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Mirrors of Fire (2)

The end times are here,
Leave children of earth,
Touch the stars,
Leave now...
- Vladimir Saajuk 2520 AD

2500 AD

Probably the last ever message that our genes told us was that we are not special in any way. We are just another anomaly of evolution, granted a hyper complex brain through another fluke of evolution and here we were. Standing together in the manifolds of roads and rivers, in forests and jungles of never ending beauty, each step and each touch were deciphered by countless AI machines, breaking us into threads of insignificant information. This information was fed into giant crystals encoded with memories of everyone who ever lived, because we though the end time were here.

In the years of the 26th century, huge salt caverns, used to store radioactive wastes, were converted into data storage. Miles and miles of quantum mainframes worked away in endless cycles, capturing exact images of our genes, our soul and teleporting them to the electrons trapped in artificial crystals buried further deep into the crust. We were ready to give up, having reached the technological singularity, we though we cant dream of anything else.

Year after year, the space outposts of Venus, Moon, Mars, Titan and the asteroid belt were abandoned. Many generations of Moon Children came down to an alien world called earth. The first ever space colony was started on the Moon in the year 2030. Rapidly we colonized the worlds of the inner solar system. We realized the space dream. Prophecies of doomed prophets were shattered, as we reached our golden age in space. Then we stopped. We believed we have seen everything, we can't move further. Everything else, everywhere we peer from our vast telescope fields of Mars and Moon shows images of depressing voids. Space looked empty. Earth like planets showed no signs of life, even through our most advanced telescopes.

Alpha Centauri

From the deep corners of the galaxy, floating giants, bigger than our earth emerged. Mankind is not alone. They are late, but we a?re finally not alone. Those glass and metal giants, flying spheres, every one of their revolutions marked with a flash on their surfaces. Marks and symbols eerily reminiscent of warning signs flashed, blended with an uncertain destiny for who ever meets them. Fire invaded Centaurus, leaving trails of innocent foraging through the forests of heaven. It waits there, silently, hoping to surprise any trespassers, who may stumble too far from their own dreams, too far to return. Fire feeds on the solar particles of Beta and Alpha Centauri star system.

Fire is the name, the AI on Pioneer 777, gave to these aliens, seconds before it disappeared forever. No images were returned in the transmission, only that singular word, Fire, flashed on the mirrors of the Houston B astrolab in Titan, casually reflected from the computers of unimaginative scientists.

These aliens, their history too cosmic to remember, culture too old to matter, were predators, on a mission to safeguard the universe itself. Humans have finally met our God, to answer our sins.

Mars, 2800 AD

In the fields of overshadowed by the gigantic Olympus Mons, establishments of digital eyes peered into deep space, metallic ears of radio telescopes listened to echoes of ancient voices charting maps of the new universe. They say, the human spirit never dies, it never did. We nearly slumped into defeat of our own guile spirit, but we prevailed, generations returned to their new homes on Mars and beyond. And this time, they wanted to go further beyond. The dead universe were awakened, stories rewritten, and planets renamed. Humans sailed past Pluto in the year 2890, billions of them, in constellations of star ships as far as the eyes can see.

In the silent corridors of the Einstein Labs at Olympus Mons, walked scientists rebuilding the new universe. Holograms displayed hundreds of star systems, carefully selected by the AI, weaving a database of new earths.

In the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, mining ships fed materials for construction of our destiny ships. The billions upon billions of planetoids, asteroids and moonlets of the Jovian planets were mined to satisfy the hunger of builders. Nearly six thousand ships were built, anything beyond our wildest dreams, our biggest achievements yet.


Patches of earth left barren of nuclear war, fires raging through cities of Europe, abandoned, filled with begging robots wired to insanity. Last vestiges of humanity left clinging to the forests and jungles of Brazil and Russia. Nuclear winter slowly striping every single soul of earth, as if we were insignificant, the said fluke of evolution. We finally destroyed earth.

In the orbit of Mars, thousands of star ships waited, locking their navigation AI to the heavens. Billions of humans, seeds, and life, left in reefer sleep chambers, slowly digesting ambiance dreams. Frozen in their last thoughts, they will sleep for hundreds of years. Their destinations insignificant in the majesty of universe, but they will shine bright.

Orion Genesis, the biggest of the Jupiter class liners will navigate towards Lyra. Designed as a science station, its occupants of a few hundred million will build outposts in the terrans around Vega, the brightest testament in the sky of constellation Lyra. History will remember them. They will face Fire.

~ End, Chapter 2 ~

[+] This is the second chapter of the Mirrors of Fire, SF novellete. The first appeared last week;[MirrorsOfFire-1]. I'm introducing the alien nemesis in this chapter,don't worry H-E, I wont give humans an easy passage to the future. The next chapter will appear in a weeks time.
[-] This will be my last post for the rest of the week, I'm of on pilgrimage to recharge my depleted soul. Have a nice weekend folks.


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