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A Superhero Returns

Even tough you've been raised as an human being, you are not one of them
They can be great people, Kal-El, they wish to be
They only lack the light to show the way
For this reason above all
their capacity for growth
I send them you
my only son...


Who is your superhero? The person who lifts you up and shows you the world. Your world.

[+] This text (in red) is from the teaser trailer of Superman Returns that came out early in the year. It's the voice of Marlon Brando, who is Superman's (Kal-El) father, Jor-El in the previous Superman movies and the current one. It's an interesting process where Bryan Singer, the director of the Superman Returns movies scavenged many voice clippings of Marlon (who passed away last year) to enable him star in this movie. Simply amazing.

Paper Airplane; 280606 The End of a Struggle?

This date might remain forever in history, if I were ever to make it big. 280606 is the deadline for me to send my thesis. Three and half years of struggle, sacrifice, and what is supposed to be a momentus achievement. The only problem is, I am not even half way done with it. I don't even have a clue on what to amend, how to present the results...In short, I pretty much screwed it all up.

It started in my subconscious mind about 4 years back to go to the next level. To do my masters and then PhD and then the world. It was a romantic idea, to be a great scientist, to save the world and contribute to humanity. Everyone has it once in their lives. Just like the first love, the first broken leg, the first visit to the dentist...the eagerness to try something new that ends up in pain.

Our greatest achievements starts deep inside us, the fire that clears paths, magnificent roads leading to glory. Our skills develop along the way, often collecting knowledge along the way, inspiring people,…

Green Coffee and Books of Life

After decades of debate, we can safely categorize life into two; decisions and fate. So whatever decision you make, fate will be there to 'correct it'. And fate is blind to right or wrong. So eventually you will end up not getting what you wanted. Don't worry, this post wont turn into a 'self depreciating roller coaster ride". Maybe some readers will learn something.

I called home yesterday and mom asks when I'm going to get a real job. Ok heck, what I'm doing now is not 'a' job? So I asked what am I doing now and she replied 'no no no...the jobs that people get after they finish their studies'. Ok I'm stumped. I know I'm not doing something that I studied for but...! I don't know why I'm even continuing with this hell called life. Maybe because there is a distant light in the end of this non-existing tunnel. Cant blame the parents, they want the kids to be on par with every other kid. And you add this with all the weddings …

Ancient Atoms

Sometime ago, in a galaxy far far away I found this gem;

"But I don't have to know an answer. I don't feel frightened by not knowing things, by being lost in the mysterious universe without having any purpose, which is the way it really is, as far as I can tell, possibly. It doesn't frighten me."
-- (A physicist)

So where is this journey taking us? Everyone knows somehow, sometime in their lives that we are going forward. Moving into the future. The basic concept of getting old. But where are we really headed? Doesn't the world makes us feel vulnerable. Throw aside the positive attitude for a while, tell me really, don't you feel that the world is rushing past us, but not silently, its throwing everything it has at us. Don't you feel threatened?

Something about this life that keeps us going everyday, that makes us wake up and face the sun. Its the cycle of life. The reason is buried deep inside us. Its the natural clock, the natural connection that we…

Concubines of Misery

Nothing is worst than the incompetence of man. How everything is taken for granted, how everyone is trashed to the ground and ignored. We never appreciate anything in life, never grateful for the bounty however small it is. Everyone wants to play the blame game, everyone wants to be on the safe side, everyone wants to run the show and still be safe.

Do you have the days and events where the blame gets thrown on you? Its not a small one, its a blockbuster blame, bloody bigger than any summer movie. Then they expect you to shut up and suck up to them. Then again you cant do anything 'bout it, accept it and just be a stone for the rest of eternity. So the next time naturally, you hope a new guy gets the blame. Its normal right, natural selection, if we want to evolve the blame, then we get everyone to face it. But hell be decorated with flowers, its lands smack on you again! By now you know there is someone out there who hates you. So the list grows. You become a clown, everyday you g…

Mirrors of Fire (4); 20062006

Strange days. One day I woke up in the middle of the night. Looked out of the window, earth colored by mesmerizing landscapes, fogged hills illuminated by solitary street lamps. I was alone. On the desk, the laptop led shone eternity, inviting me to complete the story. But I haven't moved a word from the title since yesterday. I wanted to be a fulltime writer, but of course life is much more that showers of flowers and kisses from roses. Plural means many. I dreamed of many girls, many went by leaving me uninvited. This strange reality mixed with dreams weaves a very two dimensional tapestry, making me feel like a flatlander unable to touch anything. Or is it, that I was not meant to touch anyone, left by the sidewalk like a painting by a lost street artist. So why is that this guys life must always be about girls. Maybe because loneliness itself has only one solution.

