Friday, June 30

A Superhero Returns

Even tough you've been raised as an human being, you are not one of them
They can be great people, Kal-El,
they wish to be
They only lack the light to show the way

For this reason above all

their capacity for growth

I send them you

my only son...


Who is your superhero? The person who lifts you up and shows you the world. Your world.

[+] This text (in red) is from the teaser trailer of Superman Returns that came out early in the year. It's the voice of Marlon Brando, who is Superman's (Kal-El) father, Jor-El in the previous Superman movies and the current one. It's an interesting process where Bryan Singer, the director of the Superman Returns movies scavenged many voice clippings of Marlon (who passed away last year) to enable him star in this movie. Simply amazing.

Wednesday, June 28

Paper Airplane; 280606 The End of a Struggle?

This date might remain forever in history, if I were ever to make it big. 280606 is the deadline for me to send my thesis. Three and half years of struggle, sacrifice, and what is supposed to be a momentus achievement. The only problem is, I am not even half way done with it. I don't even have a clue on what to amend, how to present the results...In short, I pretty much screwed it all up.

It started in my subconscious mind about 4 years back to go to the next level. To do my masters and then PhD and then the world. It was a romantic idea, to be a great scientist, to save the world and contribute to humanity. Everyone has it once in their lives. Just like the first love, the first broken leg, the first visit to the dentist...the eagerness to try something new that ends up in pain.

Our greatest achievements starts deep inside us, the fire that clears paths, magnificent roads leading to glory. Our skills develop along the way, often collecting knowledge along the way, inspiring people, gathering friends and lifelong warriors. Science and the story of a scientist are colored by great collaborations. When giant minds work together searching for invisible songs of the universe. The feeling that swells inside us when we imagine a future so great, and then when we place ourselves in the scenery, is indescribable. The feeling when we won the first ever prize in pre-school. The big grin on our faces and most importantly not seeing the last guy as the loser. We were there to have fun and we never knew competition because we were young and innocent.

Education should always be old school. Observation is the only method capable of teaching us the world. The teacher being the guide. I was always an advocate of orthodox teaching. Not much surprise that I hated going to class in university. I skipped much of the classes as many times possible. Not a good decisions, but I found it hard to subscribe to stale textbooks when the real physics is outside there...

I think most postgraduate student will have horror stories of along the years. No doubt that truth and scientific destiny prevails in the end, but we do have fallen soldiers from time to time. Sadly, as much as we want not to be one of them, nature itself doesn't know faces. We might hit a snag, recover and some might leave. Decisions, the painful decisions to make. I struggled hard not to become enslaved by some employer who wants to count his bonus at the end of the year. Agree or not, most jobs produces results that are half baked. Never satisfying the end user. Education is no different.

A student of science must be able to fall down. Hard, loose the fight, look dumb and be trashed. Talk about baptism of fire, the science of the natural world doesn't come in a platter. The satisfaction of waiting, and making your own conclusions after careful observations is bigger than anything else. The light at the end of the tunnel. So for years I carved this comfortable niche, a bubble of self satisfaction so that it can carry me into the future without me loosing the way. This bubble contained my aspirations but was still shaky. Hence I discovered the missing part in the bubble is a person to share the journey with. Scientist don't work alone, they need a partner to discuss stuff and life.

Going alone in a fast paced world is not a solution, its a recipe for trouble. There is no more savant scientist left in this world, everything is controlled by data. How much data you can process will determine your success. That's what become of physics nowadays. We have successfully deciphered the codes of the universe. And codes means having the best damn machines to work with. Something my uni never had and never will. I believe for a team to succeed we must have the team players. These are people who run and fight for us because they see potential in us to climb higher grounds. They are our supervisors and guides. When they fail to their job, we will end up in ashes. Unable to locate the essence of our struggles that's gone in seconds. The turmoil's of postgraduate soldiers.

In the end, the education must be able support the needs of every single student. In other words, education must be able to cater the dreamers, the brave, the hardworking student and at the same time regulate information. The teacher must be able to deliver. This applies to all level of studies, be it school or university. Not all the time does bitter memories build courage, some send the victims to the ground, lost forever.

What I learned from this journey, in the short years is that there is no support for dreamers. The supervisor wont be there to coach you, there wont be money to feed you and there wont be God's to shine the miracle light. You are left alone. Until the one friend comes along to share the journey with you. I had none. Next is the goal of the journey. What you want to achieve or rather what you want the world to see. You can keep good discoveries to yourself. And finally, the future. Where do you see yourself. I planned no future, because the future is too strong and illusive to show it's face. The magic of discovery.

280606. How would I solve this problem? The journey continues...

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Tuesday, June 27

Green Coffee and Books of Life

After decades of debate, we can safely categorize life into two; decisions and fate. So whatever decision you make, fate will be there to 'correct it'. And fate is blind to right or wrong. So eventually you will end up not getting what you wanted. Don't worry, this post wont turn into a 'self depreciating roller coaster ride". Maybe some readers will learn something.

I called home yesterday and mom asks when I'm going to get a real job. Ok heck, what I'm doing now is not 'a' job? So I asked what am I doing now and she replied 'no no no...the jobs that people get after they finish their studies'. Ok I'm stumped. I know I'm not doing something that I studied for but...! I don't know why I'm even continuing with this hell called life. Maybe because there is a distant light in the end of this non-existing tunnel. Cant blame the parents, they want the kids to be on par with every other kid. And you add this with all the weddings they attend and then reflect back with what I am doing now, it summarizes into a sad ending. Twisted life. Chaos.

So this journey continues. I met a good buddy who I haven't met for the last 5 years. Having settled in UK quite comfortably, the dude is to my surprise still in love with everything Malaysia. I'm not. But probably being 3000 miles from local food is enough to send anyone into a temporary love affair with the tom yam lady. Hence and after he threatened to kill me if I take him to any western restaurant we settled for some beer and Curry Mee. So intertwined in this meeting are some advice which is not advice as in 'advice' but a general guide to people who are willing to work to succeed in life and more. I don't blame him trying to get me back to reality, probably I'm taking this dreamer thing too far. And the fact that he makes 10 to 15 times more than me...

Naturally, like all 'long time no meet' meetings, we went to Starbucks and downed some cheap beans made expensive by branding. The good thing about Starbucks on Sunday's is that people turn it into a Friday market. With scores of noisy people probably cursing of the coffee prices, we get to talk bout chicks and sex without getting the look. What is this life as a guy and sex? I don't know, but it sure sounds good. It's hard to convince dudes nowadays that you are the single guy who don't do sin but that is life. But probably that's the way life is for everyone. The best you can do is become an expert in hiding it and being an angel.

This Starbucks phenomenon, green coffee in the tune of green backs. Is it because the coffee machine is expensive, the cups, the decor? The only thing I can be sure of is that the Brazilian coffee planters or their counterparts in Kenya aint that rich. They probably make the equivalent of a cuppa of mocha for a whole month. But this is a phenomena right. Everything is. Like why they have Debenhams and loads of foreign retailers when we have so many good brands of our own. Commercialism? Globalization? Why do we rush for Dockers etc. Quality? Brand?!

And the day lives to tell a story, I suggested we move to somewhere less quite to discuss stuff and what not it was another Starbucks! Borders in Times Square has a very good outlet complete with the mean green shop for the freeloaders who want to read magazines and not buy them. But atleast they read. Reading enriches the mind, but of course when you get two big mouths ranting of everything from Blackpool to Highstreet to miserable Sungai Petani, everybody will be pissed. And Starbucks charges 1.50 to add a dose of Vanilla syrup! Screw you guys!.

Borders has everything and cheaper than most famous local book outlets. Gasp! Wait, is this globalization gone good? And it has a good stock of science fiction with (gasp) (again) titles other than Star Wars and Rowling. I don't see any future in magic wands, but we do need more establishments like Borders to expand good ideology and competitive prices. So the buddy takes me around the shelves indulging in his passion for food and wine. Hey wait, I love food and wine too. And Europe and traveling. So I see in him my dreams flourishing.

