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Google Lunar / Everest Revisited / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle / The Sultan's Elephant

Google Lunar

This is really old...but quite cool. If you're familiar with Google Hoaxes then you would know this. I wrote in to apply for a job at the Google Copernicus Center and here's the reply;
// Thank you for contacting Google about our Copernicus Research Center.

We've received an overwhelming response to this opportunity and are not
currently accepting additional resumes. We will, however, keep your
information on file should we have an opening in the future. At the
current staffing levels, we anticipate that we may need additional
applicants on or around April Fool's Day in 2104. Until then, we
appreciate your interest in Google and your taking the time to write


The Googlunar Recruiting Team //

Everest. Revisited.

[+] Malaysian, Ravi Tharmalingam summits Mount Everest on a solo mission on the 15th of May.[Read More]. Very little news of the feat actually;[ME-1];[ME-2]
[+] In 1997, N.Magendran and M.Mohandass reached the summit on the first ever Malaysian Everest Expedition.[Read More].
[+] Another amazing achievement when disabled climber Mark Inglis summits Everest last week;[ME-with Video];[MInglis]
[+] For breaking news from Everest;[Everest];[MEverest]

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Google celebrates the birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in style with a special Google Doodle today. Conan is best know for his Sherlock Holmes stories and some other groundbreaking stories that remained popular till today. Being a prolific writer, Conan wrote in multiple genre's spanning nearly 40 years that included science-fiction stories from the Professor Challenger series.
[+] Wiki-Conan
[+] Official Site

The Sultan's Elephant

This show is really cool, I must been away in a cave somewhere if you've missed this...simply amazing. Saw in the news two weeks ago. Thanx to Anna for the links.
[+] The Elephant
[+] BBC Vids / Pics


Nirek said…
Lovely. I never heard abt google hoax before. very informative and highly hilarious one!
ashok said…
interesting links...tanx for sharing
Known Stranger said…
you certainly leaves a interesting post . i am going to be regular hear.
Jeevan said…
Its wonder that a person lost his two legs has climbed the Everest. i too saw the Sultan's Elephant, it also spray the water on people. nice Link's:)
Miladysa said…
The Sultan's Elephant is amazing :)
Wht a reply..Havent seen any of the other google fundoos...:)
The elephant is majestic n rock solid!! :)

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