Still days before and after, I threaded this creation alone. From my room, in the apartment on the hills of the An…

Mr Ghost goes to Work; Wet and Wild

Rain : Good

Rain on a weekday morning: Bad

Car : 40000 bucks, but don't own one.

Stuck in jam during rain on the way to work: Bad

Rain coat: 20 bucks

Lazy ass who don't want to buy one: Ghost Particle

Getting wet in rain riding a bike, nearly drown in a flooded bike tunnel, shouting 'I am stupid' next to a car with an open window driven by a beautiful girl (yeh it happens...) , getting to work 2 hours late, stuck in an air conditioned office for 10 hours with wet underpants: Priceless

[+] Priceless is one of the most successful ad campaigns in history.

World Cup My Foot (2)

Entering the second week of the 2006 World Cup, we can clearly observe the true colors of certain hyped up teams. I forgot to mention France and England in my past WCMF post. But now France is certainly facing another first round exit and England, just barely made it. The strikers are firing everywhere except the goal and it took Stevie G to score the second goal of the match and he's a midfielder. Owen is facing a lengthy stint as a bench warmer while the clown called Crouch must buck up if England is too see off either Germany or Ecuador in the second round. And Ukraine, is a fcuking disappointment.

France, well, are screwed. The all great King Henry cant win on his won, the all great God Zidane is too old, and the rest of the primadona's of France is well...busy being themselves. That doesn't leave much room for any improvements and I see an early departure for them. We have a good saying in this part of the world for the likes of Henry. We call them 'Jaguh Kampung&#…

Mountain Road

on the winding roads,
down mount liberty,
fogs and pines making love,
pearls of shadowy blue eyes,
of mysterious animals hiding,
puddles of water placid,
along the path infinite,
valleys drop for eternity,
reaching countries far away
along the mountain road,
ferns slumber on cold mornings,
dews share the creations bed,
lights on short towers flicker,
along the terraces of tea gardens,
where ladies pluck impatient leaves,
some dreams of the firefly,
sharp breeze freezing the land,
on the trail down mount liberty,
gods and demons dance,
men and women their masters


Mr.Ghost Goes to Work; Fire in the Sky

I knew all about this when I joined work, and tried my best to stay away from it. Office politics, the "I hate you I want you out stuff" continue to butt into my life. Why cant they just leave me alone. For that fact, why cant they leave anyone alone. When something goes overbudget they start head hunting. Actually the head hunting started weeks back. I managed to stay clear thus far, and when they screwed enough people, now they want my head.

It's a hard thing for me because this is my first full time job since so many years, and I'm still studying and all. I just wish I had a research grand or some trust fund somewhere that would let me do what I want, but hell things doesn't quite work that way right. After all, we spend years studying how stuff works, and in the end the ones who doesn't qualify to do the same actually ends up managing us. Its a dog eat dog world out there. Furthermore these dogs hunt in packs. I cant imagine how this average company with …

World Cup My Foot (1)

And so continues Ghost Particle's hate everything in this overrated earth series, beware earthling, the end is near...muhahahahahah...I need a rest.

France drew with Switzerland, Australia had to wait for the last 10 minutes to score against Japan, Sweden firing blanks against Trinidad! Trinidad for Gods sake!, England winning by an own goal...and the rest as they say in coffee shop talks everywhere in this football world.

Let me give you an insider look at the World Cup. Trust no one.

The World Cup is managed by FIFA, who is the self elected, self self self everything of everything football (soccer for the ignorant Americans :p). FIFA is fuelled by Nike, Adidas, Coke, Bud, and the gang. The same gang sponsors much of football in Europe and South America. And incidentaly own all the players who play above average football, read: Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Henry, Gerrard...etc. The guys who play average and below average football get sponsored by the likes of Barbara Chocolate Shakes, Kuma…

First Contact, Remixed

On the last Thursday of the year, about half past 10 local time, they landed in the garden of the White House. The security never knew what hit them, in no time all the men in blue and black and whatever colour they’re in were rolling on the ground laughing. Apparently the aliens hit them with laughing gas. Good, now we know they have some sense of humour and wont bomb us…hemmm…senseless. Another half an hour went past, the president was hiding under his table, the secret service nowhere in sight. Thinking of the worst, he reached for his cell phone and dialled 911 with his trembling fingers. So much for him, the aliens UFO, which funnily enough is shaped like a saucer, lighted up like a Las Vegas casino, sans neon signboard. A door opened up and from it rolled down a weird looking robot with a huge plasma screen TV for its head. Words fail to describe alien technology, literally, so I’m using earth analogy. Oh, and by the way, I am the dude, who saw it all.