Isn't it normal to blame ourselves for things that go wrong in life. So the next natural step would be to correct it? NO? I mean, the buddy had some good words for me, but how do you get out of your study loans, over-due rent, back logs, work you don't like and smell the freshly brewed coffee in Brazil!. It's not that we went wrong, its more like we made the wrong decisions. But that's not all, we have family to think of. But most importantly we must have the will to make it happen. Chaos.

I don't know what to make of all this, the talents gone wasted, the people we can never satisfy, the girls we can never have...wait this is repeating....I'll try something new.

Green coffee is the future of commercialism. Pay premium for the people who are willing to invest and belief. Its not a place for whining badass lazy dudes. It's a model of success because the network of green mean coffee bars created a culture. The future of culture is Starbucks. With Starbucks you have an alternative way of life. The mingling of poor acting rich, and rich not giving a damn. And in the middle you have middle class like me. Lost forever in damnation, the curse of English Tea. Books of Life are places of knowledge. The voices of the future. That's where middle class prosper. The poor have no sanity left in their brain other than the will to survive, and the rich just don't have time to cramp some book in their saturated brain. So we have this huge rush to get the next Potter and popular culture survives earth dying of global warming. All those trees into books and now the earth is dead barren. And all the knowledge to make a few middle class guys think they're the next Einstein. Weird.

So, this friend, he will fly back to Luton next week. I admire him for his will and his tenacity in life. I will follow his ways, but live my dreams. It's a nice wake-up call. I get one every month. But I don't find the path to move ahead. Or...I cant get rid of the chains that bind me to the past. History sucks. The next time I call home...I want to say, I will get a job someday, be someone someday, do something good someday...Its the thought that counts isn't it. Maybe they can use some Green Coffee and Books of Life. And me...I think I'm already halfway there, in the future. Want to follow?

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Saturday, June 24

Ancient Atoms

Sometime ago, in a galaxy far far away I found this gem;

"But I don't have to know an answer. I don't feel frightened by not knowing things, by being lost in the mysterious universe without having any purpose, which is the way it really is, as far as I can tell, possibly. It doesn't frighten me."
-- (A physicist)

So where is this journey taking us? Everyone knows somehow, sometime in their lives that we are going forward. Moving into the future. The basic concept of getting old. But where are we really headed? Doesn't the world makes us feel vulnerable. Throw aside the positive attitude for a while, tell me really, don't you feel that the world is rushing past us, but not silently, its throwing everything it has at us. Don't you feel threatened?

Something about this life that keeps us going everyday, that makes us wake up and face the sun. Its the cycle of life. The reason is buried deep inside us. Its the natural clock, the natural connection that we all have with this universe. Deny it however you want to, but looking inside and not looking outside wont show you anymore that a blind man. There is this magical destiny waiting for us if only we look outside, look into the sky and marvel this existence. Religion might teach us the morality of being a human, but it doesnt teach us about the universe. Only our vague interpretation, salvaging some obscure codes from ancient books that shows unproven insights that religion created life.

We might never learn anything more that what we know now, nothing more that this life and the world. We may never know what other beings look like or other planets look like. But aren't we alive because the universe wanted a continuity. Because it knew that time alone is not enough to show the scale of this creation, that we need beings with the ability to observe the stars. With this observation we know that the universe is alive, its evolving and changing to the tune of one remarkable machine that saw no beginning and will not see any ending. Not, its not God.

And now we are at an important juncture in our lives. We are facing terrible uncertainties. Why are we in this predicament, natural disasters, wars and famine? There is also another aspect of this life that we don't look into. That we are only a tiny part of this existence (I try so hard to stay away form the 'creation' word for obvious reasons). That we share this life with so many other souls but often we don't acknowledge them. We are selfish enough to use and exploit the world but are not ready to give back.

don't we need to understand that having the ability to observe the universe also means that we have roles to safeguard this existence. Listen to your mind and look outside and you will realize that there are so many more things we can do. Hence, now we must look back at history. Find what we missed. There is a strange reality out there, in the short existence of humans, the mere millions of years and the short thousands of years where we have recorded history we did not do many things. We invented culture but we forgot to safeguard the culture of the world.

The culture of the world is the information etched in the ancient atoms. These atoms, existing since the beginning of time contains the DNA's of our universe. The crude analogy shows how important is the thing that we missed. IN the ancient atoms are histories, many histories of this life and the universe. There are secrets, there are codes to make us better observers. By being better observers we know where to look and how to gauge the scale of this existence. The idea is there, its inside you, how we plan everyday of the next day, then in the scale of the universe, we plan the next life. We plan what to leave for the next generation, how much we leave for the next generation, the clues and the continuity of the world culture.

The culture of science is as important as language. But we can exist without language because we have organs to simulate information, but we can life without the language that we cant hear. The culture of the science is a language that we don't hear but observe. The ancient atoms build this universe, built you and me. We have in us information, infinite information of the universe, and it tells us that our future is out there. To move to the front, to take charge of the future. When the time comes each and every one of us will have roles to play, things to do. But for now, the ones who understands that the important of taking care of this ailing planet, the dynamic planet must do everything in their ability to safeguard it. So don't let the culture of man sway you from the true path. The culture of science will bring you to the day tomorrow and show you things you never imagined.

My answer to the physicist;

"I am here my fellow traveler, I took the same path as you, and I saw what you saw. I am a inspired by the universe, by the night sky. This time I'm not afraid of anything, I was before, I was because I could not understand things, but now I can and I want to see more. Lets touch the stars..."

[-] Have a nice weekend guys.

Thursday, June 22

Concubines of Misery

Nothing is worst than the incompetence of man. How everything is taken for granted, how everyone is trashed to the ground and ignored. We never appreciate anything in life, never grateful for the bounty however small it is. Everyone wants to play the blame game, everyone wants to be on the safe side, everyone wants to run the show and still be safe.

Do you have the days and events where the blame gets thrown on you? Its not a small one, its a blockbuster blame, bloody bigger than any summer movie. Then they expect you to shut up and suck up to them. Then again you cant do anything 'bout it, accept it and just be a stone for the rest of eternity. So the next time naturally, you hope a new guy gets the blame. Its normal right, natural selection, if we want to evolve the blame, then we get everyone to face it. But hell be decorated with flowers, its lands smack on you again! By now you know there is someone out there who hates you. So the list grows. You become a clown, everyday you go there, wherever you belong and they dump the crap on you. And you just stand there grinning like a terrier on drugs.

And now, there are many kinds of misery you can face in life. Like finishing your thesis, saving some money, getting a good job, landing the trophy chick you can live the rest of the life with. And you are damn honest you see, you wanna be the nice guy. So we bend over back carrying the world on our backs along with the moon to make people happy. And what they say, bloody right you are, they say we are taking opportunity. We are sucking the soul out of the vulnerable person.

Whose the good guy and whose the bad guy? Misery comes in the forms of money, material, women and family. (Substitute women with men if you're female). Money, we can almost deal with, but not before whoring ourselves to the core, begging, working the ass of and not having a life. Material, the vices of all vice, we love them but we cant have them. The next best option is to steal it. Women, the sins of the highest order. You need to love them, but you must be careful how you handle them. And if you love them too much, they say you're dumb dude wasting your life rowing the bloody same boat to the ends of the world. And if you stand up for them, they say you're just being nice for a favor. So we cant love them, we cant live without them, we cant hurt them, we cant say anything about about women, coz then all women kind will stand up against you like you invented the word concubine and rape. Hell I say, there is no more goodness in this world. (Again, substitute women with men if you're a female, but don't worry, men wont gang up on women, we need sex and don't want to be gay). Then eternity comes, everyone you love dies, every good guy dies and the conspiracies come out.

