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Rain, Book IV

Serenity, The Voice of Rain

out of a movie scene,
rain cascading in a,
secluded Brazilian town,
everything was sweet serene

floating diamonds everywhere,
flying, drizzling over everything,
invisible emotions in mists,
no soul braving nights here

judge no silence,
in this wet green land,
wandering lovers insight,
along with fairies in dance

on the porch once
stood lovers hugging,
faint moonlight,
we were in trance

soft rain in frame,
like snow during,
Antarctic nights,
warm spaces near a flame

so a memory we have,
no matter a monsoon,
or a evening rain,
what the heart crave

rain, a film on a face,
below the eyes,
under the ruby lips,
fingers tracing innocence

mirrors keep time,
of slow rain seconds,
our age in years,
and journeys to come

imagine this a time curve,
starving a soul in solitude,
answer my dreams, tonight,
in rain, this a story of love...


[-] So imagine a night of rain, a soft breeze, touching you, a flame near, a distant mist in a secluded town, and a lover you imagined. Imagine me, this dream and imagine it to be real.
[-] Stuck in the office, that explains the poem, it's raining outside of Persians and German Shepherds.
[-] Another of my old poems below. Maybe you like it. Thank you.
[+] This will be my Haiku+Friday entry...Which evolved into a Poetic Friday. Dream whatever you want, there is only so much time. Post your entries dreamers!


Hihiii...Can u tell me the location of this place..Would love to go there....Wow Poem GP!! :)
Cinderella said…
Wasnt it you who'd said "...There is no love here. Someone stole it long ago..",huh??
LOvely post.
Keshi said…
gonna go there with Scribblez..tell us the directions mate..

hi GP! how have you been?

this is a lovely poem.

so beautifully written..
Ghost Particle said…
[Still] ! ure back back back...hows it been? Thanx for the comment, stuck in the office, and rain...sigh...Im fine here, rocking to the tune of rain!

[Keshi]+[Scribz] Brazil...anything and evreything in south america is beautiful...jsut have to get there...if not just turn ur room into a tropical forest.

[Cinderella] No love in the world...but that cant stop us from wanting right! Seek and u shall find some amazing people.
It has been a while, hasn't it.
I had no idea that you wrote poetry! It was sweet.

How are you?
alerta said…
Thanks my dear! Your kind words were like a soft wind passing by my face. The words I wrote and these flowers were for those friends of mine taken by the death and I'll remember them forever...
The best for you and let me tell you that this is a very good poema. It could be felt in my heart as a one of myself. a friendship kiss from isabel (joan)
Ghost Particle said…
[technicolor] Thank you for dropping by. Im fine, how are you? kinda missed you...sorry for not visiting for long.

[joan] as always, thanx my dear friend from faraway Portugal! Thanx for the kind words, you write better poems than me...thats for sure. Have a ncie weekend! Hugs.

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from afar, of you and me