The president peering from …

Rat's Ass

And I thought I'm running out of ideas for my posts. Last Saturday, on the Jay Leno show, on the "ASTRO" satellite TV channel 91 (CNBC), the dumb f*cks at the censors muted the audio's for orgasm, masturbation, pig, t*rd, etc. Oh come on, you stupid donkeys, don't you know that people don't give a rats ass on what f*cking language anyone uses anymore. There a worst troubles in the world. This are kids stuff compared to what Bad Boys II had, a fcuk work in every single bloody line.

So by conveniently muting orgasm, sex, mastubation, breast, penis, vagina, clitoris, nipples, etc the censors are aiming to create a model society where sexed up mofo's don't go rape every school girl out there who turns them on, stop good for nothing baskets who rape every lady who 'accidentally' wears above knee dress because they want to, and stop students from watching porn. You dumb fcuks, there is something called education and the lack of it.

So the next time l…

Mirrors of Fire (3)

'In the decaying fields of Elysium, we found humans, helpless and hopeless.'
- Sarin, 3200 AD (The words of a Fire sage, deciphered by the first science expedition to Centaurus) Vega, 2910

In space, silent and mysterious, no dawn exists except of ages. After nearly 50 years of flight, Orion Genesis arrives in the Vegan star system. Early astronomers could not detect anything around this space, Lyra seems to be a barren field of middle-aged stars lost in space. Now this would be our new home. And stories told.

Akira Naoki

"Captain, we are approaching New Horizon" said the female AI voice.
He was barely awake, sitting on the edge of the reefer pod nursing a heavy head. Asleep for almost half a century, the chemicals used as oxygen substitutes still clogs his throat. Akira Naoki was not the best captain, but he was the bravest. When the liners were ready to chart a new destiny, not many were brave enough to man these ships. They were on a no return journey to the edges of …


Of those days
we lived and live for
when all dreams realized
all lives touched and loved
all eyes and lips embraced
all Gods petrified in awe
of the wonders of men
who lived the dreams of all
and loved none other
when the days come
we cherish true hearts
like midnight musicians
whom we never face
like lovers far away
whose stories we learn
in geist and hunger
reminiscent of the day
when they danced
and captured souls
like none other
never again masters
like you will be born
true legends
come live forever
be among those
who lived forever



Laddu Boy(s), Bombay Safari and Legends

...In between perpetual laziness, running away from grandma who's hell bent on seeing me married, and the work I never want to go back to, this strange spark of idea flashed momentarily in an overcooked brain. On the road somewhere, searching for Durians on an already hot Saturday, we decided to drop it all, and head to the island that still rekindles memories from days of innocence.

One thing about deciding for something; just stop thinking and go for it. The mysterious waves of mutual 'likings' will surely take you there. Or, try the other method, drive 80 miles, in under 30 minutes to catch a boat leaving in an hour (it was much urgent in real life). If you get on the boat, you are an hour and a half away from paradise. If not, you are doomed to spend the weekend thinking of office and hell, or worst, stuck in some cinema watching summer 'enlightenment' that would have made Da Vinci kill himself, or go through a farce where they kill Prof Xavier...You B$@%^&…

Rerum Natura we returned to innocence. The universe and beyond in the shadows of a leaf, at mercy of tides, in forced variations of colors and evolution unjustified...

Mirrors of Fire (2)

The end times are here,
Leave children of earth,
Touch the stars,
Leave now...
- Vladimir Saajuk 2520 AD

2500 AD

Probably the last ever message that our genes told us was that we are not special in any way. We are just another anomaly of evolution, granted a hyper complex brain through another fluke of evolution and here we were. Standing together in the manifolds of roads and rivers, in forests and jungles of never ending beauty, each step and each touch were deciphered by countless AI machines, breaking us into threads of insignificant information. This information was fed into giant crystals encoded with memories of everyone who ever lived, because we though the end time were here.

In the years of the 26th century, huge salt caverns, used to store radioactive wastes, were converted into data storage. Miles and miles of quantum mainframes worked away in endless cycles, capturing exact images of our genes, our soul and teleporting them to the electrons trapped in artificial crystals buried…

Guru's of Peace

...What are u waiting for another day another dawn,
Someway we have to find a new way to peace
What are you waiting for another sign another call,
Someday we have to find a new way to peace

An ultimate classic by ARR from the Vande Mataram Album. The Godly voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with the magical composition of ARR. Almost a divine voyage in to heart of music. Almost everything...