You wonder whether anything is real anymore. Nothing is, bloody bugger called misery knocks on your door one day and says you're old buddy, you can now move out of you're parents house. And then starts the big adventure in the yahoo land, you really learn about life and finally it dawns upon you nothing is possible, everything is mission impossible, and the one dude who managed to screw the hot professor gets the highest mark. Then it continues with your job, your married life and one fine day you're there in the coffin staring at all the people who really loved you but haven't got the guts to tell you, all the people you loved and haven't got the guts to tell and all the people who you though are bad devils who actually loved you. I don't like math either.

So this time I'm proposing some solutions. I propose a mutiny. Lets say that everytime someone screw-up, we rebel against him, make him feel it and correct it. Everytime there's shit happening we grab it by the tail and splash it around the world. Tell everyone this damn dude screwed up so that he can correct it. Yeh its an ideal solution, but if it works it works. If not, we just sink back and watch some indie movie during the weekend rethinking about that one stupid post we blogged that meant nothing but pure bs written on a boring Thursday morning. Or, or we can look out of the window and see the beautiful sun shining like there is no tomorrow and ask "Hey Sun, why are you so happy?" And then wait till Gp tells you the answer. Because the sun is bloody damn important that there is no substitute. So the answer is, Substitute! We have for ages discovered we are unique, all those motivational courses, all those drunk buddies preaching world peace and believing they can do it because of what? Because there is no Substitute. We are one and there is no substitute for us. Now there you go, open outlook and compose a mail to all your colleagues, your bosses and everyone you know. Put the topic as "There is no substitute for me" and then you write how you are bloody damn important to everyone. If this works, tomorrow morning I'll have about 10+ comments in my mail thanking me. If you really like me send me some money :P

[+] As usual, I'm trying to see what kind of ads does this post attract. Maybe someone offering concubine services...not that I'm soliciting anything, but wouldn't it be damn cool if you just move the cursor above those a.d.s you see up there and depress your mouse button. Oh it will be cool. Thank you.

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Tuesday, June 20

Mirrors of Fire (4); 20062006

Strange days. One day I woke up in the middle of the night. Looked out of the window, earth colored by mesmerizing landscapes, fogged hills illuminated by solitary street lamps. I was alone. On the desk, the laptop led shone eternity, inviting me to complete the story. But I haven't moved a word from the title since yesterday. I wanted to be a fulltime writer, but of course life is much more that showers of flowers and kisses from roses. Plural means many. I dreamed of many girls, many went by leaving me uninvited. This strange reality mixed with dreams weaves a very two dimensional tapestry, making me feel like a flatlander unable to touch anything. Or is it, that I was not meant to touch anyone, left by the sidewalk like a painting by a lost street artist. So why is that this guys life must always be about girls. Maybe because loneliness itself has only one solution.

Still days before and after, I threaded this creation alone. From my room, in the apartment on the hills of the Andes. This is the new Andes, terraformed hundreds of years ago. Its much more beautiful that the paintings. Thats what Fred always says. Much more beautiful than any reality that humans ever imagined, because this time we let nature do it. No imagination, no concepts, we just seeded the mountains and it grew this beautiful image of a reality. I am a time traveler. It was not easy coming to this decisions, but I needed the money. Jobs were scarce, they needed a part time blogger in the future. What would have sounded like a joke in the 21st century is a to die for job now. Welcome to the 24th century.

Time travel is no more a dream, no more a physicists wet dream. Time travel is the answer to our transcendence; the post human, homo-futurists. We did not mature in life, but we matured technologically. Life is a mere blink of light, in the billions of swarming souls around the universe. Somehow, somewhere, in a secluded lab in the ancient rainforests of Borneo, they discovered the secret to the future. It was my theory anyway that managed to get a billion blog hit that Tuesday evening, 20-06-2006. Stuck in a huge mess called work and an equally big dump pile called studies, this wandering mind thought of something. What if aliens lived among us. Its not new, that Striber guy made a gazillion bucks writing about this. But think of the possibility. Is life evolving by the second? Every birth contains strains of homo-futurist genes. Day after day, birth after birth, and we have the far future. Amazing, but how much can we learn with this tiny brain of ours. So I posted an imaginary story, in between hate and anger towards the many people that screwed my life, I posted a post from my heart. Will all the geek power I had, I posted a science fiction story of a time traveling, part time blogger in search of love in the far distant future.

So a few months after they discovered or re-discovered time travel, I was approached by a man in suits. There I was minding my own dreams in shambles, when he walked down a Maybach and walked straight to me. I grinned like a pimp getting his first customer. He said hi, left me a card and left. That was the last I saw of him. The card, a perfect rectangle, laser cut perfect, had a cell number and a button. Naturally, I would have pressed the button, but then I realized that there are people around there whoring me in their eyes wondering who on earth am I. So I had my one moment of 'damn I'm a big guy too'. Called the number on the card and booked an appointment at the twin towers. The next day I attended the interview. It was my first jump into the future. The receptionist gave me an ear plug and pushed me into a dark room. The next I knew, I was standing infront of a sharp lady, blue haired, orange eyed sitting on a chair in a room without walls.

I got the job and they wanted me to start immediately. So everyday, after my day job I would ride my bike towards a road less taken. Actually, its a secluded road near my apartment and I have to press the button on the card. Now if only I pressed it in the middle of the crowd the other day! Hence, everyday for the rest of eternity I would ride my bike down the road, wear the ear plugs and press the button. I've been time jumping for a decade now. One good thing about all this is that I never get old. Whoever found this piece of miracle not only changed history, they also made the travelers immortal. How peculiar it is to see throughout the years all the people I know and knew, turn old and die. Sad, but I have my dreams set in the future. The corporation handling this technology doesn't allow everyone to jump. By the end of the century, they had only five hundred jumpers. The rest were left to live their sins.

Today, as I looked at the fireflies among the pine forests down the valley, I gaze back to the memories of our sin century. When we destroyed the environment, when we gawked at the sky waiting for the next asteroid to blast us of the cosmic map. Nothing, no fate managed to erase our will. We survived everything, our guides, teachers, aliens or whatever we called them saved us a big cosmic blooper.

During one of the jumps I saw her. The blue eyes, dark wavy hair. She smiled and vanished the next second. Time jumpers land straight at their designated homes in the future. The work lasts for three weeks and then we return exactly 55 minutes after the jump time on earth. With this unique regime, more work was done and I was the most famous contemporary blogger in the 24th century. My client was an aging scientist, the creator of time travel. Creator, that makes him God. So we had many Gods, but now my mission is to find love. How this strange reality will be sieved through, dissected to find that one person. I have to locate the timeline, the exact earth she lands on. The science of timetravel is not for any laymen to understand. It was plain damn complex. The last documented article I posted for the scientist explored a hundred thousand time lines and worlds. Each jump to a new job creates a new timeline and world.

Basking in the glory of being a pioneer homo-futurist, I was slowly building my permanent life in the future. In the years to come, when I had collected enough of my past universe memories and wealth, I will take over my masters work. He did not want to stay alive forever. He took the aging serum, killing all the nanobots in his system. Nothing to rejuvenate his cells a billion times a second. For me, the nanobots works miracles, I get new ideas all the time. My blog was a big hit in the Andes. One day I found a comment in my inbox. Of the billions of comments that the blog gets, only a hundred gets filtered to my inbox daily. The message was short..."Are you looking for me?...You found me". It was signed Orion. I know what Orion messages meant, it is a special leased email courier. Kind of an interstellar email distributor, a deep space radio satellite field on the frozen plains of Pluto. Any message sent there would be distributed to all the outposts around the charted space. In the end of the third millennium, humans has explored the local galactic system. Star liners has reached Lyra, Centaurus and many other constellations.

