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Fantasma En La Máquina

Oh my God the bloody Spywares are killing me....dont you just hate it...I spent the last 6 hours trying to remove it with the help of the Black Book Dude (BBD) and still the damn thing keeps popping up...I've probably installed every other scanner on earth...buggers...damn you bad hackers...leave us alone...we are innocent people trying to make money to feed ourselves! (and the family ofcourse...) so go attack someone else...maybe those bad guys in EYE-RAQ! ANd EYE-RAn and ICE-RAEL and PALLASTINE and CHAINNA and MAYANMAR...those who have Nukelar weapons hidden in the Busshes.... :p

[-] Found the dog pic on da net, dont sue me if its copyrighted...

[-] The post title is Spanish for Ghost in da Machine.

[Updates] Actually the only way to really clean up the menace is using a registry cleaner together with LavaSoft and Spybot. And that too you must do in SAFE MODE. Restart the pc in safe mode (if you're using an networked or office computer which is password protected, try this; Login using 'administrator' as the username and 'password' for the password field. It works most of the time). In the safe mode, the spywares and malwares doesnt load and you can clean them up and then restart in normal mode and run the spyware cleaners again. Protect against more attacks by regularly running it (everyday) and also have real time protection. Thanx to BBD for the help and Anna and Nayan for the tips.


AnnaBlack said…
This link -

if its the same thing babe... its a hotmail thing... I logged into an old hotmail account yesterday, and got it... I used

smitfraudfix.cmd & Ewido AntiMalware in the end...
Marutham said…
hahaha !!! :p
Ghost In Da Machine- Sounds cool :) hihihihi:)
Nahuatl said…
Use "Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal" and "Spybot - Search & Destroy".
They will help.
Shuba said… comp is also haunted... too have the same prob..thanks 4 the info!

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