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Mirrors of Fire (3)

'In the decaying fields of Elysium, we found humans, helpless and hopeless.'
- Sarin, 3200 AD (The words of a Fire sage, deciphered by the first science expedition to Centaurus)

Vega, 2910

In space, silent and mysterious, no dawn exists except of ages. After nearly 50 years of flight, Orion Genesis arrives in the Vegan star system. Early astronomers could not detect anything around this space, Lyra seems to be a barren field of middle-aged stars lost in space. Now this would be our new home. And stories told.

Akira Naoki

"Captain, we are approaching New Horizon" said the female AI voice.
He was barely awake, sitting on the edge of the reefer pod nursing a heavy head. Asleep for almost half a century, the chemicals used as oxygen substitutes still clogs his throat. Akira Naoki was not the best captain, but he was the bravest. When the liners were ready to chart a new destiny, not many were brave enough to man these ships. They were on a no return journey to the edges of human reach. Now, here he is, nearly 30 light years from home, with a ship full of hope and dreams.

"Status report, Viv" his barely audible voice invades the dark dusky space of the captains chambers.

Viv is the liners AI. It runs then ship. The liner carried five million humans, animals and plants of various species, decks upon decks of science modules, and a giant fusion reactor to be used in terra-forming the planet.

" Ships navigation is working perfect, rendezvous with New Horizon at 0300.
Seventy percent of the life pods survived, half of the animals and plants made it captain."

In the problem analysis phase back on Mars, the survival rate was less than ten percent for the whole voyage. The scientists were anticipating more than ninety percent of humans to die during the flight, suspended animation sleep was so dangerous that some die within a few days. We had no choice, and human life could not be frozen and brought back to life without its costs. Even the survivors have to go through months of nano reengineering of their cells.

" You have a full go Viv, make it run like new. Lets make history."
" Yes Captain. Your meeting with the crews are arranged at 0100 hours."

" Launch landing sequence at 0600. We have to move fast."

Orion Genesis will not fly beyond this point. The plan is to land the ship on the planet and use it as the initial colony. The fusion reactors are designed to run for another millennia, enough to establish a generation there.

The liner itself is powered by a powerful GUT drive, which made it possible for them to traverse the huge space between Lyra and Mars in a mere 50 years. GUT drives uses the quantum anomaly of space to drive the ship at speeds nearing the speed of light. Only the invention of a stable GUT engine in the Mars research colony managed to get us this far.

New Horizon

New Horizon was named in memory of the first human colony on Titan. The planet is twenty times the size of earth and about five times its distance from the sun. Being the only habitable planet in the entire system, New Horizon is set to become our new home away from home. The world has active volcanos and tectonic activities, signalling a hot core. The gravity is five sixths that of the earth and a good portion of the land is covered with water. There were one big ocean and millions of lakes and rivers. There are visible scars of giant meteorite impacts and one large river than runs all the way down from the south to the north pole of the planet. Only one of the
poles is covered with ice, with an eerie green glow, indication presence of minerals.

It will take a further thirty years to transform the planet into a habitable colony. Our best knowledge of terra forming was utilized to create a safe dwelling in one of the shallow chasms of the planet. The city was named Neo-Tokyo, as a tribute to the courage and leadership of Akira who managed to salvage much of their lives and justify this strange voyage away into the heavens.

Centaurus, Fire

Fire burns brightly in the night sky. Probably the ancients knew of this evil from the sky. Or are they the saviours of our existence? The aliens from the edge of the universe, their faces never seen and never will be seen.

Fire evolved just like us, from a primordial pool on a planet far away in the galaxies of the Great Attractor. It had a billion years head start, and now evolved beyond any known soul in this universe. The great attractor itself is said to be engineered by Fire as a giant galactic reef to preserve alien intelligence gathered from their voyages.

Like petrified Gods in earth temples, these giant orbs containing Fire floats gracefully in space plotting the universe. The surface of the orb is marked with strange carvings with no depth, like images on plasma screens, pulsating to some mathematical rhythm. Fire can manipulate matter, the learned this over the years of their evolution. Fire got their name because of their powers….

~End Chapter 3~

[+] This is the 3rd part of the Mirrors of Fire SF novella. Sorry if it has heavy SF jargon, but I'm giving ample links to explain it all. You can click on the image in the story to find out information relating to the story.

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Cinderella said...

Holy christ....heavy SF jargon u say??
I say this entire post was the mother of them all...super duper ultra SF jargon !!

I had to every para atleast twice to grasp it all.How do u cram it in ur head man ??!!

Great work and the links were really helpful,havent checked out all but still.
Hey I think I'll have a magazine where can I put this post of yours(and the prequels as well) for my magz.Dont worry I'll give proper credits.What say??

Amrita said...

seems everyone is in a story telling mood and so am i...but that was really well-told..i really admire ppl who are so accurate with the astronomy terms; the know-it-alls about sceince and fiction...great work...keep it up!

Ghost Particle said...

[Cinderella] hahahha...most hard sf books out there will be forever immersed in heavy physics jargon. But if you read a few ull get the hang of it.

GO ahead with the magazine thingy...I surely need more critics! :p

[Amrita]thank you so much for the kind developing over time...hope once the collection is complete people will know the whole story...


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