It's been five thousands years since time travel was discovered. I am a scientist now. I've been exploring the edges of the local galactic cluster since the death of my master. Time jumping from the past to the future and many worlds in between, I have seen many. The old soul inside me is not satisfied yet, I still haven't found the one love of my life. Many tragedies passed, most of humanity was exterminated by the great war between humans and Fire. The alien being who was the God of the universe. We paid a heavy price, some managed to survive. The time jumpers mainly. We existed in imaginary realms often imagined by earth sages. Now I live in the Andes of a future world.

A lone firefly flew into my room. It landed on the notepad on the desk. I grabbed a glass of cold water and proceeded to write my story. I don't know how to explain all this time traveling. Life is much more mysterious that we can ever imagine. We look into all the wrong places. And still we don't learn from it. In the future humanity will expand. We must leave this aging earth. Old souls like me will provide some guidance. But I'm only immortal in my physical existence. The true legends, landmarks will only be found in the future. We will continue to look outside for answers. The ancient shaman heavens, the medieval baroque constellations, the present digital star maps and our future home. My journey is still unfinished. I still have to find her...

~End, Chapter 4~

[+] Read the previous MOF stories;[MOF-Prelude,MOF-1,MOF-2,MOF-3]
[-] Time travel is one of the main element in Science Fiction. Modern day writers like Stephen Baxter explore the concepts of multiple worlds. When we travel in the future, we in fact travel to a different world;[TimeTravel]
[-] I am still subjecting my readers to a heavy dose of SF jargon. But rest assured, this experiments will produce a better story writer in the future. MOF continues next week with another story in the universe of Humans and Fire.

Mr Ghost goes to Work; Wet and Wild

Rain : Good

Rain on a weekday morning: Bad

Car : 40000 bucks, but don't own one.

Stuck in jam during rain on the way to work: Bad

Rain coat: 20 bucks

Lazy ass who don't want to buy one: Ghost Particle

Getting wet in rain riding a bike, nearly drown in a flooded bike tunnel, shouting 'I am stupid' next to a car with an open window driven by a beautiful girl (yeh it happens...) , getting to work 2 hours late, stuck in an air conditioned office for 10 hours with wet underpants: Priceless

[+] Priceless is one of the most successful ad campaigns in history.

Monday, June 19

World Cup My Foot (2)

Entering the second week of the 2006 World Cup, we can clearly observe the true colors of certain hyped up teams. I forgot to mention France and England in my past WCMF post. But now France is certainly facing another first round exit and England, just barely made it. The strikers are firing everywhere except the goal and it took Stevie G to score the second goal of the match and he's a midfielder. Owen is facing a lengthy stint as a bench warmer while the clown called Crouch must buck up if England is too see off either Germany or Ecuador in the second round. And Ukraine, is a fcuking disappointment.

France, well, are screwed. The all great King Henry cant win on his won, the all great God Zidane is too old, and the rest of the primadona's of France is well...busy being themselves. That doesn't leave much room for any improvements and I see an early departure for them. We have a good saying in this part of the world for the likes of Henry. We call them 'Jaguh Kampung' translated as 'Village Hero's". They stay at that forever.

Now lets go back to some hardcore hate post. Throughout some unwritten cosmic rule, Europe must have the highest representation in the World Cup. But when we see the ladies from France, Italy, Chezh, England, etc fcuk themselves, we wonder why shouldn't Africa or Asia have more teams in the games. Recent history have proven how resilient the teams from African and Asia are. The likes of Korea, Japan, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria etc are role models for all third world teams. When the lions of Cameroon hunted down the giant teams, the old hag, Sepp Blatter even had the guts to say that Africa will have a champions in a few years, but then nothing is done to increase the representation. Even when various parties call for an increase in teams, FIFA remained rooted with the current format. The reasons? Well, with European teams, TV rights starts at a minimum of 1 million or so per game, but the same couldn't be applied to an African, Asian or the North America's team. They might be able to sell coke, but damn hell they cant sell a Nike, an Adidas or cars. But if they refuse these teams, then there wont be a WC in the first place. Its a weird circle, but I bet the only reason Asian or African teams are playing in the WC is to fill the quota. But when these teams proves to be way better then their opponents from the bigger club nations, then FIFA is left in another quandary. A sad one, because they don't care of anyone else.

There was a weird moment in WC history when Brazil was barely hanging there, counting their lucky stars to qualify for the 2002 WC. They were that close to get screwed, but then, some lucky fairy must have been on their side for they beat Venezuela in the very last game and qualified. Of course, FIFA could have avoided embarrassment because there is automatic qualification for previous winners, but when we look back at 1998, the winners were France. Oh, and don't get me started on how France won it, a certain conspiracy do exsist that France bribed the Brazilian government to secure this all important new age cultural reference called the World Cup, and I can say it could be true. While Ronaldo lives in a 20 million dollar castle, there are 50 million poor Brazilians rotting without food. So money can buy football, and it did in 1998. Now Brazil considers itself to have the spiritual rights to be the winners of the WC. I don't deny that Pele was a great footballer, but certainly not the greatest. I detest the primadonas and drama queens who dedicate their undying love to Brazil but then dont even know basic facts like the score of their games. Dumb donkeys. Brazil is overrated, and they set a bad example. So when Brazil gets knocked out in the second round of this years WC, we will see many punters and pundits killing themselves for all apparent reasons.

Now, my bet is that Korea will win this years WC. Not because I love Korean soaps, but because they are really good fighters. They don't give up. I would say Ghana to have the same chances.

[+] There are many scandals in FIFA. One of the more famous ones can be found in this book;[HowTheyStoleTheGame] by David Yallop

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Saturday, June 17

Mountain Road

on the winding roads,
down mount liberty,
fogs and pines making love,
pearls of shadowy blue eyes,
of mysterious animals hiding,
puddles of water placid,
along the path infinite,
valleys drop for eternity,
reaching countries far away
along the mountain road,
ferns slumber on cold mornings,
dews share the creations bed,
lights on short towers flicker,
along the terraces of tea gardens,
where ladies pluck impatient leaves,
some dreams of the firefly,
sharp breeze freezing the land,
on the trail down mount liberty,
gods and demons dance,
men and women their masters


Friday, June 16

Of Humans...

"I never thought much of the courage of a lion-tamer. Inside the cage he is at least safe from people." - George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, June 15

Mr.Ghost Goes to Work; Fire in the Sky

I knew all about this when I joined work, and tried my best to stay away from it. Office politics, the "I hate you I want you out stuff" continue to butt into my life. Why cant they just leave me alone. For that fact, why cant they leave anyone alone. When something goes overbudget they start head hunting. Actually the head hunting started weeks back. I managed to stay clear thus far, and when they screwed enough people, now they want my head.

It's a hard thing for me because this is my first full time job since so many years, and I'm still studying and all. I just wish I had a research grand or some trust fund somewhere that would let me do what I want, but hell things doesn't quite work that way right. After all, we spend years studying how stuff works, and in the end the ones who doesn't qualify to do the same actually ends up managing us. Its a dog eat dog world out there. Furthermore these dogs hunt in packs. I cant imagine how this average company with a yearly budget of around 10 Mil manage to screw up in everything they do.

Do you have that feeling sometimes that if left to you, you can run the show just nicely or ever better than anyone. But the again, they say than once you step into the bigger shoe, you will feel the heat. Everyone wants to be the manager, but we can never find employees who enjoy the job. Except maybe those guys at Google...which is entirely a different story.

I think the first lesson any company should give to their new employees are survival skills. It doesn't matter how much you manage to do, how good you do it, but at the end of the day, if you proclaim to be the master, then the dogs will get you. So is it best then to just shut up and wait for things to happen. Just do the simple things, stay out of the way, stay insignificant. Survive.

But then there is the fire inside you that's brighter than the fire in the sky. The fire that wants to see change and help others make that journey. Should all this left behind and be forgotten? Are employees today just drones who follow the lure of end of the month salary to feed their children? Is everything today same with the worlds of Brasil or Vendetta? Or better still, is work the right place to realize our dreams and imagination to change the world?

