Tuesday, June 27

Green Coffee and Books of Life

After decades of debate, we can safely categorize life into two; decisions and fate. So whatever decision you make, fate will be there to 'correct it'. And fate is blind to right or wrong. So eventually you will end up not getting what you wanted. Don't worry, this post wont turn into a 'self depreciating roller coaster ride". Maybe some readers will learn something.

I called home yesterday and mom asks when I'm going to get a real job. Ok heck, what I'm doing now is not 'a' job? So I asked what am I doing now and she replied 'no no no...the jobs that people get after they finish their studies'. Ok I'm stumped. I know I'm not doing something that I studied for but...! I don't know why I'm even continuing with this hell called life. Maybe because there is a distant light in the end of this non-existing tunnel. Cant blame the parents, they want the kids to be on par with every other kid. And you add this with all the weddings they attend and then reflect back with what I am doing now, it summarizes into a sad ending. Twisted life. Chaos.

So this journey continues. I met a good buddy who I haven't met for the last 5 years. Having settled in UK quite comfortably, the dude is to my surprise still in love with everything Malaysia. I'm not. But probably being 3000 miles from local food is enough to send anyone into a temporary love affair with the tom yam lady. Hence and after he threatened to kill me if I take him to any western restaurant we settled for some beer and Curry Mee. So intertwined in this meeting are some advice which is not advice as in 'advice' but a general guide to people who are willing to work to succeed in life and more. I don't blame him trying to get me back to reality, probably I'm taking this dreamer thing too far. And the fact that he makes 10 to 15 times more than me...

Naturally, like all 'long time no meet' meetings, we went to Starbucks and downed some cheap beans made expensive by branding. The good thing about Starbucks on Sunday's is that people turn it into a Friday market. With scores of noisy people probably cursing of the coffee prices, we get to talk bout chicks and sex without getting the look. What is this life as a guy and sex? I don't know, but it sure sounds good. It's hard to convince dudes nowadays that you are the single guy who don't do sin but that is life. But probably that's the way life is for everyone. The best you can do is become an expert in hiding it and being an angel.

This Starbucks phenomenon, green coffee in the tune of green backs. Is it because the coffee machine is expensive, the cups, the decor? The only thing I can be sure of is that the Brazilian coffee planters or their counterparts in Kenya aint that rich. They probably make the equivalent of a cuppa of mocha for a whole month. But this is a phenomena right. Everything is. Like why they have Debenhams and loads of foreign retailers when we have so many good brands of our own. Commercialism? Globalization? Why do we rush for Dockers etc. Quality? Brand?!

And the day lives to tell a story, I suggested we move to somewhere less quite to discuss stuff and what not it was another Starbucks! Borders in Times Square has a very good outlet complete with the mean green shop for the freeloaders who want to read magazines and not buy them. But atleast they read. Reading enriches the mind, but of course when you get two big mouths ranting of everything from Blackpool to Highstreet to miserable Sungai Petani, everybody will be pissed. And Starbucks charges 1.50 to add a dose of Vanilla syrup! Screw you guys!.

Borders has everything and cheaper than most famous local book outlets. Gasp! Wait, is this globalization gone good? And it has a good stock of science fiction with (gasp) (again) titles other than Star Wars and Rowling. I don't see any future in magic wands, but we do need more establishments like Borders to expand good ideology and competitive prices. So the buddy takes me around the shelves indulging in his passion for food and wine. Hey wait, I love food and wine too. And Europe and traveling. So I see in him my dreams flourishing.

Isn't it normal to blame ourselves for things that go wrong in life. So the next natural step would be to correct it? NO? I mean, the buddy had some good words for me, but how do you get out of your study loans, over-due rent, back logs, work you don't like and smell the freshly brewed coffee in Brazil!. It's not that we went wrong, its more like we made the wrong decisions. But that's not all, we have family to think of. But most importantly we must have the will to make it happen. Chaos.

I don't know what to make of all this, the talents gone wasted, the people we can never satisfy, the girls we can never have...wait this is repeating....I'll try something new.

