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Mirrors of Fire


Melancholy is everything that the rain brought. Clandestine memories from days where the sun witnessed love and passion never experienced. The youthful years guided and build lives along the shores of the island where they stood witnessing the stars sail past a memory. Something that remained there for eternity always caught their minds and heart. The red moon with formations reminiscent of carvings of some ancient angels who left centuries before to their destiny. This life has always been of seeking and observing, trying to recapture the majesty of the universe before everything fades into the baryonic ash.

New Horizon

Lyra, the northern constellation witnessed the first ever human explorations outside the solar system a millennia ago. Those bold dreamers who chanced upon a door that would redeem humanity and provide a passage to escape the dying earth. No regret remained for the earth that fell under the greed of men and machines. All that remained of earth are folksongs heard along the shores of this vast sea enveloping the planet and us, humans. They did not sing for the lost glory or sadness but for the triumph of having left the planet for good. Humanity matured a thousand years ago and here we were.

The blazing starships of earth never actually reached their destinations. Some say the builders never wanted them to be far from earth. Silly old men caught in their romantic obsessions of that old rock. We should have ventured long before when the space race opened our eyes, but we let the petty politics of yesteryear gods poking holes into our future. But now everything was done and calm. We went our ways. More than a hundred giant liners left earth that fateful year. There were no names for that event, it was planned and we left without any spectacle or goodbye. The mere billion, who did not want to leave, are history now. The occasional hyper signal or a stray freighter would bring messages of the crippled earth. Nothing much was left for humanity after the 28st century. The later centuries of the millenia saw drastic reduction in the population, down to a few billion compared to the height of a dozen billion in the year 2500.

Daggers and missiles, sweeping human fear and tears throughout centuries, gave no forward to what will happen. Not the cold war, not the oil wars, not the religious wars, the youths of the latter 21st century received their call and rewrote history. Deep roots were severed, as masterful surgeons and mechanical geniuses rebuild the sapiens, and star ships, so that we can fly away. A future where we are the intelligent beings, scattering the galaxies with our messages of existence. Matter and waves are mere tools, supplements to rebuild civilization of planets in cataclysmic solar systems, with earths the size of Jupiter that defies old school science.

We used binary mercators, and plastic sentience to signify that we reached a new dawn, where we stood for one dream. What skies we learned to be blue, what planets were drawn to the lines of feathers tipped into ink, flowing through ages, has finally reached a new dawn. We touched the horizon as the observatories flashed in their singularity webs, the message that we raced to the new worlds. Its the discovery, the spirit on fire to live our wishes. This new horizon, in it we are building memories of entropy, of our new existence in the mirrors of fire.

~End, Chapter 1~

[=] This would be a bold new venture. I'm writing my own science fiction short, short stories. This post served as an preamble of the series of stories. Like it, then leave me some free-electrons will you. It wont cost a thing, but I will become a better writer!
[=] The first series will be known as Mirrors of Fire. It's about leaving earth in the future and colonizing other systems. Wont dwelve too deep into hard sf, it will be readable.
[=] My collection of creative materials can be found at;[] but the blog itself will be offline from the list. This blog will have all the updates necessary.
[=] The CosmicCode Blog is online! The first article is in.
[=] Have a nice weekend!


Miladysa said…
"What skies we learned to be blue, what planets were drawn to the lines of feathers tipped into ink, flowing through ages, has finally reached a new dawn."

Loved it! :)
Me ME like only the stars n the moon and the sky and the clouds and the sun sometimes and the rain....Ooooo.....Nice post GP :)
You are tagged. Pls check out my blog to know more...
Homo Escapeons said…

I never realised how much I really enjoyed SciFi until I wrote out a list of my favorite movies.
It is very cool that you are creating your own new world, and I really like your narrative.
If at all possible, don't try to make us sapiens any better in the future, I am afraid that the we will always be (unfortunately)all too human no matter how much we learn.

Good Luck, give us some kick ass terrifying unforseen obstacle to overcome and cast me as the lead in the motion picture.
Jason said…
very interesting piece.
i love the start of it.
"Melancholy is everything that the rain brought."
Ghost Particle said…
Thank you guys!

The next chapter will appear on Thursday!

Have a nice day ahead...sorry cant reply extremely busy.

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