Thursday, June 22

Concubines of Misery

Nothing is worst than the incompetence of man. How everything is taken for granted, how everyone is trashed to the ground and ignored. We never appreciate anything in life, never grateful for the bounty however small it is. Everyone wants to play the blame game, everyone wants to be on the safe side, everyone wants to run the show and still be safe.

Do you have the days and events where the blame gets thrown on you? Its not a small one, its a blockbuster blame, bloody bigger than any summer movie. Then they expect you to shut up and suck up to them. Then again you cant do anything 'bout it, accept it and just be a stone for the rest of eternity. So the next time naturally, you hope a new guy gets the blame. Its normal right, natural selection, if we want to evolve the blame, then we get everyone to face it. But hell be decorated with flowers, its lands smack on you again! By now you know there is someone out there who hates you. So the list grows. You become a clown, everyday you go there, wherever you belong and they dump the crap on you. And you just stand there grinning like a terrier on drugs.

And now, there are many kinds of misery you can face in life. Like finishing your thesis, saving some money, getting a good job, landing the trophy chick you can live the rest of the life with. And you are damn honest you see, you wanna be the nice guy. So we bend over back carrying the world on our backs along with the moon to make people happy. And what they say, bloody right you are, they say we are taking opportunity. We are sucking the soul out of the vulnerable person.

Whose the good guy and whose the bad guy? Misery comes in the forms of money, material, women and family. (Substitute women with men if you're female). Money, we can almost deal with, but not before whoring ourselves to the core, begging, working the ass of and not having a life. Material, the vices of all vice, we love them but we cant have them. The next best option is to steal it. Women, the sins of the highest order. You need to love them, but you must be careful how you handle them. And if you love them too much, they say you're dumb dude wasting your life rowing the bloody same boat to the ends of the world. And if you stand up for them, they say you're just being nice for a favor. So we cant love them, we cant live without them, we cant hurt them, we cant say anything about about women, coz then all women kind will stand up against you like you invented the word concubine and rape. Hell I say, there is no more goodness in this world. (Again, substitute women with men if you're a female, but don't worry, men wont gang up on women, we need sex and don't want to be gay). Then eternity comes, everyone you love dies, every good guy dies and the conspiracies come out.

You wonder whether anything is real anymore. Nothing is, bloody bugger called misery knocks on your door one day and says you're old buddy, you can now move out of you're parents house. And then starts the big adventure in the yahoo land, you really learn about life and finally it dawns upon you nothing is possible, everything is mission impossible, and the one dude who managed to screw the hot professor gets the highest mark. Then it continues with your job, your married life and one fine day you're there in the coffin staring at all the people who really loved you but haven't got the guts to tell you, all the people you loved and haven't got the guts to tell and all the people who you though are bad devils who actually loved you. I don't like math either.

So this time I'm proposing some solutions. I propose a mutiny. Lets say that everytime someone screw-up, we rebel against him, make him feel it and correct it. Everytime there's shit happening we grab it by the tail and splash it around the world. Tell everyone this damn dude screwed up so that he can correct it. Yeh its an ideal solution, but if it works it works. If not, we just sink back and watch some indie movie during the weekend rethinking about that one stupid post we blogged that meant nothing but pure bs written on a boring Thursday morning. Or, or we can look out of the window and see the beautiful sun shining like there is no tomorrow and ask "Hey Sun, why are you so happy?" And then wait till Gp tells you the answer. Because the sun is bloody damn important that there is no substitute. So the answer is, Substitute! We have for ages discovered we are unique, all those motivational courses, all those drunk buddies preaching world peace and believing they can do it because of what? Because there is no Substitute. We are one and there is no substitute for us. Now there you go, open outlook and compose a mail to all your colleagues, your bosses and everyone you know. Put the topic as "There is no substitute for me" and then you write how you are bloody damn important to everyone. If this works, tomorrow morning I'll have about 10+ comments in my mail thanking me. If you really like me send me some money :P

[+] As usual, I'm trying to see what kind of ads does this post attract. Maybe someone offering concubine services...not that I'm soliciting anything, but wouldn't it be damn cool if you just move the cursor above those a.d.s you see up there and depress your mouse button. Oh it will be cool. Thank you.

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Keshi said...

Availability of a susbtitute for anyone depends on the task ur talking abt. If it's work, yes there r substitutes always. If it's relationships, NOPE.


Jeevan said...

if the moon has a substitute, our love on that will decrese and some will go its substitute. the soul has substitute? Well writen bro.

Cinderella said...

I have to say I love you coz of your posts...they are damn awesome and so helluva offbeat.How do you come up with such lovely concepts??

And yeah I'm gonna try out the mail thingie..gonna mail you first or rather put up a post on it,sounds good to me.What say??

Getting screwed-up is everyone's saga,no??I so so thought why-me-all-the-time...lolz !!

Absolutely delightful reading you for that.
Take care.

p.s :Got back from Delhi yesterday after a about a week,so hadnt been able to keep up with the posts...and surprised to find out so much has happenend in these 8 days.Apologies.

Homo Escapeons said...

ah the priority challenge.
There is no substitute for honesty and integrity. They might implode your world for a while because other people abhor them but in the long run (and that is what counts) your legacy will be treasured.

There are no shortcuts in Life that will completely satisfy your soul. damnit!

starry nights said...

Glad you got this off your chest. everyone plays the blame game. You can never love her enough.


I have been feeling so low since morning and had to bring out salt water from my eyes because of how people say and hurt. I was able to tell one person tht I donot appreciate wht they did and they understood and apologised. Tht was my dad...Another person I coul dnot because it may bring other problems and so I just exited the conversation n cried int he bargain.

We ought ot tell people when wht they say hurts us and I am sure a difference would be made...Maybe they wont like u initially but in the end it is for them to be more semsitive and not hurt others tht we do tht n we too would get similar feedback and can improve on ourselves...

I like your idea of there are no substitutes....Perfecto! Thought I dont have bosses here, I would love to do tht when I do have colleagues n bosses! Good one man!

Ghost Particle said...

[Keshi] Yes, when the connection is soul to soul, then there is no substitute.

[Jeevan] Thanx pa...soul has no substitutes...sadly but for the good.

[Cinderella] WB!!! Thanx for the words, yes, going the path less taken I am. And do send that mail!!!

[H-E] work hard and achieve eternal bliss...hahaha!

[starry nights] thanx! i know, life goes a full circle.

[Scribz] its so true isnt it, we are all the same at some point or other.

Aradhita said...

Hey you know what, I did actually try to stand up against what I thought was wrong, but no it didn't work..beacuse you see after all I am NOT important...I realised that people(read organisations) don't want the smartest one at all, they want someone who is cheaply available, easy to mould/re-mould and even easier to shut up!
But yes, I did spend the weekend suspending all things which used to be important to me, and saw some junkie movie and some episodes of FFRIENDS...Only on Monday morning did I notice that the mutiny was really against the self and noone else!

...And I still am going to spring back!(humans, bloody survivors!)

Ghost Particle said...

[aradhita] survivors we are. It doesnt matter what others think, its just that we have to do what we want. In the end there will be gratification.


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