Wednesday, May 10

Girl From Chennai. Revisited.

Girl From Chennai

under the night sky
embraced by the sacred moon
tiny speckles of rain
melting on the skin
melting the heart together
bonds of art and love

girl from Chennai
eternity should not mean forever
your journeys will remain
with you, and in moments me,
our 'payanam' together
navigating this electric timescapes,

forward the future,
runaway from the past,
painting our skies red,
and all colours divine
a beautiful coincidence,
this gathering forms a Trinity

- Gp 2005 - 24/03/2005

[+] Another of my previous poems...wrote to a friend from Chennai...


Nirek said...

who is the gal from chennai?
anyways nice poem

you know who said...

ooo revisited!!!
even after the person vanished!

under the warmth of the sun
seeing the ray of hope
thinking of the moments shared
bonds of mind and thought
girl from chennai, who assumes
eternity is forever the journey to continue
through all times
towards the future,
with the scar of the past
or should the scar be left behind
and see all shine
to find the scared divine....
thanks for dropping by S.

Jeevan said...

Melting poem, very nice.

Random Lizard said...

you sound more like Girl Interrupted Abruptly!

Yeah, that's a compliment


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