Tuesday, May 23

No Love Here

Something disturbs me, something been disturbing me, deep inside this thing is unsettling. Often, in my life, I've discovered people of all walks and faith. They seem strong, able, independent, living a full life. Knowing sorrow and confronting it with ease, brushing aside fear, living a world worth of a king. They have families, they are wanderers, ambitious, lovers and fighters. They pose a life infront of me where nothing seems wrong. They're unbreakable.

Often again, I confront them, to learn or to share a few things lying around, hoping that they would have picked it before and learned it. I wanted to learn their wisdom, because simply I cant touch their serenity. The strange thing is that, they're very confident, they don't do anything wrong, they help because they want to, they like people, they love to share. They have directions in their lives that I cant match. They're secure, they did more that I ever did in my lifetime. These people, you would have met, the warm and happy faces that light up the day, the legends on the side of the road when you feel like giving up. They lead us to the future that's inevitable.

What to discover of this life, if it fulfilled to fill every niche that it fits us together where separation is not in sight. What I found is that behind this faces, in between their words, they walk and their breath, there is insecurity. No, more that that, they are not humans. They are something different. Behind those sane eyes, I saw lights that never was, they have hollow souls. These people, the touched me for years, they left me the moment they met me, but I never knew. But now, I discover, one by one, each one of them have fears, have greed and unfulfilled lust in them to own something and destroy themselves. Why are they so lost, where are they heading. You can see them like this ever, you have to be the one who discovers this identity hidden in the wind swept hills of their heart and emotions.

If you approach them, be it lovers or children, parents, God, they have something hidden in them, that will reveal ever so swiftly in seconds, and will disappear forever afterward. It wont last long enough for you to discern their true self, but if you are in the lookout for such a mistake in a perfect person, then you will learn something that will scar your soul forever. One scar too many, in this life so early, never did I want to see all this. Of people you trust, who carried your life this long, who guided you, they're actually dead lost. They found ways in others who before them did the same thing, lived a pretenders life, then and now not seen by any of us, but they are evil. They are the ones who will kill you for eternity, through the ages, their colors will evolve into every corner of existence, and they will permeate every part of your soul, eating you away into oblivion.

Is it strange now, that I see this people, they are your soul mates, my friends, your brothers, my sisters, they live their lives walking on a thin line to nowhere, and yet they can stand strong in front of you owning the world. Finally it will look like you are the right one, the one who knew it all and yet you suffer the most. Where are this people headed, who are they to touch your lives. Have you ever met them, you will now I guess, no you cant see them, because they're invisible.

There are good people among them, they are helpless but they are brave and they never turn you down. They guide everyone towards the light, and when you can see, they return to the dark. Why do I love the night if not because I want to be this dark knight and ushers in an urban world where there is no love no salvation. They are god's too you see, the Gods that you never though would be able to touch and guide you, because they talk so they are no God you pray too. What are faith if not the believe you have on them, the trust you have on your mother, the same faith you show towards the ones you love, but will they answer you're calling in the other times when you meet them.

There is no love here. Someone stole it long ago.

[-] definitely not fiction, but it's true if you can see it, you will deny it if it was you, you will understand if you are helpless, I know, and I'm mortal.


Homo Escapeons said...

The human condition is perplexing at the best of times.
We are sneaky little monkees who will cajole and pick nits from others for a reciprocal reward.

Once in a while,
You will discover a soul without guile,
with only a smile,
to hold your hand during the trial.

cosmicblob said...

>>Finally it will look like you are the right one, the one who knew it all and yet you suffer the most.

Strange, and true, and many learn it the hard way.

But again, is the underlying cause the feeling that "you are the right"? Is it the attachment to a binary result that makes you see the world as light or dark? Should it be that There is no "unconditional" love here. We (as in each of us) stole it long ago ??

Ramses said...

Whoa!, tehre's this conglomeration of all forms of emotions that you've written about. the second last para, nailed it!!

it's weird how we may nto see the obvious, though the obvious may last for probably a second...human i guess..

and probably that's why we exist?!

good post, GP.

Keshi said...

brilliant post...btw Im mortal and I can be helpless or even lost sometimes...but that doesnt make me fake...cos thats what we r made of...no one on this Earth is 100% perfect and no one knows his/her direction in life that beats another...everyone is lost one way or the other.


Ghost Particle said...

[H-E] Thank you! The poem is deep and true. We are all just clinging to opportunity...we are just another species.

[CBlob] I understand what you are saying. im not right all the time in this sense, I am too searching. Love is here, but most of it are false, and ultimate love is non-existing. thanx!

[Ramses] We are blind in this world we are created. Thancx!

[Keshi]we are what we tink we are, we are honest, but we can be lost too in the eyes of the others, maybe we have split personalities, everything is possible when it wants to happen! Thanx keshi!


Wonderful thought machine...I somehow don't believe in the word love...I think it is too strong a word to use...When someone asked me what I thought Love was, I told them , it is not what people claim to be in, it is something totally unconditional and can we attain that, not possible even though we are closest to attaining it....But again, my definition is not the right one....This does not mean I dont love my family...I do, but it is a different love......One who loves onething cant hate another!
Good post GP

Nahuatl said...

I disagree with GP and Scribblez. If you haven't felt it yet then it doesn't make it non-existant. Understanding comes with suffering.

How much do YOU understand?

Cinderella said...

Agree with Keshi.
Nobody is 100% perfect.We gotta drag when we cant walk n we gotta slither when we cant run.

And I dont think there's no love in this world.Me thinx is raining love all around,just that you need to open your eyes and see whats coming your way.And dont think that its gonna be just perfect.

Like Tom's father tells him in "Just Married",
'Love aint perfect all the time.Sometimes you gotta work at it.'


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