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December Fireflies. Revisited.

December Fireflies

Sometimes, somewhere,
I think there will be fireflies flying,
Shining their enigmatic light,
Illuminating the field,
and your grave.

Sometimes, here,
I wonder whether fireflies are real,
Whether they shine in joy or pain,
Whether they resemble our feelings,
Or maybe they are the dead souls of you
and in time, me.

Sometimes, then,
A long time ago beside the river,
The clear water reflected a dream,
One vision that would come true someday,
Then, that was the time we were young,
and full of dreams.

Sometimes, now,
I cry for you,
I don't have anyone to dream with,
I don't have you to guide me,
or walk along me, as we reach that dream,
Happy days are rare,
For there is one less star in the sky,
Another painful memory in me,
This cold December night,
I remember of you,
and myself together.

- Gp-2004-

[-] My first published poem back in December 2004. Since I have lots of new readers, enjoy this 'reprint' and wait for my first poem collection to be available in a few weeks.
[+] My dear bro Fred and fellow musicians from around the world composed the poem into a song for the Ghost Particle Project. Download the song for free here;[DAYMOON-GPP]
[-] As mentioned by my buddy VJ, I'm involved in a small accident while on the way to work on Thursday, will tell all about it next week, till then have a wonderful weekend!


Jeevan said…
thanks for re-writing your old poem for us, very nice one:) sure will listen the songs. Happy weekend bro:)
AnnaBlack said…
Wonderful. Take care buddy :)x
Nahuatl said…
Sad... like december cold.
I remember the original poem... still my fav :)
Ramses said…
loved it GP.
the new ideas in each para,the progression of thot,very well written.

and take care, n get well soon.
Keshi said…
thats ver ybeautifully written mate!

**Happy days are rare,
For there is one less star in the sky,
Another painful memory in me,
This cold December night,
I remember of you,
and myself together.

and who is that that ur thinking of?

V said…
fireflies talking their feelings out
either being happy or sad
they are emitting the same out
with all our dreams in our mind
and the days we were together
seeing our life beyond...
though we are not together now...
sweet memories will stay long
lets be happy it happened
and not sad it ended
my comment then and now...

Ghost Particle said…
Hey V...i miss you too! How are you??

Keeshi, Nayan, Anna, Ramses, Jeevan...thank you you all!

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