Will this end? I don't know. The fact is I'm starting to hate the job because I cant express myself. At the same time, I risk getting notice for the witch hunt if I stand out. So this strange dilemma I am in is really hurting me mentally. When principles and real life collide, everything else in between gets burned, by the fire in the sky. Sad, but why do we dream so high if we cannot achieve it...

Wednesday, June 14

World Cup My Foot (1)

And so continues Ghost Particle's hate everything in this overrated earth series, beware earthling, the end is near...muhahahahahah...I need a rest.

France drew with Switzerland, Australia had to wait for the last 10 minutes to score against Japan, Sweden firing blanks against Trinidad! Trinidad for Gods sake!, England winning by an own goal...and the rest as they say in coffee shop talks everywhere in this football world.

Let me give you an insider look at the World Cup. Trust no one.

The World Cup is managed by FIFA, who is the self elected, self self self everything of everything football (soccer for the ignorant Americans :p). FIFA is fuelled by Nike, Adidas, Coke, Bud, and the gang. The same gang sponsors much of football in Europe and South America. And incidentaly own all the players who play above average football, read: Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Henry, Gerrard...etc. The guys who play average and below average football get sponsored by the likes of Barbara Chocolate Shakes, Kumar Coffee, Nikke, Adibas...etc (all counterfeit stuffs from China, duh! people, read more news!!!).

FIFA itself is higher than any organized entity in the world, UN included because they manage by a stroke of soccer luck to organize a game watched by the whole world. But then try telling that to a guy who goes through the whole year watching 60 games of English Premier league, 30 games of the local league, 20 games of the Champions League, Maria Sharapova, 18 rounds of Formula 1, 30+ movies, one Commonwealth games and still had to freakin go through 64 games of the World Cup.

So basically we have a world where these big time sponsors go head hunting for players from countries where they play 'beautiful football' like Brazil, Argentina...and discriminate against continents where they play 'ugly football' like...uhmmm...Asia!.

And then, every four years, they gather 31 teams from 31 countries to stage a bloody expensive tourney where a maximum of 64 games will be played (should be more if you're intoxicated) againts Brazil. So now you know, the world cup is stage to find a team that will play against Brazil at the end of a month long matchup where apporximately a trillion dollars will be spent or wasted on tv rights, merchandise, tickets, 'anti-terrorism activites or like Bush says "to smoke em terrorist out of them holes".

In average a country with a fairly good TV industry will spend 100 million bucks for tv rights, ads, competitions, dirt stupid local comentators and crash course in English for their non-English speaking Ceo's and managers. The FIFA, the God of all men will extort a few billion bucks from the big guys in the industry to make the thing happen. And Germany spends a few more billion to get their stadiums up, and for security. And teams will spend an average of 10 million bucks each to get to Germany and stay there. And we will waste the good money of our employers by taking sick leaves, emergency leaves...etc which according to industry analysts (guys who studied with you in economics, business and now makes 10 times more than you'll ever make in your lifetime) will cost the world economy apporximately 10 billion in loss worldwide.

So the good thing out of all this is that, the women folk will have 1 month of peace and freedom to do anything they want. They should thank God for this month long vacation that comes every four years and just leave to some paradise island and chill out. Of course once they return, they will find a dump in their living rooms and a bloated husband, boyfriend, etc.

Hence, I end this critical analysis of the World Cup, Part 1, with a saying from my grandma. GO GET A JOB! Thats right folks, there are better things in life such as finding a job, doing it right, and taking care of your family, etc. And trust me, you dont miss anything by not waking up at 3 am and see Brazil fcuk everyone by playing their 'Beautiful game' and only managing to score 1 goal. I'd rather watch Korea play their ugly game and show the world we Asians can kick ass too. Joga My Foot!

Tuesday, June 13

First Contact, Remixed

On the last Thursday of the year, about half past 10 local time, they landed in the garden of the White House. The security never knew what hit them, in no time all the men in blue and black and whatever colour they’re in were rolling on the ground laughing. Apparently the aliens hit them with laughing gas. Good, now we know they have some sense of humour and wont bomb us…hemmm…senseless. Another half an hour went past, the president was hiding under his table, the secret service nowhere in sight. Thinking of the worst, he reached for his cell phone and dialled 911 with his trembling fingers. So much for him, the aliens UFO, which funnily enough is shaped like a saucer, lighted up like a Las Vegas casino, sans neon signboard. A door opened up and from it rolled down a weird looking robot with a huge plasma screen TV for its head. Words fail to describe alien technology, literally, so I’m using earth analogy. Oh, and by the way, I am the dude, who saw it all.

The president peering from his oval office window, the national guards lining a perimeter around the building, TV crews circling above in helicopters, all waiting for the end of the world. Then the plasma TV head robot displayed a message. ‘Give Us Your Women’. Hence, history would remember that on the first contact, the first ever message to earthlings would be such. The man on the street knew straight away what it means. The end of civilization as we know it.

Mark, Fred, Blenster and Gp were on vacation at Kodaikanal in India. Intoxicated with Vodka and Fred’s poetry, they were having the times of their lives. Mark and Gp, both drunk up their asses were watching soccer on ESPN. With one eye open, Gp read the breaking news scrolling below. “White house taken hostage by aliens”. Feeling amused he joked about it to Mark. Both were laughing silly when the no nonsense Blenster senses trouble. He flipped the channel to BBC, where an unimaginable scenario is unfolding. The white house is littered with security officials laughing and rolling on the floor and helicopters hovering above. And on the middle of lawn, beside a giant saucer is a plasma screen with the words “Give Us Your Women”. Standing in the middle of the room, he made the most startling statement. “Get ready lads, we’re going to save the world”. To which Mark replied, “What the fuck is wrong with you dude! Drop the fake accent and come have a shot.” Fred, walking out of the kitchen, in a pink apron, unaware of any of this offered them some stir-fried barnacles.

As the new day dawned, news channels were jammed up with news of alien invasion. Apparently, the aliens landed in every country on earth. And all displayed the same message on their plasma screen robots. The hypocrite aliens even had extra plasma TV robots in India and South America smitten by the abundance of beauties there. Buggers. Third world countries readily offered their women of fear being wiped out of the map while America, God bless the Yankees, argued why the aliens did not have exclusive contact with it first before going to all the other countries.

On the plane back to the States, Blenster devised his mega master plan to drive away the aliens and save all women of earth. Mark is having his worst hangover ever and Gp is busy convincing Fred that America is safe to go to. Fred is European you see. And they served French fries on the plane, much to Fred’s amusement. Blenster knew exactly what to do; he had this vision of impending alien attack in his dreams. They must have been devoid of women I guess. Oh, yes, more about me. I am a particle. You can call me Ghost Particle. I travel trough time, chronicling the universe.

Arriving in DC, Blenster and gang rushed to the scene only to be held back by the big security present and hoards of people rolling on the ground laughing. Women, by the thousands are lining up impatiently to leave earth, for heaven is calling for them. They look extremely happy, and men were crying. The aliens are subjecting the most horrible form of torture on the men of earth. Blenster, the ever-wise person, exclaimed once and for all, the aliens are here for purposes worst that that. By depriving men of women, and pulling them out of the evolutionary cycle, mankind will come to an end. Whatever soul left will eventually evolves in sexless humanoids; part man part machine that will be the perfect slave for the aliens. And all this after the world cup has ended? They should have known this coming when Australia won the cup. Dumb humans.

Mark has other ideas playing through his sober hear. The aliens give him the perfect premise to start a Galaxy Safari. If he managed to capture a few hundred of them and put them in the Serengeti, he would surely make tonnes of money on the safari. Fred on the other hand wants to learn their cooking and proposes to act as a translator for Blenster. Gp, as usual is lost.

