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MrGhost Goes to Work, Part 5; Why is the damn AC not workin!?@#(*$%^

Here's a few more questions and observations...

[1] Obviously the new guy wont get a windowed cubicle/ office anytime soon for the next million years...but my dear smart there a way for me to get a window view in the office?

[2] What do you do when sometimes the whole office smells of... errr...smelly socks!?

[3] Why is that everytime you change your cell number people assume you gave the older one to your girlfriend? (not that I have a girlfriend... :( )

revisiting the previous post in the series;[4]...Here are some answers

[-] Wednesdays are definitely the best day of the week because there's only two more days till the weekend and it's midweek and everything is slow on this day.

[-] How many editors it take to change a light bulb? About a million because the plan will undergo changes and editing for a billion times before anything me on this.

Some observations

[-] I can hum the whole Santorini tune by Yaani while on the way to work! Just that don't make it so loud when you pass a car because if they have the window open, they might be scared. (I know)

[-] The Management/ Admin department never stops eating and sleeping because they have the least work!

[-] The dude infront of me is a whinny ass with the brains of a mule and he controls my pay :(

[-] If you hold your breath real long, you dont die, but maybe you can get a half day leave! :p

[-] Now STOP reading blogs and GET BACK TO WORK!

Have a nice week ahead folks...


Matty said…
Become a receptionist!
Probably you may get window sheet...At least you can be away from the smelly socks!
AnnaBlack said…
Is the man in front of you really a donkey? Talk about animal rights...!
Nahuatl said…
Be an ass yourself and take over him :PPP

Check my blog :)
1) It takes a lady/woman/girl to tell the guy who has assigned places/guy who can move arnd ppl's cubicles to get the window view...I Know tht for a fact!! Maybe can add, some girl who talks with a whole lot of feminine flavour n maybe bit sexy too...It may be opposite if your boss is a lady....

2)Stinking socks....I would go n tell them, "Dude, u mind as everyone talks about it n I dont want them to laugh at your back..Some would listen n to those who don't, Smell bless them

3) why? as gf darling may actually need one n bf rich shot gives her a sim n a mobile too...Dont kno

Interesting questions..I guess I began answering wht I would do for the first two!!

amitken said…
1) u must be having it already, but if not ... install Microsoft windows on ur office comp.

2) entire office smells of socks? its time you change your socks ;)

3) on the contrary I'd never give old no to my girlfriend. there is a good chance that ppl who know me might call on that number and in the process hit on my girlfriend :p

nice post! :)
Keshi said…
lol since when did smellies and donkeys start going to work? aww u poor baby...change jobs or kick the donkey to eternity na? :)

**The Management/ Admin department never stops eating and sleeping because they have the least work!

lol so true...

**Now STOP reading blogs and GET BACK TO WORK!

can u tell me how to do this cos I just dunno :(

Maran said…
I might try that "hold your breath real long" tip soon :)
Ghost Particle said…
Hey Guys! Thanks for the comments.

[matty] now i tink thats a good job change, sit there answer phone calls...

[anna] Hes a donkey plus a swine...:p hahahahaha

[Nahualt] Hahaha...take over the office, hemm...I might try that someday.

[Scribs] Cool answers, true that women command more in the office!

[amitken] Hahahaha! Ok I have win xp...i meant a real window!

[Keshi]Changing jobs is in my head right now...but pity I dont have anything else lining up for me...

[Maran] U never kno bro, u might get the leave...

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