

So a few months after they discovered or re-discovered time travel, I was approached by a man in suits. There I was minding my own dreams in shambles, when he walked down a Maybach and walked straight to me. I grinned like a pimp getting his first customer. He said hi, left me a card and left. That was the last I saw of him. The card, a perfect rectangle, laser cut perfect, had a cell number and a button. Naturally, I would have pressed the button, but then I realized that there are people around there whoring me in their eyes wondering who on earth am I. So I had my one moment of 'damn I'm a big guy too'. Called the number on the card and booked an appointment at the twin towers. The next day I attended the interview. It was my first jump into the future. The receptionist gave me an ear plug and pushed me into a dark room. The next I knew, I was standing infront of a sharp lady, blue haired, orange eyed sitting on a chair in a room without walls.

I got the job and they wanted me to start immediately. So everyday, after my day job I would ride my bike towards a road less taken. Actually, its a secluded road near my apartment and I have to press the button on the card. Now if only I pressed it in the middle of the crowd the other day! Hence, everyday for the rest of eternity I would ride my bike down the road, wear the ear plugs and press the button. I've been time jumping for a decade now. One good thing about all this is that I never get old. Whoever found this piece of miracle not only changed history, they also made the travelers immortal. How peculiar it is to see throughout the years all the people I know and knew, turn old and die. Sad, but I have my dreams set in the future. The corporation handling this technology doesn't allow everyone to jump. By the end of the century, they had only five hundred jumpers. The rest were left to live their sins.

Today, as I looked at the fireflies among the pine forests down the valley, I gaze back to the memories of our sin century. When we destroyed the environment, when we gawked at the sky waiting for the next asteroid to blast us of the cosmic map. Nothing, no fate managed to erase our will. We survived everything, our guides, teachers, aliens or whatever we called them saved us a big cosmic blooper.

During one of the jumps I saw her. The blue eyes, dark wavy hair. She smiled and vanished the next second. Time jumpers land straight at their designated homes in the future. The work lasts for three weeks and then we return exactly 55 minutes after the jump time on earth. With this unique regime, more work was done and I was the most famous contemporary blogger in the 24th century. My client was an aging scientist, the creator of time travel. Creator, that makes him God. So we had many Gods, but now my mission is to find love. How this strange reality will be sieved through, dissected to find that one person. I have to locate the timeline, the exact earth she lands on. The science of timetravel is not for any laymen to understand. It was plain damn complex. The last documented article I posted for the scientist explored a hundred thousand time lines and worlds. Each jump to a new job creates a new timeline and world.

Basking in the glory of being a pioneer homo-futurist, I was slowly building my permanent life in the future. In the years to come, when I had collected enough of my past universe memories and wealth, I will take over my masters work. He did not want to stay alive forever. He took the aging serum, killing all the nanobots in his system. Nothing to rejuvenate his cells a billion times a second. For me, the nanobots works miracles, I get new ideas all the time. My blog was a big hit in the Andes. One day I found a comment in my inbox. Of the billions of comments that the blog gets, only a hundred gets filtered to my inbox daily. The message was short..."Are you looking for me?...You found me". It was signed Orion. I know what Orion messages meant, it is a special leased email courier. Kind of an interstellar email distributor, a deep space radio satellite field on the frozen plains of Pluto. Any message sent there would be distributed to all the outposts around the charted space. In the end of the third millennium, humans has explored the local galactic system. Star liners has reached Lyra, Centaurus and many other constellations.

It's been five thousands years since time travel was discovered. I am a scientist now. I've been exploring the edges of the local galactic cluster since the death of my master. Time jumping from the past to the future and many worlds in between, I have seen many. The old soul inside me is not satisfied yet, I still haven't found the one love of my life. Many tragedies passed, most of humanity was exterminated by the great war between humans and Fire. The alien being who was the God of the universe. We paid a heavy price, some managed to survive. The time jumpers mainly. We existed in imaginary realms often imagined by earth sages. Now I live in the Andes of a future world.

A lone firefly flew into my room. It landed on the notepad on the desk. I grabbed a glass of cold water and proceeded to write my story. I don't know how to explain all this time traveling. Life is much more mysterious that we can ever imagine. We look into all the wrong places. And still we don't learn from it. In the future humanity will expand. We must leave this aging earth. Old souls like me will provide some guidance. But I'm only immortal in my physical existence. The true legends, landmarks will only be found in the future. We will continue to look outside for answers. The ancient shaman heavens, the medieval baroque constellations, the present digital star maps and our future home. My journey is still unfinished. I still have to find her...

~End, Chapter 4~

[+] Read the previous MOF stories;[MOF-Prelude,MOF-1,MOF-2,MOF-3]
[-] Time travel is one of the main element in Science Fiction. Modern day writers like Stephen Baxter explore the concepts of multiple worlds. When we travel in the future, we in fact travel to a different world;[TimeTravel]
[-] I am still subjecting my readers to a heavy dose of SF jargon. But rest assured, this experiments will produce a better story writer in the future. MOF continues next week with another story in the universe of Humans and Fire.


Princess said...


How are you?

I'm here after a long time.

Homo Escapeons said...

Hey I am right behind you on the time travels. Cool images saturated with dark realities. I still don't understand how are molecular structure remains intact when we jump?
Keep going I want to know if you discover something wonderful amidst the projected bleak prospects of our current existence.

ashok said...

lovely snap..so unreal....wow!

moonlight said...

nice post,
pls do find her,

Joaninha said...

Hi GP! Your story is wonderful because its real in an irreal time.
Thanks for your comments as well as
the words you said for "alerta". As many times as I have time enough I'll write in English, because the translations are sometimes a little different of the thoughts of the poems.
Go on writing wonderful stories, "joan"

Keshi said...

**We look into all the wrong places. And still we don't learn from it


Wut a pic!


Galaxy said...

Ghost, I'm not sure if I should even post here...Is this fan based?
This is your fellow time traveler..
Truly, your insights are deep....you have the gift.
I'll be contacting you soon bro.


Jeevan said...

Great Imagination, well writen. If you found her, pls post hear Photo in this blog;) I haven't read the previes post, will do it soon.


You r convincing to the core.....!!!! Time traveller n how you see the lady on one of your jumps....Oh shucks..If only gravity didnt work then!! :) Good one..:) :)

S.Karthikeyan said...

Do you know that photo you have on this post is a great hoax ?


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