As the days fly past, nearly half of earth women are gone, transported to some planet in a far away galaxy. Men turned into restless cannibals and Blenster is busy interfacing his Mac to spread a mega virus into the alien’s flying saucers. Mark managed to pull Gp into his plan and together with Fred who is halfway trough a poetry book on aliens is going around America capturing aliens. Oddly some of them aliens speak Mexican. Shipping them to Africa would prove to be a problem though.

And while everyone is running around doing something or being someone, the aliens are quite a bit pissed with the lack of seriousness of some countries of sending their women away. China for one has condemned the demand and in return wants the aliens to embrace communism. Thus started another wave of conversion related scandals around the world, which wasn’t going anywhere positive. Gp for one is just worried about all the women he never met who are gone now. The spate of human strike backs in the form of Mark and his motley gang of Safari hunters caused the aliens to retaliate. They upgraded their weapons systems, which in turn pissed Blenster off for he had nearly broken the alien computer password. Relating to the incident, nearly all of Texans, cowboys mostly have turned gay, because of the evident lack of women.

In other fronts, counterfeit flying saucers, plasma TV’s and surprisingly aliens emerged from China in just a few weeks after the so-called invasion. Oil prises has dropped though because less men drive now that they don’t have anywhere to go without women, and no one to drive to the malls anymore. Shopping malls closed down for apparent reasons and the strip bars around the world are resorting to DVD’s of Playboy and Penthouse to satisfy their customers. Summer blockbusters are entirely made up of science fiction movies, and an influx of gay themed fares. Superman and Batman are fighting to rid the world of alien scum. In the homes everywhere, scum is filling the kitchen sink because of lazy men who don’t want to do dishes, which opened the market for disposable clothes and utensils.

In just one year, the world is devoid of women. All female, young and old are taken away. Even China had to give up because of the Fourth of July laughing gas attack around the world. The worst had happened, yet living in denial, the president of United States proceeded to attack Iran for sending aliens to kidnap the earth women. Blenster on the other hand, managed to crack the alien code, with clues found in the paintings of Van Gogh and an ancient scripture buried under a tea stall in Kodaikanal of all place. At the same time, Fred successfully mastered the alien language and Mark and Gp opened the Galaxy Safari with a few hundred drunk aliens running around in the wilderness of Africa. Mark forgot that the Serengeti is home to lions and god knows other predators, so in no time all the aliens were eaten.

Blenster with the help of Gp and Fred and a stolen alien saucer slipped into the alien mother ship and planted the virus. In no time, aliens started to drop dead around the world. An astounding success for Mark and the gang and book deals followed, movies were made and guest appearances on Oprah turned into a riot. Did I mention, Oprah was no more, so Dr.Phil appears for her now. Blenster became the universal hero, and Mark the greatest ever alien hunter, Fred the universal communicator and Gp just basked in everybody else’s glory. For that short moment of glory and happiness, everyone forgot the missing women and all men of earth ran naked for days.

Intelligent beings around the universe always asked me, what do I gather from all this, flying around all of creation. What do I see that makes me want to live another day? I answer to them that I see the will to live, the hope to succeed and love to conquer all. And godammit guys, you have to have a sense of humor!

[-] What an anti-climax! Our lives are like that I guess...any suggestion of what the ending can be?
[+] I thank my real life buddies Blenster, Mark and Fred. Please dont sue me :p
[-] It’s been a bad boring hell of a day in the office. My worst fears; office politics is slowly pulling me into its evil clutches, once again proving that we can never have what we like. How have you all been?

Monday, June 12

Rat's Ass

And I thought I'm running out of ideas for my posts. Last Saturday, on the Jay Leno show, on the "ASTRO" satellite TV channel 91 (CNBC), the dumb f*cks at the censors muted the audio's for orgasm, masturbation, pig, t*rd, etc. Oh come on, you stupid donkeys, don't you know that people don't give a rats ass on what f*cking language anyone uses anymore. There a worst troubles in the world. This are kids stuff compared to what Bad Boys II had, a fcuk work in every single bloody line.

So by conveniently muting orgasm, sex, mastubation, breast, penis, vagina, clitoris, nipples, etc the censors are aiming to create a model society where sexed up mofo's don't go rape every school girl out there who turns them on, stop good for nothing baskets who rape every lady who 'accidentally' wears above knee dress because they want to, and stop students from watching porn. You dumb fcuks, there is something called education and the lack of it.

So the next time lets say we censor the words gun, drug, cigarette, gay, lesbian, robbery, thief, fat, diabetes, AIDS, traffic jam, bird flu, exams, work, lies, I cant get a girlfriend, war, terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, Tom Cruise, Manchester United, Chelsea, road bullies, cats from our TV's, these pest equivalent problems will disappear?!

Are this stupid censors whoever they are, from wherever they are promoting abstaining from sexual practice by magic. So now everyone wants to be Bush?! Focus people, focus! The real fcking cause of rape, moral decline, etc is because the society is ill educated. Jay Leno doesn't promote free sex. Your fcking hormones does. Because of why? Because your fcking schools are gender biased enough to not have sex education, not teaching males to respect females, not promoting moral values from day 1, having teacher terrorists who fcking flirt in the class, who fcking fcuk students who are vulnerable in the pretence of giving emotional support. Go there are try to stop that.

No fcking idiot gives a rats ass of what Leno says on TV because that's an entertainment show which incidentally carries a TV-pg rating in the US. That's all. Your fcking wrestling channel shows more breasts, shows what fcking steroids can do, shows women beating women and shows more middle fingers than an average summer movie from 'Holy'wood. Try typing sex in Google and you can how and why bloody TV is not solely responsible for sex up baskets (Exhibit a to d ;see attachment below).

Oh dumb prophets of television, if you show a porn movie without audio, people will still fcuk if they feel like it. I still remember when the authorities banned the ground breaking 'Vagina Monologues' play in this God-given, heaven send, country where rape cases are on the rise every day. Come to think of it, there is no fcking sex education here until today even when we've been shouting for it for years. What we do have is kids who don't know sh*t of anything about sex but turned on for seeing women in tight clothing who goes on to have sex by the time they hit 14. And eventually turn into rapist. Dare you to deny me this statistics. Its true.

This is not a damn never ending story, this story could have been ended long before if you stupid prophets listened to concerned social scientists, listen to parents who lost their children to rape, listened to the freakin damn world on what we are trying to tell. There is much s*it out there to be cleaned up and all you can fcking do is censor audio! I curse you all to rats ass hell. You want solution, listen to us, the real people, the everyday people who knows what emotion and everything are. Stop making decisions by yourselves. Damn you know what, I ran out of bad words for the rest of the week! What the heck will I do when I get stuck in traffic tomorrow! Oh sheeet!!! Ah...I don't give a rats ass.

Now there you go people, I spent a good one hour of my precious office time where I am doing something revolutionary that would change the education system for half a million students to blog about some stupid bugger who's excited with his/ her censor job because he got orders from some big guy who so wants to kiss some ministers ass who got statistics from his research assistant who got his data when he saw a someone over a weekend at the mall listening to the word orgasm and sex and immediately go fcuk the next person who appeared in front of him. God bless him, we are all dumb people, but thank God there are varying degrees of dumbness...

[+] Exhibit a to d;
For everyone's reference;
When you Google Sex; (look at the amount of entry!)

When you Google for Orgasm

When you Google for Masturbate

But alas we do have some hope;
When you Google for Love

[+] Last but not least, bet you havent seen this site before;[AnimalsOntheTube] its really supercool!

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Friday, June 9

Mirrors of Fire (3)

'In the decaying fields of Elysium, we found humans, helpless and hopeless.'
- Sarin, 3200 AD (The words of a Fire sage, deciphered by the first science expedition to Centaurus)

Vega, 2910

In space, silent and mysterious, no dawn exists except of ages. After nearly 50 years of flight, Orion Genesis arrives in the Vegan star system. Early astronomers could not detect anything around this space, Lyra seems to be a barren field of middle-aged stars lost in space. Now this would be our new home. And stories told.

