Saturday, June 24

Ancient Atoms

Sometime ago, in a galaxy far far away I found this gem;

"But I don't have to know an answer. I don't feel frightened by not knowing things, by being lost in the mysterious universe without having any purpose, which is the way it really is, as far as I can tell, possibly. It doesn't frighten me."
-- (A physicist)

So where is this journey taking us? Everyone knows somehow, sometime in their lives that we are going forward. Moving into the future. The basic concept of getting old. But where are we really headed? Doesn't the world makes us feel vulnerable. Throw aside the positive attitude for a while, tell me really, don't you feel that the world is rushing past us, but not silently, its throwing everything it has at us. Don't you feel threatened?

Something about this life that keeps us going everyday, that makes us wake up and face the sun. Its the cycle of life. The reason is buried deep inside us. Its the natural clock, the natural connection that we all have with this universe. Deny it however you want to, but looking inside and not looking outside wont show you anymore that a blind man. There is this magical destiny waiting for us if only we look outside, look into the sky and marvel this existence. Religion might teach us the morality of being a human, but it doesnt teach us about the universe. Only our vague interpretation, salvaging some obscure codes from ancient books that shows unproven insights that religion created life.

We might never learn anything more that what we know now, nothing more that this life and the world. We may never know what other beings look like or other planets look like. But aren't we alive because the universe wanted a continuity. Because it knew that time alone is not enough to show the scale of this creation, that we need beings with the ability to observe the stars. With this observation we know that the universe is alive, its evolving and changing to the tune of one remarkable machine that saw no beginning and will not see any ending. Not, its not God.

And now we are at an important juncture in our lives. We are facing terrible uncertainties. Why are we in this predicament, natural disasters, wars and famine? There is also another aspect of this life that we don't look into. That we are only a tiny part of this existence (I try so hard to stay away form the 'creation' word for obvious reasons). That we share this life with so many other souls but often we don't acknowledge them. We are selfish enough to use and exploit the world but are not ready to give back.

don't we need to understand that having the ability to observe the universe also means that we have roles to safeguard this existence. Listen to your mind and look outside and you will realize that there are so many more things we can do. Hence, now we must look back at history. Find what we missed. There is a strange reality out there, in the short existence of humans, the mere millions of years and the short thousands of years where we have recorded history we did not do many things. We invented culture but we forgot to safeguard the culture of the world.

The culture of the world is the information etched in the ancient atoms. These atoms, existing since the beginning of time contains the DNA's of our universe. The crude analogy shows how important is the thing that we missed. IN the ancient atoms are histories, many histories of this life and the universe. There are secrets, there are codes to make us better observers. By being better observers we know where to look and how to gauge the scale of this existence. The idea is there, its inside you, how we plan everyday of the next day, then in the scale of the universe, we plan the next life. We plan what to leave for the next generation, how much we leave for the next generation, the clues and the continuity of the world culture.

The culture of science is as important as language. But we can exist without language because we have organs to simulate information, but we can life without the language that we cant hear. The culture of the science is a language that we don't hear but observe. The ancient atoms build this universe, built you and me. We have in us information, infinite information of the universe, and it tells us that our future is out there. To move to the front, to take charge of the future. When the time comes each and every one of us will have roles to play, things to do. But for now, the ones who understands that the important of taking care of this ailing planet, the dynamic planet must do everything in their ability to safeguard it. So don't let the culture of man sway you from the true path. The culture of science will bring you to the day tomorrow and show you things you never imagined.

My answer to the physicist;

"I am here my fellow traveler, I took the same path as you, and I saw what you saw. I am a inspired by the universe, by the night sky. This time I'm not afraid of anything, I was before, I was because I could not understand things, but now I can and I want to see more. Lets touch the stars..."

[-] Have a nice weekend guys.


starry nights said...

Nice post, deep it got me thinking, true the culture of science is as important as language.

Marutham said...

WOW, Ur answer to the physicist- ROCKS!! Cool post!!

Cinderella said...

Yes,lets touch the stars...

Loved that expression.
Cute !!

Ghost Particle said...

[Starrynights] yes, there is a culture and we must develop it further.

[marutham] hey! thanx! its nice isnt it.

[cinderella] thanx cind! yeh, its enigmatic.

Schrodingers cat said...

awesome post man. The key is to merge the outside world with our inner world , something which both science and religion had failed to do so far. In science, the scientist is not under scrutiny. He is the one doing the observation. In meditation , the outer world totally disappears and you look only into yourself. Either method helps but I would put my faith on science rather than religion. Atleast science doesnt destroy the originality of a being. Anyways thats just me and I might be wrong.


Jeevan said...

If the last generation people dint care about us, surethis generation whould face many problems, Lets save the world for Next generation. its a nice post bro:)


Your so right..When we dont know we r scared but once we know n understand we love it!...Taken from the last quote.

Ghost Particle said...

[S-cat] what you said is absolutely true, the scientist works to verify the universe, the answers are already there. We are minimalists, purists in the inner core.

[Jeevan]Thanx bro, We have a big responsibility.

[Scribz] Knowing the unknown...hahahah!

Aradhita said...

This was a really good is always nice to bump into someone who bothers to 'think' beyond the everyday necessity...yet what you talk about here, wouldn't you call it nessecity enough?

Ghost Particle said...

[aradhita] nothing will be enough if not done the right way, minimal resources and optimum results. What we need is a liberated mind and an open world. Thanx!


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