Green coffee is the future of commercialism. Pay premium for the people who are willing to invest and belief. Its not a place for whining badass lazy dudes. It's a model of success because the network of green mean coffee bars created a culture. The future of culture is Starbucks. With Starbucks you have an alternative way of life. The mingling of poor acting rich, and rich not giving a damn. And in the middle you have middle class like me. Lost forever in damnation, the curse of English Tea. Books of Life are places of knowledge. The voices of the future. That's where middle class prosper. The poor have no sanity left in their brain other than the will to survive, and the rich just don't have time to cramp some book in their saturated brain. So we have this huge rush to get the next Potter and popular culture survives earth dying of global warming. All those trees into books and now the earth is dead barren. And all the knowledge to make a few middle class guys think they're the next Einstein. Weird.

So, this friend, he will fly back to Luton next week. I admire him for his will and his tenacity in life. I will follow his ways, but live my dreams. It's a nice wake-up call. I get one every month. But I don't find the path to move ahead. Or...I cant get rid of the chains that bind me to the past. History sucks. The next time I call home...I want to say, I will get a job someday, be someone someday, do something good someday...Its the thought that counts isn't it. Maybe they can use some Green Coffee and Books of Life. And me...I think I'm already halfway there, in the future. Want to follow?

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Nirek said...

1. Best wishes to land in job related to your studies soon.
2. green coffee - why is it so costly? its just business ideas gets prized that much and not that coffee is costly. It always happen that farmers never see the profit their product make in market

alerta said...

Hi! ghost particle! Thanks for your comment. Sometimes, politics are more important than people, so I only have to forget the friendship of someone who used my ideas to mix them whith politics. Therefore another rose (friend) will be my friend, will be the reason of the love I have to give... The everything I've learnt and everything I'll be able to do and to give a hand to those who ask for it, it's the whole I want to go on happy, but I am more than sixties..
Your post made me think. Be sure, it is similar anywhere. I spent five days with my senior pupils in London and everything is very expansive. I couldn't live there.
Try to be happy with your studies!
Did you repeat your comment?
Best regards (joan)

Galaxy said...

My friend,
Don't despair...Life never gives us more than we can handle...and maybe it's not so much fate but that because you are given,chosen a path that only you can actually handle.
Cruel? Not of your choosing? Only you have the power to determine your True fate.
You are not a mere beautiful feather caught in the malestrom of a chaotic storm but a mighty Eagle flying headlong into it! To come out of this storm as a mighty Pheonix!
I know it may not feel like it now but you have to realize that great individuals such as yourself are forged by the trials and tribulation Life gives you. The greater one's potential in one's gift and unique contribution one can give to the world the greater the trials and tribulation.
Be strong my brother and persevere...it will happen for you! Don't let anybone else make you think otherwise....most importantly, yourself.
Green beans? Ha, A few lads in Seattle,Wa. Had a vision and spun it into what it is today. Like it or not people always will want to be a part of something they cannot now be a part of or want some form of escape etc..the point being- Whatever people have a need for someone will always find an angle to exploit this good or bad. Really, one doesn't have to spend gobs of money to receive the proper education to learn how to run the machines to exploit the needs and voids of a shallow fad hungry society...
Back to Life- it's about the choices one makes and the courage and determination, yes,it's about perseverence...Life, really is not something you must yourself try to understand or define...my friend, it's about Leaps of Faith.
It's about the power of self nomatter what Life throws at you. You have it GP...I beleive in you.
Now, beleive in yourself.
Don't make me say the words lil bro. lol ;P


starry nights said...

My best wishes to you in your studies and in your career. believe in yourself and dont despair, sometimes things happen slowly much to our dislike, but in the end you will be the winner.

Ghost Particle said...

[satu] thanx nanba, the world is ours. we will rule one day.

[alerta-joan] yes, i accidently repeated it. sorry. Life is full of suprises, and people make those superises. Must break the monotany though. Thanx!!!

[galaxy] bro, ur words are inspiring. I know I can achieve it one day, but now Im lost and tired...

[starry-night] belief is all i have. thanx!!!

Jeevan said...

If we want to learn some thing (like reading books), we have to loss some thing (like destroying trees). you have disccused many with your buddy, and decised to follow his way. all the best,

Maran said...

Cool to have role models..they make sure you follow the line!

Cinderella said...

Totally agree with you on the Starbucks theory...I really wonder why do we even have the urge to go branded just for the sake of it??...maybe...they make you feel rich??...oh yeah...quality..??...no way !!

Lolz at "...poor acting rich,richnot giving a damn and in the midst middle cast like us,lost in damnation..".But so profound and true.

"I think i'm halfway there...want to follow?"

Luv ya.


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