Akira Naoki

"Captain, we are approaching New Horizon" said the female AI voice.
He was barely awake, sitting on the edge of the reefer pod nursing a heavy head. Asleep for almost half a century, the chemicals used as oxygen substitutes still clogs his throat. Akira Naoki was not the best captain, but he was the bravest. When the liners were ready to chart a new destiny, not many were brave enough to man these ships. They were on a no return journey to the edges of human reach. Now, here he is, nearly 30 light years from home, with a ship full of hope and dreams.

"Status report, Viv" his barely audible voice invades the dark dusky space of the captains chambers.

Viv is the liners AI. It runs then ship. The liner carried five million humans, animals and plants of various species, decks upon decks of science modules, and a giant fusion reactor to be used in terra-forming the planet.

" Ships navigation is working perfect, rendezvous with New Horizon at 0300.
Seventy percent of the life pods survived, half of the animals and plants made it captain."

In the problem analysis phase back on Mars, the survival rate was less than ten percent for the whole voyage. The scientists were anticipating more than ninety percent of humans to die during the flight, suspended animation sleep was so dangerous that some die within a few days. We had no choice, and human life could not be frozen and brought back to life without its costs. Even the survivors have to go through months of nano reengineering of their cells.

" You have a full go Viv, make it run like new. Lets make history."
" Yes Captain. Your meeting with the crews are arranged at 0100 hours."

" Launch landing sequence at 0600. We have to move fast."

Orion Genesis will not fly beyond this point. The plan is to land the ship on the planet and use it as the initial colony. The fusion reactors are designed to run for another millennia, enough to establish a generation there.

The liner itself is powered by a powerful GUT drive, which made it possible for them to traverse the huge space between Lyra and Mars in a mere 50 years. GUT drives uses the quantum anomaly of space to drive the ship at speeds nearing the speed of light. Only the invention of a stable GUT engine in the Mars research colony managed to get us this far.

New Horizon

New Horizon was named in memory of the first human colony on Titan. The planet is twenty times the size of earth and about five times its distance from the sun. Being the only habitable planet in the entire system, New Horizon is set to become our new home away from home. The world has active volcanos and tectonic activities, signalling a hot core. The gravity is five sixths that of the earth and a good portion of the land is covered with water. There were one big ocean and millions of lakes and rivers. There are visible scars of giant meteorite impacts and one large river than runs all the way down from the south to the north pole of the planet. Only one of the
poles is covered with ice, with an eerie green glow, indication presence of minerals.

It will take a further thirty years to transform the planet into a habitable colony. Our best knowledge of terra forming was utilized to create a safe dwelling in one of the shallow chasms of the planet. The city was named Neo-Tokyo, as a tribute to the courage and leadership of Akira who managed to salvage much of their lives and justify this strange voyage away into the heavens.

Centaurus, Fire

Fire burns brightly in the night sky. Probably the ancients knew of this evil from the sky. Or are they the saviours of our existence? The aliens from the edge of the universe, their faces never seen and never will be seen.

Fire evolved just like us, from a primordial pool on a planet far away in the galaxies of the Great Attractor. It had a billion years head start, and now evolved beyond any known soul in this universe. The great attractor itself is said to be engineered by Fire as a giant galactic reef to preserve alien intelligence gathered from their voyages.

Like petrified Gods in earth temples, these giant orbs containing Fire floats gracefully in space plotting the universe. The surface of the orb is marked with strange carvings with no depth, like images on plasma screens, pulsating to some mathematical rhythm. Fire can manipulate matter, the learned this over the years of their evolution. Fire got their name because of their powers….

~End Chapter 3~

[+] This is the 3rd part of the Mirrors of Fire SF novella. Sorry if it has heavy SF jargon, but I'm giving ample links to explain it all. You can click on the image in the story to find out information relating to the story.

[+] [MOF - Prelude];[MOF-1];[MOF-2]

[+] Have a nice weekend folks; and do visit my photo-blog if you have time;[TransitTamils]

Thursday, June 8


Of those days
we lived and live for
when all dreams realized
all lives touched and loved
all eyes and lips embraced
all Gods petrified in awe
of the wonders of men
who lived the dreams of all
and loved none other
when the days come
we cherish true hearts
like midnight musicians
whom we never face
like lovers far away
whose stories we learn
in geist and hunger
reminiscent of the day
when they danced
and captured souls
like none other
never again masters
like you will be born
true legends
come live forever
be among those
who lived forever



Wednesday, June 7

Laddu Boy(s), Bombay Safari and Legends

...In between perpetual laziness, running away from grandma who's hell bent on seeing me married, and the work I never want to go back to, this strange spark of idea flashed momentarily in an overcooked brain. On the road somewhere, searching for Durians on an already hot Saturday, we decided to drop it all, and head to the island that still rekindles memories from days of innocence.

One thing about deciding for something; just stop thinking and go for it. The mysterious waves of mutual 'likings' will surely take you there. Or, try the other method, drive 80 miles, in under 30 minutes to catch a boat leaving in an hour (it was much urgent in real life). If you get on the boat, you are an hour and a half away from paradise. If not, you are doomed to spend the weekend thinking of office and hell, or worst, stuck in some cinema watching summer 'enlightenment' that would have made Da Vinci kill himself, or go through a farce where they kill Prof Xavier...You B$@%^&ds!

Back to the story, in any unplanned road trips, minor hiccups like getting a rented car with doors that wont open, or finding all the hotels and motels fully booked is the norm. Of course, worst things could happen like getting lost in the middle of the sea, pirates...Etc (incase you're bored, the name of the island will appear at the end of the post, go have your tea now).

The island, lets call it paradise island, is famous for its beaches, its marinas, its air show and freakin cheap booze. Yes, you heard me rite, the pilgrimage is for nothing but duty free booze. That should explain the minority of photo's taken.The world famous island, once had one of its beach voted as the worlds best kept secret beach featured in the Travel channel. Miles and miles of white soft silica sand (silica I know thanks to the BBD), infinite stretches of palm trees, hundreds of islands, mountains and 'death' cable cars. If anyone had taken a ride on the cable car on this island and came off happy, shoot me an email...I wanna meet you.

// Once, months ago, I wrote of a poem as a tribute to this enigmatic island. The island that I loved, where I discovered myself and which strangely enough contributed much to my anti social tendencies. It was solitary life at its best. Those were the days where my mind roamed free, when nature was virgin, and life had a meaning. I wrote the poem to symbolize how the island was raped and left to die.

What paradise were we chasing, everyone stuck in their own dreams, trying hard to have fun. Somehow we lost the innocence long ago, that facing the past was so hard. So the Laddu Boy(s) ended up feeling deeply unsatisfied with the whole experience. Among the three of us, all leading diverse lives, it felt like searching in the dark, of ways to connect.

It was fun after all, after long hours spent searching for that illusive available room, buying the correct liquor, getting all the wrong food, and stoning ourselves senseless with cigars... pure fun away from all the vices and pressures of the big city, dreaming of girls we could never have.

Have you ever walked on the endless beach under the solitary moon rediscovering paths in your hearts, recovering some dreams. Footsteps, hundreds of them, in the shades of the midnight clouds, mesmerizing sparkles of of ember from spent bon fires, still braving the cold breeze, lovers huddle escaping their own troubles. Life, I can say now, is about leaving, its an escapist dream, discarding stuff and just going away. I wish it can last forever.

