Tuesday, May 2

How Ghost got a ride, got wild and fell down to earth.

Road Trip!

The thing about holidays that sucks most is all the traveling. And that's another reason why I don't go home on short holidays. But then again, you have some smart ass buddy of yours convincing you to follow him back. The next thing you know, you're reliving your worst nightmare. Waiting for a bus that should have came 2 hours ago, together with a few hundred angry people with the same predicament and an 'optimistic' dude whose hell bend on getting home. (this are the priceless moments in life that you wont want to miss).

Ofcourse, it gets much better if suddenly everyone decides to ask you why the bus is late, or where you are going and such. Somehow I discovered an affinity for this and also for muggers and bus stop shamans whom most of the times manage to swindle some money from me. One caution if someone you don't know approaches you; stay atleast a meter away from them and don't let them touch you, because Asia is full of black magic and you don't want to caught in a spell. (am not kidding).

So finally the bus comes and you have no idea that you will spend the next 7 hours on a 300 mile journey, and...Yes you forgot your sweater. I'll leave the rest of the journey to your imagination.

Idli Politics

I love idli, that mysterious Indian breakfast dish caught in a huge identity crisis. It is both a thosai and idli at any one time. (you have to believe this; it's history stretches back to 920 AD!). Normally you use the same thosai batter to make idli. The sad thing about idli's are that you cant get a really good one at the restaurants or stalls. The best idli's are made at home, with the batter fermenting for more that 12 hours before being made into the magnanimous, soft puffs that melts in your mouth (and sticks on your fingers...). The last time I ate idli at home was in January so I've been scheming to atleast get a taste of it anywhere I can find it. Since work 'forces' me to get up and hit the road at 7.30 am I don't get to have breakfast at any restaurants. And when Sunday comes, I wake up way after breakfast is over, or I cant convince my buddy to wake up. So you can imagine how happy I was on the way home that I called home and announced first I want idli's in the morning! (and then told them I'm on my way home :P). So hitting the streets of funky town at 7 am, VJ and Biggie picked us up and we had some IDLI's for breakfast. And when I got home, there were more and more of it that at the last count I had 9 idli's on Saturday morning alone. (im not a thin surfer dude guy you may have realized by now...).

So why is this idli spreading its invisible force over me and pulling me or guiding me everywhere and anywhere? I don't know. Maybe it reminds me of home, of the festivals and of course of the meals mom cooks. Do you have one best food that you must eat only when your mom cooks it?

Ghost got a ride

The one thing I dislike going home is the annoying relative-visits. Some of them pesky creatures just have to know everything bout you that I resort to playing dead (asleep) or run way from home temporarily when they come. And there are the good ones, who care so much about you that you feel guilty meeting them. Its the case of disappointing them knowing that they wanted you to be this and that and you ended up being a bar tender kind of feeling. (I love to be bartender!). And no I'm not a bartender for those who are linguistically challenged and speed readers...I am an editor!

So when I got a call from my cousin that she wanted me to follow her back to the big city, I devised all plans to escape from the gallows. But as usual nothing works when there are greater forces at work. Worst still after I sold back my return bus ticket, she informs that her friends (read: girls) will be following. Ok, now here's the deal; you have the lifetime president of the inferiority Complex, ADD, Schizophrenic Association on a 300 mile ride with girls! Yes its that bad, honest.

The rain conspired with the devils to make the supposedly four hour ride into an 8 hour dreadful journey.

Got Wild

Naturally I tried to maximize on the situation. If I can get to drive the car, they will spend less time talking to me, or I can just sleep or act being sick that they wont bother me. But trust me, nothing of such works with bubbly girls who loves the city life (vs a self confessed ghost who hates humans).

Then I discovered bliss. I can actually relate to them! Or wait its the other way around, they can relate to me. Or its inbetween all that. I just repeat everything they say, and they like it. Really! And you know what, you can flirt safely in a car moving at 120 km without being hit because they don't disturb the driver! And the best of all, they like club music, so just loop the same CD for 5 to 6 hours and you can control any girl you want! So there you go, Mr 'nobody' Ghost became the party animal ghost. And I got free beans and donuts to go with it. Thank you.

So guys, if you, yes you, want to be Da Man in any situation you find yourself outnumbered by girls, carry this self-aid kit. Stock it with lots of coffee preferably from starbucks, donuts from those Dunkin Dude's, stacks of club music, new age and jazz (Cafe De La Mar, Buddha Bar, etc) and read all about Lost and CSI. Don't ever talk about TV serials...No young girls don't dig soaps (unless its the bubble forming kind), don't talk about their dad's or brothers and NEVER remind them of their schools. You are definitely doomed if you start rekindling their memories. Let the whole experience be sweet, smooth and you are the next Will Smith. (and no we are not talking about sex here).

...And Fell Down to Earth

what's the opposite of holidays?...Yes go on...No no, not death...Its work! (wait, work is death!). Yes, through some funny physics of relativity and time dilation, when you're having so much fun being yourself, time runs fast. You blink twice and its back to work, stuck in a traffic jam because of nothing, headache because of something, a desk full of everything, and a life leading nowhere. Some more things that you wont understand even if Einstein is your father is that how the weekend seems to approach fast, and ends faster, how everything after lunch is faster that the first 5 hours, how somedays everyone seems to be walking around in the office doing something except you, why your butt gets bigger when your other body parts stops growing (get a better chair?), why there are no Indian girls in office...!

The next road trip is still far far away...but I bet it'll be a reapeat...I'm so hopelessly helpless.

[-] A question; What do you do with your buddy if he shows his wife your 'funny', guys only road trip videos...?!!!

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ada-paavi!!!! said...

i demand this post be pulled down due to the title being plagrised!!! immediately or i shall slap a case on behalf on the good looking kavya on u!!!

Nahuatl said...

Hahahaha... funny post! :)
Getting a ride is good.. just be careful tht u don't get carried away ;)
Office is always a problem.. sigh, the chair!

Jeevan said...

I eat Idil at least once a week, i like the Idil which made by mom. i used to go inside my room if many relatves come to my house. you are giving good ideas to avoid taking with girls, when travell in Car. some guys will wait to get chance to talk with girls, but u are avoiding. hope you enjoyed the holiday


The kinda sceptical u did seem to have shaken a few bones...Nice...Idli....I never liked it, infact I disliked it as Iused to take Idlis to office everyday for ease of eating..Just break it n swallow it with water while u r at desk n have no time to go out to eat....Now I kida miss those idlis....Some places give u great idlis...The roadside idlis n sambar is fab!! Try eating at some local chai shop...:) :)

Keshi said...

**The one thing I dislike going home is the annoying relative-visits.

ROFL! awwww u poor poor baby...
hey I love Idlis...yummmm! And my mum makes thosai...she's quite good at it too :)

Work is death? lol! I say it's rebirth..cos when I come in to the office in the morning it's death...then when I start work and rea dblogs in between, it's Rebirth :):)


AnnaBlack said...

Easy baby! ;)


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