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MIT Hacks

There are many aspects of university life that captures our imagination, that propels our identity and makes us belong to some invisible but magnanimous fraternity. Often experience and dreaded would be hazing or the ragging experience which doesn't seem to die out. But more than that, there are many special moments and events that deserves recognition.

MIT has a fine tradition of 'ethical' hacking. Yes, hack is ethical, and to go by definition its not the same with cracking which is when someone 'hacks' or breaks into systems. MIT hacks are a world famous tradition to say the least, while its pranks can be really elaborate and seems mindless to the person on the streets, it has well inserted messages.

I often wondered why we never have this kind of positive tradition in this part of the world, the celebration of minds. University and colleges are institutions where our minds roam free, when we are open minded enough to understand the mundane vagaries of life and take the next step. Why must we always put barriers for maturity when the barrier is evidently psychological, bound more by outdated cultural references rather than modern culture itself. If the paths we take are towards the future, information gain and evolution in general, do we really need a differential culture where there are forever people telling us not to follow the 'pranks' of the western culture. There is no lost cause here, the real cause is for us to be bold enough to discover our limitations, and yet, to be brave enough to defy that limitation. Maybe it's only my opinion, but I see this ethics of the western world to encourage bonding, brotherhood and peace, because it is done to a degree of ingenuity that we can only admire.

[+] Wiki-MIT-Hacks
[+] MIT Hacks Gallery
[+] The latest Hack! - Amazing, and the attention;[Cannon]; the sites;[FCannon];[HM];[CCH]
[+] The Best - Probably the best ever so far.
[+] Nightwork - A Mit Hack Book
[+] The great Caltech VS MIT Hacks!


S.Karthikeyan said…

It's a big question! In this part of the world hacker is looked like a criminal. Thanks to the misinterpretation of word hacker.

Hard core unix guys are know as hackers. They share information, they make things simple for others and they never do repeated things. More on haker nature can be found at Eric Raymonds site.

Want to take a dig ?

Meanwhile, I like the way you write man, you have got very good flair. Keep it up.
Homo Escapeons said…
That campus cop car hack looks so dangerous!
I hope nobody gets killed trying to be clever.
Keshi said…
hey Ghosty Im back already :) Thanks!

Great post...I never thought abt hacking in these Im learning alot just by this post...ethical hacking sounds brilliant and quite healthy to me.

Nirek said…
Lovely piece of info on hacks. your blog is getting more interesting with this digest of infos.
hacks....we could start that tradition here.

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