// So we had laddu boy (named so coz he owns the best damn Indian Sweet shop on earth) pick up whatever he sees fit to drink; which turned out to be Vodka, Vodka and Vodka. So Vodka was voted out, and we bought some wine, Jim Bean, and Bombay 'Safari'. Yes, we changed its name, as ordered (because laddu boy hated pronouncing Bombay Sapphire). But alas, fate had it against us that we got tired before we got drunk and in between a girl named Amutha and fading school memories we slept with much of the booze remaining. The problem would be getting it out of the island the next day, the rules are we have to stay atleast 2 days to get it out without paying any taxes. We had 15 hours. Hence started another adventure of hiding the booze and praying to all the Gods not on holiday that we can bring it home safely for the next Muruku party. (Muruku party, is a great tradition of the laddu boy(s) from this part of the world, combining the potent powers of all named beers and liquors with Muruku to organize one hell of a Deepavali party). We did succeed finally to get it past the c*ustoms, not before acting dumb silly planning all sorts of evasive actions and trying to feign innocence. I had a feeling that they would stop all Indian dudes coming to this island coz basically, we all know that they come for that one thing, BOOZE!

// What about this island called Langkawi that I love most or I miss most? When I first came here, through some fated decision, i left all my friends back home. Young age and lost friends doesn't mix well, and loneliness turned into a defense that I still practice till today. Places and people define who we are, in many ways they help us build characters and realize our lives. But is there a possibility that nature itself be the guide, the invisible force that lives in us and among us that protects us and raises us?

This island is full of legends spanning centuries, spanning religions and beliefs. From the mythical Ramayana, stories of Garuda, centuries of invasion by warring kings, somehow it survived everything but modern day man. The contemporary Langkawi fails to uphold its mysterious past, and is slowly sliding away into dead beaches full of unwanting holiday goers who come for cheap entertainment. The sense of loss echoed deep in me, probably my buddies felt the same of the dead island, which would had a grand life but failed to its new age competitors in neighboring Thailand.

The legendary island is home to never ending stories, some I know, most I want to know. From caves where white crocodiles live, to lakes that women who cant get pregnant go for that magical touch from higher powers, the footprints of Hanuman hidden among the fogged hills and century old geists that no one dares to speak of.

So we did discover some secret beaches, pebbles who saw no man, but we don't own everything we see. Some good people do try to safeguard this gift of time (See links below). The millions of sand particles, forever falling to the bottom of some proverbial hour glass, witness beauty in form of humans, and the mysterious marine life, and the islands around Langkawi each having its own story to tell.

The journey this time ends here, probably will many loose ends. Its up to the readers to fill. I bet if we managed to dig and search deep enough, there are many legends worth more than some hyped book that mirrors our lives more. Nature, the inevitable force that will determine our destiny will forever shape us, but if we choose to let go, then we may loose it forever. The stories of Langkawi will be told one day, the legends and the people will live forever. But for now I wish the pretenders fade away and let the island heal. The Legendary stories continue...

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Monday, June 5

Rerum Natura

 we returned to innocence. The universe and beyond in the shadows of a leaf, at mercy of tides, in forced variations of colors and evolution unjustified...

Thursday, June 1

Mirrors of Fire (2)

The end times are here,
Leave children of earth,
Touch the stars,
Leave now...
- Vladimir Saajuk 2520 AD

2500 AD

Probably the last ever message that our genes told us was that we are not special in any way. We are just another anomaly of evolution, granted a hyper complex brain through another fluke of evolution and here we were. Standing together in the manifolds of roads and rivers, in forests and jungles of never ending beauty, each step and each touch were deciphered by countless AI machines, breaking us into threads of insignificant information. This information was fed into giant crystals encoded with memories of everyone who ever lived, because we though the end time were here.

In the years of the 26th century, huge salt caverns, used to store radioactive wastes, were converted into data storage. Miles and miles of quantum mainframes worked away in endless cycles, capturing exact images of our genes, our soul and teleporting them to the electrons trapped in artificial crystals buried further deep into the crust. We were ready to give up, having reached the technological singularity, we though we cant dream of anything else.

Year after year, the space outposts of Venus, Moon, Mars, Titan and the asteroid belt were abandoned. Many generations of Moon Children came down to an alien world called earth. The first ever space colony was started on the Moon in the year 2030. Rapidly we colonized the worlds of the inner solar system. We realized the space dream. Prophecies of doomed prophets were shattered, as we reached our golden age in space. Then we stopped. We believed we have seen everything, we can't move further. Everything else, everywhere we peer from our vast telescope fields of Mars and Moon shows images of depressing voids. Space looked empty. Earth like planets showed no signs of life, even through our most advanced telescopes.

Alpha Centauri

From the deep corners of the galaxy, floating giants, bigger than our earth emerged. Mankind is not alone. They are late, but we a?re finally not alone. Those glass and metal giants, flying spheres, every one of their revolutions marked with a flash on their surfaces. Marks and symbols eerily reminiscent of warning signs flashed, blended with an uncertain destiny for who ever meets them. Fire invaded Centaurus, leaving trails of innocent foraging through the forests of heaven. It waits there, silently, hoping to surprise any trespassers, who may stumble too far from their own dreams, too far to return. Fire feeds on the solar particles of Beta and Alpha Centauri star system.

Fire is the name, the AI on Pioneer 777, gave to these aliens, seconds before it disappeared forever. No images were returned in the transmission, only that singular word, Fire, flashed on the mirrors of the Houston B astrolab in Titan, casually reflected from the computers of unimaginative scientists.

These aliens, their history too cosmic to remember, culture too old to matter, were predators, on a mission to safeguard the universe itself. Humans have finally met our God, to answer our sins.

Mars, 2800 AD

In the fields of overshadowed by the gigantic Olympus Mons, establishments of digital eyes peered into deep space, metallic ears of radio telescopes listened to echoes of ancient voices charting maps of the new universe. They say, the human spirit never dies, it never did. We nearly slumped into defeat of our own guile spirit, but we prevailed, generations returned to their new homes on Mars and beyond. And this time, they wanted to go further beyond. The dead universe were awakened, stories rewritten, and planets renamed. Humans sailed past Pluto in the year 2890, billions of them, in constellations of star ships as far as the eyes can see.

In the silent corridors of the Einstein Labs at Olympus Mons, walked scientists rebuilding the new universe. Holograms displayed hundreds of star systems, carefully selected by the AI, weaving a database of new earths.

In the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, mining ships fed materials for construction of our destiny ships. The billions upon billions of planetoids, asteroids and moonlets of the Jovian planets were mined to satisfy the hunger of builders. Nearly six thousand ships were built, anything beyond our wildest dreams, our biggest achievements yet.


Patches of earth left barren of nuclear war, fires raging through cities of Europe, abandoned, filled with begging robots wired to insanity. Last vestiges of humanity left clinging to the forests and jungles of Brazil and Russia. Nuclear winter slowly striping every single soul of earth, as if we were insignificant, the said fluke of evolution. We finally destroyed earth.

In the orbit of Mars, thousands of star ships waited, locking their navigation AI to the heavens. Billions of humans, seeds, and life, left in reefer sleep chambers, slowly digesting ambiance dreams. Frozen in their last thoughts, they will sleep for hundreds of years. Their destinations insignificant in the majesty of universe, but they will shine bright.

Orion Genesis, the biggest of the Jupiter class liners will navigate towards Lyra. Designed as a science station, its occupants of a few hundred million will build outposts in the terrans around Vega, the brightest testament in the sky of constellation Lyra. History will remember them. They will face Fire.

~ End, Chapter 2 ~

[+] This is the second chapter of the Mirrors of Fire, SF novellete. The first appeared last week;[MirrorsOfFire-1]. I'm introducing the alien nemesis in this chapter,don't worry H-E, I wont give humans an easy passage to the future. The next chapter will appear in a weeks time.
[-] This will be my last post for the rest of the week, I'm of on pilgrimage to recharge my depleted soul. Have a nice weekend folks.

Guru's of Peace

...What are u waiting for another day another dawn,
Someway we have to find a new way to peace
What are you waiting for another sign another call,
Someday we have to find a new way to peace

An ultimate classic by ARR from the Vande Mataram Album. The Godly voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with the magical composition of ARR. Almost a divine voyage in to heart of music. Almost everything...


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny